Girl, 17, ‘ambushed in woods and beaten to death with metal baseball bat by ex-boyfriend with help from classmate’

A 17-YEAR-old girl was ambushed in the woods and beaten to death with a metal baseball by her ex with help from a classmate, prosecutors have claimed.

The bludgeoned body of Madison Sparrow was discovered in secluded woods in Newark, Delaware, after being reported missing on October 5.

Her ex-boyfriend Noah Sharp, 19, and a friend Annika Stalczynski, 17, have both been charged with first-degree murder over the horrific attack.

Prosecutors allege Stalczynski and Sharp conspired to lure Sparrow to the woods behind Maclary Elementary School before they ambushed and fatally beat her with a metal baseball bat.

According to court documents obtained by the Delaware News Journal, Sharp admitted to police that he killed his ex-girlfriend and then dumped her body in a wooded area along Interstate 95.

“Every murder is an outrage, but the murder of a child strikes at everything we hold dear,” Attorney General Kathy Jennings said in a statement.

“Madison was stolen from her family and friends with her life and her dreams still ahead of her.

“A life has been taken and a cruel trauma has been inflicted on hundreds of people who knew and loved the kind, gentle young woman,” Jennings added.

Richard Prestidge, Sparrow’s father, mourned the loss of his daughter and described her as “wise beyond her years,” he told the outlet

"As we get older, I think we all have to reflect and stop and pause, and she did that.”

According to court documents, Sparrow’s mother reported her missing at about 8:30pm on Oct. 2, after her daughter didn’t come home from a trip to the store with a friend.

The outlet reported that Sparrow and Stalczynski had “known each other for some time” and were classmates when they attended Newark Charter High School.

State Prosecutor A.J. Roop told the publication, “I believe that they had a relationship going back over a number of years.

“I won’t get into much more than that, or what the status was recently, but they were acquaintances and they did know each other,” he added.

“It just hits a little bit different when involves a child. It is a worst nightmare.”

A motive for Sparrow’s murder remains unclear, but Sharp allegedly said he and Stalczynski planned the killing.

The relationship between Sharp and Stalczynski is also unknown.

Attorney General Jennings said she hopes the arrests of Stalczynski and Sharp help Sparrow’s family start to heal, despite many unanswered questions.

“There can never be closure completely, certainly for her family and likely not for close friends, but we hope that with the announcement of the indictment and the charges that there is some small degree of comfort in knowing that justice will be done,” she said.

Stalczynski and Sharp have been charged with first degree murder, possession of a deadly weapon during the commission of a felony and first-degree conspiracy.

They were both being held on $1,021,000 cash bail.

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