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Naked Attraction contestant describes what it’s like to strip off on the show

A former Naked Attraction contestant has revealed what it was like to star on the show.

Millie Norris appeared on the fourth series in November 2018 when she was aged 24.

She applied after breaking up with an ex-boyfriend and seeing an advert on Facebook.

Millie, from Newquay, Cornwall, was stark naked filming in Naked Attraction's studio in May 2018 – two months after putting in her application.

The 26-year-old has now opened up about what it was like to do her "picker" role on the show, where six naked blokes were revealed to her from their penis upwards.

She also told how she was trolled for her bikini line shaving rash after the show.

Millie, who works as a waitress, sales administrator, and in a sunbed shop, attended an interview in Manchester on April 7 of that year.

During the interview, she was first asked to strip off and interviewers asked her to do a nude handstand.

She said: "They said it's quite common for people to stand there naked and do a handstand but I said ‘I am not doing that’."

Millie then had a phone interview where she was asked "in depth" questions about her sexual preferences, embarrassing bedroom experiences, and turn-ons and turn-offs.

She said that interviewers "went through every body part," adding she found that part of the process a "bit weird".

Millie said she was quizzed on "what she likes about men’s feet," and to tell embarrassing sex stories.

And, she admitted she was drawn to going on the show because she would be able to see the date's manhood before committing.

She said: "For me, sex is quite important, you need to be attracted to them and have a good passionate sex life."

Millie filmed her show on May 3, and said she was only given about a week's notice before filming, saying it was a "very quick process".

She said the TV crew run through the points they want contestants to mention and the questions they’re going to ask on TV.

Millie explained: "They said prompts like ‘can you remember to bring up someone's wrist size so we can talk about how you like handcuffs?"

Filming took three to four hours, according to Millie.

She said at one point she complimented everyone’s body apart from one man, so the show was stopped and she was asked: "Can you make sure you talk about his penis?"

Millie said one of the guys kept touching his penis when it was exposed, which was "off-putting," adding she thought he was probably trying to keep it warm.

She said she got quite nervous when it was her turn to get naked, and as she walked out, she had two guys eyeing her up and down, "as guys do".

Millie picked Ben for a date, which was filmed later the same day, but no romance materialised afterward.

She told how contestants don't get paid but she still managed to pocket £40, because contestants receive £50 each for the date and she only spent £10.

Contestants have a psychological assessment before the show where they're told to expect body trolling in order to check if they can handle the response.

Millie said the viewers' reaction to her body was great and people were tweeting "what an amazing body".

But she said a few did embarrass her about her "shaven private area," which she said she "didn't do it until the night before" because she was "in a rush and had a bit of a shaving rash".

Millie added a couple of people told her to "learn to use a razor" but she laughed it off.

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