Bobby Brown's late son Bobby Jr's girlfriend cries 'I lost my soul mate' in sad tribute after his tragic death at 28

BOBBY Brown's late son Bobby Jr's girlfriend cries "I lost my soul mate" in a sad tribute after his tragic death at 28.

The 28-year-old was found dead in his home on Wednesday.

Anna Reed took to Twitter to express her sadness after her boyfriend's death.

She first wrote, along with sad emoji: "The heavens gained an angel but I lost my soul mate."

But before her tribute tweet, she also cryptically shared: "Overdose is a lesson, if you ain’t learn then you lethal."

However, this tweet isn't confirmed to be connected to the tribute.

Anna's sad tribute comes just one day after TMZ reported that Bobby Jr. had passed away.

Cops attended to a "medical emergency", but they don't suspect any foul play was involved.

“Upon officers’ arrival, there was a person down at the location," a spokesperson for Los Angeles Police said.

The 28-year-old's cause of death remains unclear.

Despite his cause of death still being up in the air, Bobby Jr. did post about depression several times.

Back in May, he posted: "I can’t do this quarantine s**t. It’s day 08373930847399 and I’m at the point of literally going for walks… Bruh since when tf do I wanna 'go for a walk'."

In September, the recording artist retweeted: "Depression is a real thing."

Later that month, he wrote: "These 'influencers' be getting so caught up in social media man s**t be OD. Don’t end up depressed trying to be an influencer. Or a TikTok 'star'."

His brother Landon shared a black and white photo of him on Instagram, writing: "I love you forever King."

Bobby Jr's death comes after his half-sister Bobbi Kristina Brown, who died aged 22 in 2015.

Bobbi suffered a tragic death by drowning and was found lifeless in her bathtub with high levels of cocaine and alcohol in her bloodstream.

While in a coma, the family kept the 22-year-old on life support for several months before she died.

The young daughter of music superstars died in an uncannily similar fashion to her mother, Whitney.

The best-selling recording artist was also found dead from accidental overdose in her bathtub three years prior to Bobbi's incident.

After Whitney's passing, Bobbi became romantically involved with Nick Gordon, a man who her late mother took in and raised at age 12.

Despite the fact the two grew up together, the family did not approve of their relationship.

When Bobbi was found dead, a civil case was charged against Nick, blaming him for the drug intoxication.

The troubled man was ordered to pay $36 million dollars to Bobbi's estate, says CNN.

Nick failed to show up to his hearings and lost the case.

His attorney, Joe Habachy said: "He worked hard to hold his head up and stay sober and he genuinely wanted a happy healthy life with his family more than anything else. This is a tragic end to Nick's troubled life."

Bobby Jr.'s mother, Kim Ward, dated his father for 11 years on and off before he started seeing Whitney.

The 28-year-old son was one of Bobby Sr's seven children.

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