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Dominic West 'vows to make it up' to wife Catherine and puts Lily James scandal down to 'mid-life crisis', claim reports

DOMINIC West has vowed to make it up to his wife Catherine after his Lily James kiss scandal, according to reports.

The Wire actor, 51, and Lily, 31, were spotted kissing and cuddling on a flight to Rome earlier this month, before being pictured looking cosy together in the Italian capital.

Dominic and Catherine put on a united front outside their home upon his return and insisted their relationship was solid.

Now a source has told New! magazine: "This all might be down to a midlife crisis – and that's what we're told [Catherine] has put it down to.

"He's apparently told Catherine it wasn't as bad as the pictures look. He wants to make it up to her – it's embarrassing.

"He loves her and wants to be with her and wants to keep his family together."

The Sun Online has contacted Dominic and Catherine's representatives for comment.

The Sun recently revealed Dominic and Lily passionately snogged on their outbound flight.

A shocked witness on the BA trip said: “I recognised him instantly but wasn’t sure who she was.

“At first, I thought she was his daughter, as I knew he was around 50 and you could tell she was a lot younger.

“Within minutes of the plane leaving, they began kissing and cuddling after both removed their masks.

"They looked like a couple heading for a dirty weekend and they were all over each other. They were French kissing and there was a lot of necking going on.”

West, who found fame in hit series The Wire, and ex-Downton Abbey star Lily have been filming a BBC adaptation of The Pursuit Of Love.

The businessman who saw him with Lily on the flight added: “I didn’t know who she was until I saw the story in the paper about him and her in Rome.

“To be honest, the reason I’m speaking out is because of that cringing statement and photocall he and his wife gave.

“When they were on the plane they behaved very much like a couple. He was whispering passionately in her ear while they kissed.”

The pair were also seen heading back to the airport together after the three-night stay.

Lily, whose big screen breakthrough came when she played the role of ­Cinderella in Disney’s 2015 remake, split from former Doctor Who Matt Smith, 37, earlier this year.

Eton-educated Dominic, married to Catherine for ten years, won rave reviews for his role in US TV series The Affair in which his character cheats on his wife with a younger woman.

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Khabib vows to fight Michael Chandler after Gaethje as long as UFC new boy beats his training partner Islam Makhachev

KHABIB NURMAGOMEDOV has vowed to fight Michael Chandlder next – as long as the UFC new boy beats his training partner Islam Makhachev.

Russian Khabib defends his lightweight crown in a unification against interim champion Justin Gaethje next weekend.

Former Bellator champion Chandler – signed to the UFC as a free agent – is on Fight Island as a replacement for the title headliners.

But Nurmagomedov told the contender he will be next in line for the title should he beat his American Kickboxing Academy team-mate Makhachev.

Retired fighter Chael Sonnen revealed: “(Khabib) said, ‘Chael, I watch your videos, I need to tell you something. I want to make this very clear.

“He said, ‘There’s no one I’m closer to than Islam.’

"And he said, ‘I’m telling you right now, if Michael Chandler beats Islam, I will view Michael Chandler (as) the number one contender, and I want you to get the message out.’

"I said, ‘OK, Khabib, when I get the message out, I’m gonna say you called me, you told me this.’

"He goes, ‘That’s what I’m doing. Get that message out.’”

Makhachev was due to feature on Nurmagomedov's undercard in Abu Dhabi facing former champion Rafael dos Anjos.

But Brazilian Dos Anjos was withdrawn from the pay-per-view event after testing positive for coronavirus.

Ali Abdelaziz, Makhachev and Khabib's manager, challenged Chandler to fill in for the feature lightweight bout.

But UFC president Dana White shot down the idea.

He said: "Michael Chandler is here for the other fight, that's what he's here to do, that's what he's focussed on.

"If anything bad were to happen, he will fight Gaethje or Khabib. That's it, that's all that kid has to worry about.

"We'll get him a fight once this is over and we're working on a fight for Islam too."

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Kristen Bell Vows to ‘Stand By’ Dax Shepard After His Relapse: ‘Worth It’

On the road to success. Kristen Bell shared a positive update on Dax Shepard — and their marriage — after he broke 16 years of sobriety.

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard’s Love Story

“He is actually doing really great,” the Frozen star, 40, said on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Wednesday, October 14. “I mean, look, everybody is up against their own demons — sometimes it’s anxiety and depression, sometimes it’s substance abuse.”

Bell commended the Parenthood alum, 45, for being up-front with her and their daughters, Lincoln, 7, and Delta, 5, after his relapse earlier this year.

“The thing I love most about Dax is that he was able to tell me and tell us and say, ‘We need a different plan,’” the actress explained to Ellen DeGeneres. “Like, we have a plan. If he has to take medication for any reason, I have to administer it. But he was like, ‘So, we need a stronger plan. I was faltering, and I have to do some sort of emotional work to figure out why I wanted to use again.’”

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard’s Most Candid Parenting Quotes

Bell said that Shepard is “also addicted to growth” and “evolving,” which has made his recovery easier.

“He was like, ‘I don’t want to risk this family, and I did, so let’s put new things in place to make sure it doesn’t happen again,’” the Good Place alum said. “We’re going back to therapy. … And I will continue to stand by him because he’s very, very worth it.”

The actor announced on the September 25 episode of his podcast, “Armchair Expert,” that he had taken painkillers after being involved in a motorcycle accident the month before. He also candidly spoke about misusing pills after his father Dave’s death from cancer in 2012.

“We had so little in common and so much friction,” Shepard recalled of his relationship with his dad. “But the No. 1 thing we had in common was we were both f–king addicts.”

Stars Who Announced They’ve Become Sober

The Ranch alum also admitted on his podcast that he “was high” at a meeting marking his 16th sobriety anniversary, calling it “the worst hour of my life.”

A source exclusively told Us Weekly in September that Bell has been “nothing but supportive” of Shepard in recent weeks. “They have such a strong marriage and have always been there for each other through thick and through thin,” the insider added of the couple, who will celebrate their seventh wedding anniversary on Saturday, October 17.

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World News

Priti Patel vows to overhaul 'broken' asylum system

Priti Patel vows to overhaul ‘broken’ asylum system and crack down on migrant crossings to stop people ‘taking our country for a ride’ – as she accuses Labour of trying to ‘silence’ her because she ‘does not conform’ to their idea of ethnic minority views

  • Priti Patel used Tory conference speech to pledge major asylum system overhaul
  • Home Secretary said help vulnerable by stopping people ‘taking country for ride’
  • Accused Labour of bid to ‘silence’ her as she doesn’t ‘conform’ to stereotypes 

Priti Patel today vowed to stop people ‘taking our country for a ride’ by overhauling the ‘broken’ asylum system and cracking down on migrant crossings.

The Home Secretary pledged the ‘biggest overhaul in decades’ as she warned that the current arrangements are not ‘firm or fair’.

In her keynote speech to Tory conference, Ms Patel said that toughening enforcement and preventing abuse of the rules was the best way to ‘protect the vulnerable’.

The Cabinet minister also lashed out at Labour MPs berating her over her strong stance on law and order issues, saying she would not change tack just because she did not ‘conform’ to their idea of the views ethnic minorities should hold.  

Ms Patel told the conference, being held virtually due to the coronavirus pandemic, that ‘do gooders and lefty lawyers and the Labour Party’ had to stop ‘defending the indefensible’ on asylum system.

‘We will protect those most in need and put the rights of those who respect the rules above those who take our country for a ride,’ she said. 

The impassioned speech came after a furious row over the leaking of ‘blue sky’ ideas for reforming asylum arrangements and stemming migrant crossings.

Proposals have been floated including introducing a processing centre on Ascension Island, 4,000 miles away, and even using wave machines in the Channel.

However, government sources have insisted the ideas were only ever considered in brainstorming sessions, and complained that they are being leaked to damage ministers. 

In her keynote speech to Tory conference, Ms Patel said that toughening enforcement and preventing abuse of the rules was the best way to ‘protect the vulnerable’

Border Force brings a group of would-be migrants back to shore in the Channel last month 

Ms Patel said that under the Conservatives the UK ‘has and always will provide sanctuary when the lights are being switched off on people’s liberties’.

‘A fair asylum system should provide safe haven to those fleeing persecution, oppression or tyranny,’ she said. 

‘But ours doesn’t. Because our asylum system is fundamentally broken. And we have a responsibility to act.’

Ms Patel said: ‘From the expulsion of Ugandan Asians from a repressive regime, to proudly resettling more Syrian refugees than any other EU country, to supporting campaigners fleeing political persecution in Hong Kong.

‘Under Conservative leadership, the United Kingdom has and always will provide sanctuary when the lights are being switched off on people’s liberties.

‘So, I will introduce a new system that is firm and fair.

‘Fair and compassionate towards those who need our help. Fair by welcoming people through safe and legal routes.

‘But firm because we will stop the abuse of the broken system.

‘Firm, because we will stop those who come here illegally making endless legal claims to remain.

‘And firm, because we will expedite the removal of those who have no claim for protection.

‘After decades of inaction by successive governments, we will address the moral, legal, practical problems with this broken system. Because what exists now is neither firm nor fair.

‘And I will bring forward legislation to deliver on that commitment. I will take every necessary step to fix this broken system. Amounting to the biggest overhaul of our asylum system in decades.’

The Home Secretary promised ‘accelerate’ the operational response to illegal migration.

Discarded clothes and and shoes were spotted strewn across the beach on Tuesday morning

She said: ‘We will continue to hunt down the criminal gangs who traffic people into our country.

‘I will continue to use the full force of our outstanding National Crime Agency and intelligence agencies to go after them.

‘We will make more immediate returns of those who come here illegally and break our rules, every single week.

‘And we will explore all practical measures and options to deter illegal migration.’

Ms Patel went on: ‘As for those defending the broken system – the traffickers, the do gooders, the leftie lawyers, the Labour Party – they are defending the indefensible.

And that is something I will never do.

If at times it means being unpopular on Twitter. I will bear it.

If at times it means Tony Blair’s spin doctor mocking my accent. So be it.

And if at times it means Labour Members of Parliament attempting to silence me because I do not conform to their idea of what an ethnic minority woman should stand for. I will stomach it.

Because as Conservatives, we do not measure the depth of our compassion in two hundred and eighty characters on Twitter, but in the actions we take and the choices we make.

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