The careers that'll REALLY get you a nice car

How’d you afford that supercar? TikTok user goes viral as he quizzes luxury car owners – whose answers range from a rich husband to working for Chanel

  • TikTok user Daniel Mac asks sports car drivers what they do for a living  
  • Simple video format has garnered Daniel a 1.6million strong following on the app
  • The well-heeled drivers are in real estate, private equity and medicine 
  • Others said they are simply ‘married’ and one had a ‘rich father-in-law’ 

A TikTok user has become a viral sensation with a series of videos asking wealthy drivers what they do for a living.

Daniel Mac, thought to be from Texas, has posted just a handful of videos but has 1.6million followers thanks to his surprisingly simple videos, which see him approach strangers with ‘nice cars’ to ask how they afford their lifestyle. 

Answers range from high-flying lawyers, doctors and real estate moguls to people whose spouse is the primary breadwinner. One man said simply: ‘Rich father-in-law.’ 

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Private equity: This beautiful Bentley Continental GT costs in the region of $236,000

Lawyer: This Maserati GranTurismo is thought to cost in the region of $150,000

‘Married’: This woman, who does not work, drives a car that costs up to $170,000

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On each clip he shares the names of the vehicles, which include a $236,000 Bentley Continental GT and a $3.2million Bugatti Chiron, one of only 500 in the world. 

Daniel stops his subjects in a range of locations, including in front of designer shops and high-end hotels. Others he speaks to through the windows of their supercars when they are stopped at traffic lights. 

The short clips have proved wildly popular, with one being viewed more than 14million times.

While some interviewees are eager to share their careers – aviation, private equity and ‘steel’ are also mentioned – others avoid the question.  

Asking Luxury car owners what they do pt.2 ##mclaren ##bentley ##mercedes ##porsche ##maserati ##car ##cars ##carsoftiktok ##fyp ##foryoupage ##texas

Tech apps: This gentleman drives a Rolls Royce Ghost, which costs in the region of $314,000

Family money: This man candidly said he had a ‘rich father-in-law’ before driving away in his Bentley Continental GT S, thought to cost around $231,800

Watch dealer: This driver sped off in a Audi R8 which has a starting price of $169,900

Only 500 Bugatti Chiron¿s Ever Made ¿¿ ##whatdoyoudoforaliving

One woman climbing out of her car joked she is a ‘drug mule’ who moves illegal substances across borders. Two other interviewees also claimed to be drug dealers.

Followers take to the comments section in their hundreds, with many saying they hold the keys to success. 

One woman wrote: ‘I want to be married when I am older if I can afford that car.’ 

Others noted how good-natured the wealthy interviewees seemed on camera. 

Asking luxury car owners what they do ##fyp ##foryoupage ##car ##cars ##carsoftiktok ##audi ##ferrari ##lamborghini ¿##auto

Steel industry: Keeping the details close, this man revealed he made his money in the steel industry. He was pictured driving a Rolls Royce Wraith, which starts at just under $330,000

Computer software: This man drives a car thought to cost around $227,660

Real estate: Giving away few details, this man said real estate was the secret to his success. He was driving a Ferrari California. A 2020 version of the car costs $409,888

That Dog is Out Here Living The Good Life ##whatdoyoudoforaliving

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Is SAS Australia the most brutal reality TV show we’ve seen?

Comedian Merrick Watts knows you enjoyed watching him get pummelled to a muddy heap on Monday's premiere episode of Seven's new reality series, SAS Australia.

"100 per cent, I know that. Even I loved watching my head get punched in; I can only imagine how much other people liked it," he says.

Merrick Watts on SAS Australia.Credit:Nigel Wright

Such schadenfreude is obviously part of the show's initial appeal. The whole point of recruiting an all-celebrity cast is to watch them suffer, to have their class privilege and outsized status chopped down, to see what they're made of when they're not at home sipping $200 bottles of champagne before dinner.

"Of course, there's a bit of that," Watts says. "But it's also not like any other reality show. There's no tricks, there's no producers interfering, there's no manipulation. I was there and it is really that real."

The brutal new reality series has proved an instant hit for Seven, becoming the top-rating non-news program with its first two episodes and generating strong reactions on social media and across headlines. According to a Seven spokesperson, the show – which streams both censored and uncensored versions of each episode online – is also already "on track to be our biggest show ever on 7Plus".

Ali Oetjen on SAS Australia.Credit:Nigel Wright

It begs the question: why? Unlike its reality TV progenitor, Network 10's I'm a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! – which trades on gimmicky challenges, gross-out humour, and the warm, unexpected interactions between disparate famous folk – SAS takes itself very seriously.

It's based on the Special Air Services' notorious selection program, which sees recruits challenged in physically and mentally exhausting tests. Contestants on the show are routinely yelled at and pilloried by furious Special Forces instructors, with any slight insubordination risking punishment for the entire troop (see: Firass Dirani's endearing anti-authoritarian streak, as if he's doing his best impression of Richard Gere in An Officer and a Gentleman).

Nick 'Honey Badger' Cummins' teeth chatter endlessly from the ever-present cold, except when he's throwing absolutely insane haymakers at his fellow female contestants. For a celebrity reality show, this one's extreme.

The series set its unlikely tone on Monday with a relentless backroom interrogation of star recruit Schapelle Corby. In what could've easily been a segment on a current affairs program like 60 Minutes, Corby tearfully detailed the depths of her mental health problems while in prison, revealing she turned vegetarian after hallucinating that she'd been eating the raw flesh of her late father.

It's not the usual family-friendly antics of a primetime reality show. But the show's success highlights an ongoing shift in reality TV viewing habits, says Dr Benjamin Nickl, lecturer in international and comparative literature at the University of Sydney.

Schapelle Corby and Candice Warner on SAS Australia.Credit:Nigel Wright

"It's a reaction against 'scripted truth'. If you look at early reality shows like The Real World and The Osbournes, they were called out for redoing takes and staging scenes," says Dr Nickl.

"Philosopher Max Weber talks about the 'disenchantment of the world' – everything becomes so explainable that people want to try and get some magic back. Ironically, now it's the magic of the real they are missing because they've become so disillusioned by this scripted reality of recent years. Really, they want blood. And it can't be fake, it has to be the real thing."

Endurance shows like Survivor, Naked and Afraid and anything hosted by Bear Grylls similarly tap into this move from "hypothetical entertainment to a recreation of extreme human situations," says Dr Nickl. He points, however, to the German TV show Wetten, Dass..? for the genre's grisly potential: the program was axed not long after a contestant suffered life-threatening injuries in 2010, following a stunt gone wrong in front of a live TV audience of millions.

"It seems this is where we're going towards, until one of these competitors might actually die," says Dr Nickl. "I don't know what that says about our entertainment culture that we're becoming so bloodthirsty and really just waiting for that ultimate reality, which is death. It's a bit concerning."

Watts, however, says the show's harsh tone was what appealed to him in the first place.

"That's the reason I wanted to do this and that's the reason I haven't done any reality shows in the past," he says. "This is a proper reality show, in the sense that it's beyond real. It strips you back to your bare survival personality; that's what comes out. From the get-go, it's just hyper real.

"I knew that it was going to be really serious, I knew it was not going to be a lollygagging show. I knew what it was going to be when I signed up for it, everyone knew."

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How To Prepare For The Rare Blue Full Moon On Halloween

Get ready for some cosmic magic on Oct. 31.

Amanda Caroline da Silva/E+/Getty Images

There’s a special full moon on Oct. 31, and as the second full moon to take place this month, this Halloween lunation is also a rare "blue moon.” You’ll want to make the most of this especially spooky lunar moment and make sure you’re prepared.

FreshSplash/E+/Getty Images

Chaos Is Coming

Full moons tend to bring chaos, and this one’s no exception. Scheduling mishaps and miscommunications will be at an all-time high, and the intensity of the moon is likely to heighten these sensations — so keep that in mind as you make Halloween plans.


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The winner of CMT’s first ever ‘Equal Play Award’ revealed

Country music powerhouse Jennifer Nettles has encouraged a lot of women in her industry, from Gabby Barrett, to Maren Morris, to Sheryl Crow. These are just some of the boldface names who will honor the Sugarland singer in a video before she is awarded the first ever “Equal Play Award” at Wednesday night’s CMT Awards (via Variety). The distinction recognizes Nettles’ advocacy for women in country music, namely her dedication to getting women’s music played equally on the radio. “There’s now two generations who have been trained to not hear women on country radio,” Nettles previously said, adding, “Somebody needs to make some noise.”

That person is Nettles, who donned a Christian Siriano pantsuit and cape at the 2019 CMA Awards emblazoned with a not-so-subtle message demanding that stations play women’s records more. According to The Boot, the singer and actress has long been outspoken on behalf of the LGBTQ+ community, sexual assault victims, and racial inequality causes.

What the award means to Jennifer Nettles

Leslie Fram, senior VP of music strategy for CMT further explained why the sometimes solo artist was chosen for this honor: “Jennifer Nettles is that rare artist who speaks her truth, calling out injustice wherever she sees it. Her commitment to equal female representation across the board in the music industry embodies the spirit of our equal play initiative and makes her the perfect recipient of the inaugural ‘CMT Equal Play Award.'”

For her part, Nettles shared her reaction to receiving this important nod, saying in a statement, “As a proud part of the beautiful legacy of women in country music, I am honored to be the first recipient. I look forward to celebrating the contributions of women, and all marginalized communities, within the country music format, and I am motivated in encouraging the non-artists, executives and investors in the industry, to do the same. There is much work still to be done.”

Meanwhile, this award is an extension of CMT and CMT Music TV networks committing to an equitable split of airplay for male and female recording artists moving forward.

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Trump is angry about the next debate moderator. This is why

The final square-off between President Donald Trump and his opponent, former Vice President Joe Biden, is set for Oct. 22, 2020. This debate will be moderated by NBC News‘ White House correspondent Kristen Welker. However, not everyone is thrilled about the decision. Specifically, President Trump has launched a personal attack on the Commission on Presidential Debates’ chosen moderator, alleging Welker is biased toward the Democratic party, Politico reported.

This comes after the president also deemed the new change to the debating format “very unfair.” According to CNN, the commission has decided that during the final debate the candidates’ microphones will be muted while they are not speaking to avoid interruptions — a decision that apparently irked the president.

Though hopefully less chaotic than the first debate, the third (or technically, the second) and final debate is shaping up to be another wild ride. Welker will definitely have her hands full moderating the event, especially with Trump already attacking her ability to moderate unbiasedly.

Read on to see why President Trump is upset that Welker will be moderating the debate.

President Trump thinks debate moderator Kristen Welker is 'extraordinarily unfair'

On Oct. 17, 2020, the president’s son, Donald Trump Jr., shared an article by the New York Post that claimed Kristen Welker has “deep democratic ties” and comes from “an established Democratic family — who have poured cash into party coffers, and to Trump opponents, for years.” Don Jr.’s tweet read, “Yikes! Here we go again,” accompanied with an eye-roll emoji.

President Trump then retweeted his son’s message and added, “She’s always been terrible & unfair, just like most of the Fake News reporters, but I’ll still play the game, The people know! How’s Steve Scully doing?” He went after Welker again during a rally in Janesville, Wis., sarcastically referring to “totally unbiased anchors,” saying, “I’ve known her for a long time, she’s extraordinarily unfair but that’s all right.”

Meanwhile, an NBC spokesperson told Politico that Welker has not had any party affiliation since registering to vote in Washington, D.C. in 2012 and pointed to comments made earlier this month by Trump campaign advisor Jason Miller calling the White House correspondent “very fair” and “a very good choice” as debate moderator.

Donald Trump has critiqued the previous debate moderators, too

In President Donald Trump’s tweet about Kristen Welker, he also mentioned Steve Scully. So, what does Scully have to do with this? Scully, a C-SPAN political editor, was set to moderate the second debate prior to its cancellation, the New York Post reported. However, Scully was suspended by C-SPAN and scrapped as the moderator after making false claims that his Twitter was hacked following an interaction with Trump’s former aide, per NBC News.

“I was right again! Steve Scully just admitted he was lying about his Twitter being hacked,” Trump tweeted on Oct. 15, 2020. “The Debate was Rigged! He was suspended from @cspan indefinitely. The Trump Campaign was not treated fairly by the ‘Commission’. Did I show good instincts in being the first to know?” In other words, Trump doesn’t seem to trust the commission.

In addition to his attacks on Welker and Scully, Trump publicly questioned Today Show host Savannah Guthrie’s moderation of an NBC town hall that he participated in, Politico reported. Trump also jabbed at Fox News journalist Chris Wallace for his moderation of the first debate and claimed that Wallace sided with Joe Biden during it, as per Politico. 

The president’s attack on Welker is just the latest in a string of critiques of the debate moderators. The final 90-minute debate will be held at 9 p.m ET on Oct. 22, 2020 at Belmont University in Nashville, Tenn.

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Beauty and Fashion

The 40 moments that defined Kim Kardashian as she turns 40 – including 72-day marriage & savage insults about sisters

SHE recorded her infamous sex tape on her 23rd birthday and downed a keg of beer in Las Vegas when she turned 30 – so who knows what Kim Kardashian-West will do to celebrate turning the big four-oh tomorrow.

From breaking the internet to losing her diamond earring, here we take a look back at the 40 moments that defined the selfie queen.

1. THAT infamous sex tape

This was the one that arguably rocketed Kim to mega-fame.

Kim was still relatively unknown before her sex tape with ex-boyfriend Ray J went viral in 2007, and has since been viewed more than 150million times.

The tape was filmed when the couple went on a luxury trip in Cabo, Mexico, to celebrate Kim’s 23rd birthday.

2. Reality TV cameo

Before her own reality fame, Kim K actually made a cameo on MTV show The Hills, appearing with Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, who was the best friend of Kim's step-brother, Brody Jenner.

However the episode didn’t air until years later, on a 10-year anniversary special The Hills: That Was Then, This Is Now.

3. Dating games

At the height of his fame following his high-profile divorce from Jessica Simpson, in 2006 Kim briefly dated Nick Lachey – however the star has since suggested she was just using him to get famous, saying: “We went to a movie.

"No one followed us there. Somehow, mysteriously, when we left, there were 30 photographers waiting outside."

4. Playboy photoshoot

While these photos seem relatively tame by Kim’s saucy standards, before becoming a mum the star took part in a Playboy cover photoshoot wearing a sultry red swimsuit.

5. Assistant to A-lister

While it might seem bizarre now, let’s not forget before KUWTK, Kim was actually Paris Hilton’s assistant.

“She was such a great, like, mentor for me," Kim said. "I really am grateful for my experiences with her. She’s a huge, huge reason of my success.”

6. Jail selfies

In one of the most meme-worthy moments created on KUWTK, Kris Jenner told her daughter off for taking selfies in the car while they drove Khloe to prison, saying: “Kim would you stop taking pictures of yourself? Your sister’s going to jail.”

7. ‘Don’t be so f***ing rude’

In yet another meme-worthy moment Kim and Khloé got into a heated argument after Kim purchased a new Bentley in 2008.

An epic fight ensued, and Kim hit her sister with her handbag and yelled, “Don’t be f***ing rude!”.

8. Bottoms up

Celebrating her last big birthday milestone, Kim really let her hair down when she turned 30 in 2010.

Speaking after being held upside down to down a keg of beer in Las Vegas, she said: “I get what Kourtney's trying to do.

“She's trying to teach me that it's okay to loosen up and 30's not the end of the world.”

9. ‘My diamond earring!’

While on a luxury family holiday to Bora Bora, Kim became hysterical when she was playfully thrown into the sea and realised she’d lost a £57k diamond earring.

Bursting into tears and hysterically screaming, Kris tried to calm her down – while Kourtney, trying calmly to put the drama into context, says: “There are people that are dying.”

10. The placenta prank

The sisters have always loved a good prank – and it seems they know no boundaries, as Kim and Kourtney led their family to believe they had secretly fed them placenta.

Needless to say, the gag – and the beef brisket they were actually eating – did not go down well.

11. A lavish £6.2m wedding

No one could forget Kim married Kris Humphries in a star-studded ceremony before she met Kanye.

Their wedding was reported to have cost £6.2m, but earned the couple £11million from magazine deals, TV coverage and endorsements.

12. Ending her marriage after 72 days

However, it just wasn’t to be. Just 72 days after tying the knot, it was all over.

In a statement, Kim, then 31, said: “After careful consideration, I have decided to end my marriage, I hope everyone understands this was not an easy decision.”

13. Bum X-Ray

As the owner of the most famous and talked about derrière in the world, Kim underwent a ‘butt X-ray’ in 2011 to prove to doubters that her bum is real.

Sick of plastic surgery rumours, she said: “I've said numerous times: 'I haven't had plastic surgery, I haven't had butt implants.'”

14. Sexy security fling

Despite a string of famous boyfriends, Kim didn’t only date famous men and at one point she had a fling with her hunky Australian bodyguard, Shengo Deane.

The pair jumped into bed together in 2011, during an episode of Kourtney And Kim Take New York.

15. Short-lived music career

Keen to add another string to her bow, Kim even tried her hand at a music career, and in 2011 released her debut single, Jam (Turn It Up).

The track was produced by hit record maker The Dream, who has worked with the likes of Rihanna and Beyonce but it failed to reach the charts.

16. ‘She has this ugly crying face’

Every aspect of their lives have been filmed, so it’s unsurprising there have been some emotional reactions caught on KUWTK, but none more so than from Kim.

“She has this ugly crying face,” Kourtney said after one meltdown, and Kim even turned it into a Kimoji.

17. Resurrecting the vampire facial

Always one to set a trend, when Kim Kardashian posted a photo of her face covered in blood in 2013, most people’s initial reaction was shock.

Queue a sudden surge in popularity for the ‘vampire facial’ – a procedure which involved injecting the patients’ blood back into their face.

18. Stealing Kourtney’s breast milk

Yep, this is exactly what it sounds like. Kim told Kourtney she had been secretly stealing her breast milk from the fridge to help ease her psoriasis skin condition.

Kourtney then squirted breast milk on to her leg.

19. £2.5m proposal

In October 2013 Kim and Kanye got engaged, with Kanye renting out San Francisco's AT&T baseball stadium and proposing in front of Kim's family and friends.

The whole proposal was filmed for KUWTK and was thought to have cost in the region of £2.5m, including engagement ring.

20. Vogue controversy

When Kim and Kanye West, 45, graced the front cover of Vogue in March 2014, it caused a huge reaction and many fans vowed to cancel their subscriptions to the high end fashion magazine.

Despite the controversy, editor Anna Wintour stood by her decision, saying: “There is always a time when you know you have to break the rules.

“Kim and Kanye were a part of the conversation of the day, and for Vogue not to recognise that would’ve been a big misstep.”

21. Awkward announcement

However, if Kim had expected a more positive reaction from her own family, she was sorely mistaken.

When Kim broke the news to her sisters that she’d be gracing the fashion bible, hilariously their mum Kris was the only person who showed any interest.

22. The wedding of the year

In May 2014, the couple celebrated their nuptials with a lavish weekend-long ceremony in Florence.

A picture of Kim and Kanye kissing during the ceremony also became the most-liked Instagram photo of 2014.

23. Breaking the Internet

There have been many times Kim has got people talking with a risque photo, but none more so than the ‘Break the Internet’ Paper Magazine cover shot by renowned photographer Jean-Paul Goude, which showed Kim stripping off a black sequin gown, flaunting her enviable curves.

24. Dare to bare

It’s not the only time Kim has shared a revealing selfie, and it’s little wonder she now boasts over 190million Instagram followers.

From flaunting her pregnant body to leaving little to the imagination with a ‘censored’ nude, there’s little Kim won’t share with her fans.

25. Pregnancy honesty

It’s no secret Kim struggled with pregnancy and multiple complications meant she welcomed her third and fourth children Chicago and Psalm via surrogate.

But instead of pretending it was effortless, from craving Lays Barbecue potato chips, to “feeling fat as f**k” – Kim did not sugarcoat her personal experience.

26. How selfish

She basically created the selfie, so it only makes sense Kim released a book of them, called Selfish, in 2015.

However, the book only sold 32,000 copies in the first couple of months. 

27. ‘I thought I was going to die!’

On the way to the airport after a holiday in Montana in 2015, Khloe, Kylie and Kim were involved in a car accident.

While thankfully everyone was OK, the incident left Kim shaken up.

“I thought I was going to die!” she sobbed on a phone call to Kanye.

28. ‘Being a mum is everything’

Kim once said even if she was on her deathbed, she’d still turn up to a work commitment.

But there’s no job she works harder at than being a mum to her adorable brood, North, seven, Saint, four, Chicago, two, and Psalm, one.

“Being a mom is everything," she said. "It’s the best feeling in the world.”

29. ‘The embodiment of the selfie era’

Say what you like about Kim, but regardless of whether she’s receiving positive or negative press, she has always been able to capitalise on her fame, and even graced the cover of Forbes in 2016 – a much sought after accolade in showbiz.

The magazine labeled her on its cover one of the new "Mobile Moguls", and said she was “the embodiment of the selfie era”.

30. £8.5m robbery horror

Not a memory Kim would like to recall, but it was one of the biggest robberies of the year in 2016.

Kim suffered a terrifying £8.5m heist, which saw her held at gunpoint in Paris during Fashion Week.

The ordeal left the star with flashbacks and unable to sleep without security at night.

31. ‘She’s the least exciting to look at’

Sisters always fight, but maybe not as savagely as the Kardashians. In Series 15 Kim told Kourtney she was being 'annoying' while she tried to organise the family's annual Christmas photoshoot.

Kim snapped: "No one wants you in the f**king shoot.

"She's the least exciting thing to look at, so she can be out.” Ouch.

32. Beauty business mogul

Since setting up KKW beauty in 2017, there’s been no stopping Kim, whose business is now worth just under $1billion according to some reports.

33. ‘I will f**k you up’

KUWTK fans will be used to the sisters arguing – but in Series 18, Kim and Kourtney took a row to a whole new level and had a physical fight.

After Kim implied Kourtney didn’t have the same hard working ethic as her, Kourtney saw red, saying: "You act like I don't do s**t… I will literally f**k you up if you mention it again."

34. ‘This is so embarrassing’

If there’s one thing you don’t want your step-brother to do, it’s to walk in while you’re taking sexy selfies in a wet, see-through dress.

Sadly for Kim that’s exactly what happened while she was taking some snaps to send to hubby Kanye while on holiday in Thailand.

35.Phone feud

Following the epic feud between Kanye and Taylor Swift, when he stormed the stage during her acceptance speech at the MTV Music Awards and later referred to her as a b***h in his song Famous, Kim well and truly embedded herself in the drama.

She released a recorded call between the two which she claimed proved Taylor had approved the track.

36. A love of fashion which knows no limits

She’s had too many iconic looks to name them all, but Kim’s skin-tight Thierry Mugler gown was one of the most talked-about looks at the 2019 Met Gala.

However there was one major issue with the corseted dress.

Speaking on their reality show, Kim says: “Honestly, if it’s an emergency, I think I pee my pants and then have my sister wipe my leg up. I’m not even joking.”

37. Celebrity to crime career

Quite possibly one of the last things fans would have expected from Kim was her announcement she was going to train to become a lawyer.

The star surprised everyone when she announced she was doing a four-year apprenticeship and aiming to take the bar exam in 2022.

38. Keeping up with Donald Trump

Earlier this year prison reform advocate Kim tweeted pictures of her visit to the White House with three women recently freed from prison.

Using her influential platform, Kim has spent the last few years trying to bring national attention to people who should be freed from their sentences.

39. Festive period

She’s known for her sense of style, but not even Kim gets it right all the time.

Last year she faced backlash from fans who claimed her festive decorations looked like "giant tampons" – and looking at the pics, they may have had a point.

40. Goodbye to Keeping Up With The Kardashians

The recent news that Keeping Up With The Kardashians is ending after 14 iconic years was announced by Kim on Instagram.

The star wrote it was with "heavy hearts" that they made the "difficult decision”.

However, while the reality show is coming to a close, based on the last twenty years of Kim, there’s no way this will be the last we hear from the 40-year-old.

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TV and Movies

Ratings: 'The Voice' Premiere Is the Top Entertainment Telecast of the Season, but Down 29% From 2019

Why Dodgers-Rays World Series Might Be Latest to Strike Out in TV Ratings

Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Ratings: ‘The Voice’ Premiere Is the Top Entertainment Telecast of the Season, but Down 29% From 2019

CBS’ primetime lineup pretty much drops dead after “Big Brother”

“The Voice” returned on Monday to hand NBC a primetime ratings win, and to remind us all just how much difference a year can make.

While the Season 19 premiere of “The Voice” was this season’s No. 1 entertainment telecast thus far, it was down 29% in key-demo ratings from last fall’s start.

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NBC was first in ratings with a 1.0 rating/6 share in the advertiser-coveted 18-49 demographic and in total viewers with an average of 6.7 million, according to preliminary numbers. “The Voice” from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. posted a 1.2/6 and 8 million viewers. “The Weakest Link” at 10 received a 0.8/5 and 4.3 million viewers.

ABC was second in ratings with a 0.8/5 and in viewers with 5.1 million.”Dancing With the Stars” from 8-10 averaged a 1.0/5 and 6.1 million viewers. At 10, “Emergency Call” had a 0.5/3 and 3 million viewers.

Fox was third in ratings with a 0.7/4 and in viewers with 2.6 million. An NFL overrun at 8 p.m. ET posted a 1.3/7 and 4.4 million viewers. Starting at 8:30 ET, “L.A.’s Finest” had a 0.5/3 and 2 million viewers. “Filthy Rich” followed with a 0.4/2 and 2.2 million viewers.

CBS was fourth in ratings with a 0.4/2 and in viewers with 2.1 million. “Big Brother” at 8 landed a 0.9/5 and 3.7 million viewers. Following some unimpressive “One Day at a Time” re-airings, “Manhunt: Deadly Games” at 10 settled for a 0.2/1 and 1.4 million viewers.

Univision was fifth in ratings with a 0.3/2 and in viewers with 1 million.

Telemundo and The CW tied for sixth in ratings, both with a 0.2/1. Telemundo was sixth in total viewers with 925,000, The CW was seventh with 839,000.

More to come…

Tony Maglio

The trailer opens with Mando crash landing on an icy planet as he is chased by enemy spacecraft, before it cuts to the bounty hunter reuniting with Cara Dune and Greef Karga.

Carrying The Child – aka Baby Yoda to fans – he tells them: "I'm here on business, I need your help. I've been quested to bring this one back to its kind."

They aren't the only people Mando hopes will help him on his quest, as he attempts to find his own tribe.

He says in another scene: "If I can locate other Mandalorians, they can guide me."

Mando is then seen being confronted by enemies before Cara and Greef are pursued by Stormtroopers after hijacking a spacecraft.

The final shot of the trailer sees Mando using his jet pack and saying: "Here we go!"

The trailer comes after show boss Jon Favreau admitted he's "open to the idea" of taking the series one step further for the big screen.

In an interview with Variety, he said: “The line is blurring now. Things that you would have only seen in the movie theatre, you’re seeing on streaming, and I think it could go the other way as well.”

He added that they're in "no rush" to expand the much-loved series onto the big screen, but admitted "we’re definitely open to it to see where the story leads us and have that flexibility — because there’s no rulebook now.”

Jon isn't the only one who would love for a spin-off as Pedro, who plays the cosmic bounty hunter on the show, admitted that he too thinks it could be done.

Season two of The Mandalorian premieres on Disney+ on October 30, with season one available now.

What’s on Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon Prime?

Looking for a new Netflix series to binge or the best movies to watch on Amazon Prime? We have you covered…

  • New on Netflix: The best series and films released every day
  • The best movies on Netflix to watch right now
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The Million Pound Cube viewers left cringing as brothers row

The Million Pound Cube viewers say they ‘can’t bear to watch’ as squabbling siblings force Phillip Schofield to cut to a break after arguing over who’s to blame for losing their task

  • Two brothers, of Cheshire, furiously argued on The Million Pound Cube last night
  • And it even saw host Phillip Schofield rush to an ad break during the ITV show
  • Viewers were left feeling ‘uncomfortable’ and switching off following the row 

Viewers were left feeling ‘uncomfortable’ and switching off after two brothers furiously argued on The Million Pound Cube – and it even saw host Phillip Schofield rush to an ad break. 

The highly-anticipated ITV game show returned to our screens last night for the first time in five years – apart from celebrity specials – and saw siblings Adam and John complete the tasks together in the hopes of reaching the top price.

Despite the brothers, from Cheshire, saying they were ‘really, really close’, soon tense disagreements broke out between the pair as they each blamed one another for losing the challenges.

‘That was your side, your side bro,’ roared Adam during a round where contestants were asked to place all the balls on the ground inside a cylinder, before Phillip rushed to an ad break. 

Viewers were appalled at Adam for blaming his older brother every time they lost a task, with one admitting: ‘Couldn’t bear to carry on watching #TheMillionPoundCube with those two brothers.’

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Viewers were left feeling ‘uncomfortable’ and switching off after two brothers (pictured) furiously argued on The Million Pound Cube – and it even saw host Phillip Schofield rush to an ad break

The highly-anticipated ITV game show returned to our screens last night for the first time in five years – apart from celebrity specials – and saw siblings Adam and John complete the tasks together in the hopes of reaching the top price. Pictured, Phillip Schofield

Older brother John, who owns a flooring business, said he was good at ‘catching, throwing and accuracy’, while student Adam said he was more ‘nimble and agile’, as well as a ‘tiny bit shorter and a tiny bit more fit’.

At the start of the programme, host Phillip asked: ‘But you’re close brothers?’, with John replying: ‘Really really close, like every single day close.’ 

But awkwardly, the brothers ended up bickering before Phillip jumped in and told viewers they would be back after the break.

After a tense task, trying to grab all the red balls and place them in a glass cylinder, Adam and John argued over whose fault it was that they lost.

‘That was your side, your side bro!’ said Adam, before John replied: ‘I picked up six and put them in, we had time for that one.’ 

Despite the brothers (pictured), from Cheshire, saying they were ‘really, really close’, soon tense disagreements broke out between the pair as they each blamed one another for losing the challenges

Viewers (above) were appalled at Adam for blaming his older brother every time they lost a task, with one admitting: ‘Couldn’t bear to carry on watching #TheMillionPoundCube with those two brothers.’

Phillip joked to the camera: ‘This is what happens when you put brothers in the cube…  We will be back after the break.’ 

Some viewers were left feeling uncomfortable by the siblings’ display, while others saw the funny side and guessed they’d be disagreeing more backstage.    

‘Sore loser younger brother needlessly humiliating his sibling on #TheMillionPoundCube is my cue to go shower!’ said one viewer.

Another quipped: ‘These two brothers really want to swear at each other, it’s so funny.’

‘Brothers squabbling in front of an audience is it good TV or cringe?,’ a third unimpressed viewer questioned.

‘That was your side, your side bro,’ roared Adam during a round where contestants were asked to place all the balls on the ground inside a cylinder, before Phillip rushed to an ad break. Pictured, the brothers together

Older brother John, who owns a flooring business, said he was good at ‘catching, throwing and accuracy’, while student Adam (pictured during the task) said he was more ‘nimble and agile’, as well as a ‘tiny bit shorter and a tiny bit more fit’

After five years away, the show launched on Saturday with a one-off celebrity special featuring comedian Mo Gilligan along with fellow comedian Jason Manford each completing tasks for their chosen charities. 

Each contestant must complete seven challenges with just nine lives to get them through with each game a step closer to winning the ultimate £1million prize. 

For the first time the five-episode series saw two-person challenges in the four-metre squared container from pairs in the same household. 

A TV insider told The Sun: ‘The last time The Cube aired was in 2015, so there was no way ITV would bring it back without making some radical changes to refresh the show. 

They added: ‘But the simple format at the heart of the show remains largely unchanged — it’s still about contestants desperately trying to keep their cool.’ 

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‘The Forty-Year-Old Version’ Is A Love Letter To Radha Blank’s Family Of Artists

“I don’t know that I would be the same person without that. The film is celebrating them.”

Radha Blank — whose directorial debut, The Forty-Year-Old Version, is out on Netflix now — has a lot in common with her film’s protagonist. Blank and the fictionalized Radha are both playwrights and native New Yorkers. Each come from an artist mother and a jazz musician father. And both Radhas have dabbled in rap, creating music under the moniker RadhamMUSPrime. The Forty-Year-Old Version , which Blank starred in, wrote, directed, and produced, is her story through and through — and the process of making the film helped Blank find light in her darkest moments.

When we first meet the fictional Radha, she’s trying to get her new play, Harlem Ave, produced by a theater bigwig. But the white, male producer would much rather see Radha pen a Harriet Tubman musical than explore the culture of her neighborhood on the stage. Radha is tired of struggling and she’s also tired of all the rejection. “In my very early 20s I was writing plays and I really thought that by the time I reached 30, I would have had a breakthrough," tells Bustle of weaving in her own personal frustrations into the film. "Then by the time I was 30 I was writing ensemble plays, doing a little TV writing. And by the time I [turned] 40? [the breakthrough] didn’t happen."

In The Forty-Year-Old Version, Radha also reckons with turning 40 and still not having "made it." Which coalesces in a mid-life crisis of sorts — one that inspires Radha to take up rapping while also giving into her white producer’s more commercialized vision for Harlem Ave. Without giving too much away, Radha discovers that she’s prolific at rapping, but that she should’ve stuck to her guns about revising Harlem Ave.

But the pressure to conform to a gatekeeper’s vision for your work is something Blank identifies with. "[They were] looking for [stories] about a certain kind of Black life, one that assuages the guilt and the fears of white patrons,” says Blank of the feedback her plays were often met with. So she decided to shake up her approach. "I realized I was relying on people outside of me too much, on the gatekeepers flagging me, so I had to turn to the DIY model."

Which led Blank to create The Forty-Year-Old Version. In its first iteration the project was a web series, but when Blank’s mother passed away she rewrote it as a feature film. The movie weaves together Blank’s grief, her struggle to make it as an artist on her own terms, and the societal pressures that come with aging. Yet above all else, The Forty-Year-Old Version is a love letter to Blank’s family. “[The film] made me have an appreciation for my parents and everything that they went through [as struggling artists],” says Blank. “I don’t know that I would be the same person without that. The film is celebrating them.”

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