Gigi Hadid’s Thanksgiving 2020 Photos With Her Baby Are Beyond Adorable

Fans got another rare glimpse of Gigi Hadid’s baby after Thanksgiving. Thanks to grandmother Yolanda Hadid, you can finally see more of the supermodel’s first child in Gigi Hadid’s Thanksgiving 2020 photos with her baby. The adorable picture features a sweet kiss and the best view of the new Hadid-Malik addition yet.

Hadid hosted a family Thanksgiving with boyfriend Zayn Malik and their close family this year. The model shared some of the details of the close-knit celebration, but the best reveal of all was the pic that her mother Yolanda captured. On her Instagram Stories on Thursday, Nov. 25, the grandmother posted a sweet picture of her daughter kissing her newborn baby’s head.

Although you still can’t see Baby Hadid-Malik’s face, the photo is the most revealing fans have seen yet. Yolanda included some cute heart stickers and a sun sticker that reads, "You are my sunshine." The pic shows Hadid kissing her daughter’s forehead and the baby’s tiny frame. A Hadid fan account on Instagram screenshotted the photo from Yolanda’s Instagram Story and shared it with everyone.

The 25-year-old new mom shared some photos from the Thanksgiving celebration, detailing the quiet evening on her Instagram Stories on Friday, Nov. 27.

"We hosted," Hadid wrote alongside her festive table setting which featured ornamental corn, squash, and a paper pumpkin place setting. She also shared her Thanksgiving plate, writing, "It’s not even noon and I’m already thinking about this again … ready for leftovers."

Hadid also revealed that her mother gave her a special set of plates for the occasion. "For my first TG hosting gig my mom gave me the set of holidays plates we grew up with," she wrote.

The supermodel bought a lot of the table items from Etsy. "Wanted to support small businesses this holiday season…and share :)," she wrote, revealing that she purchased the placemats, table runner, pumpkin name cards, and napkin rings all from small businesses.

Hadid also posted sweet pictures with her baby on Instagram a few days before the holiday on Nov. 22. "A whole new kind of busy & tired but she’s da bestie so she got Christmas decorations early," said Hadid. The thread of photos began with a photo of her standing outside with her baby asleep in a carrier.

The first photo the couple shared of their baby was a close-up of her tiny hand, and both Malik and Hadid expressed overwhelming joy for being new parents.

Hadid and Malik still haven’t shown their daughter’s face in public photographs or revealed her name as of publication, but it seems the pair are slowly giving fans a better glimpse of her as the months progress. And thanks to grandma Hadid, the Thanksgiving picture is the cutest yet.

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When Will Donald Trump Leave Office? This Date Is Very Specific

It’s been nearly three weeks since the 2020 election was called in favor of President-elect Joe Biden on Nov. 7, and yet, President Donald Trump has refused to deliver a public concession. However, according to the U.S. Constitution, the losing president has no say in who wins American elections — whether he likes it or not. So, exactly when will Donald Trump leave office? Mark your calendars for this very specific date.

The official end of Trump’s first term in office is noon on Jan. 20, 2021, which is when President-elect Joe Biden will take the presidential oath of office and replace him in the White House. This date and time are actually written into the 20th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which says outright, "The terms of the President and the Vice President shall end at noon on the 20th day of January."

While Trump is apparently reluctant to admit his election loss, the cold fact is that his term has an expiration date. So, despite the Trump administration’s barrage of floundering lawsuits and unfounded accusations of widespread election fraud, the only real chance he has at achieving a second term now is in 2024.

In the meantime, the political machinery to transition from a Trump administration to a Biden administration has already begun. On Nov. 23, after a delay of several weeks, General Services Administration (GSA) head Emily Murphy authorized the release of key documentation, funding, and intelligence to the Biden team after continued pressure from Democrats in Congress.

In her letter to Biden authorizing the presidential transition, Murphy said she was not influenced by any party in her decision to delay the process. "I have always strived to do what is right,” she wrote, as reported by The Washington Post. “I was never directly or indirectly pressured by any Executive Branch official — including those who work at the White House or GSA — with regard to the substance or timing of my decision."

Meanwhile, key states like Pennsylvania, Nevada, and Michigan are certifying their election results for Biden, as more and more notable conservative figures are calling on Trump to concede. On Nov. 21, former New Jersey governor and notable Trump ally Chris Christie emphasized in an interview with ABC that, despite claims from the president’s legal team, no substantial evidence of election fraud has been presented in court. "This is outrageous conduct by any lawyer," Christie said of Trump’s legal team. In a Nov. 20 statement, Rep. Liz Cheney, a Republican from Wyoming, wrote that if the president cannot provide evidence of widespread election fraud, then he needs to "[respect] the sanctity of our electoral process."

As the Dec. 8 deadline for states to certify their election results approaches, the Trump administration’s legal options to fight the election results continue to narrow. On Dec. 14, the Electoral College is scheduled to officially cast its votes for president and vice president, officially confirming America’s chief leader for the next four years.

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The November 2020 Lunar Eclipse Will Be The Best For These Zodiac Signs

If you’re new to astrology, you might think that Mercury retrograde is the worst possible thing that can happen. However, you’d be gravely mistaken. While there are an endless amount of challenging things that can happen in astrology, few are as intense as the abrupt and transformative nature of an eclipse. Taking place every six months, a series of eclipses has the power to rearrange your life in a major way. It might even take you by complete surprise. Luckily, if you’re one of the zodiac signs who will have the best November 2020 lunar eclipse — Aries, Leo, Libra, and Aquarius — chances are, you won’t feel the effects of this eclipse as strongly.

The upcoming lunar eclipse lands in Gemini and takes place on Nov. 30 at 4:29 a.m. EST. Activating the Gemini-Sagittarius axis, this lunar eclipse could rapidly rearrange your perspective, transform the way you communicate, and reveal the truth that lies beneath the surface. It might even kickstart a journey that could only be described as an adventure, so watch out for beautiful opportunities to see and experience the world in a brand-new way.

However, it might be strange to say any of the following zodiac signs will have the "best" lunar eclipse. After all, a lunar eclipse can evoke an earthquake of change in your life, encouraging you to let go of what has brought you comfort and prevented your growth as you quickly embrace a new normal. It may feel uncomfortable, but in the end, you’ll know it was worth it.

Aries: You’re Learning How To Harness The Power Of Your Voice

Take a closer look at the way you communicate your thoughts and listen to those who are speaking. Reflect on the information you choose to learn about and consider the accuracy of these details. This lunar eclipse will have a profound impact on your mind and the way you use it. It will also inspire you to articulate your words with integrity and speak up when you have something to say. Don’t let your voice be drowned out by other noises.

Leo: You’re Letting Go Of Social Circles That No Longer Suit You

The people you choose to interact with and associate with have more of an impact on the person you are than you may realize. You pick up habits from these people, you tend to see the world in a similar way that they do, and whether consciously or not, you alter yourself to fit into the group as a whole. It’s time to think about whether it’s time to let go of a community or group of friends and find likeminded people who suit the person you’re becoming. Don’t be afraid of being alone.

Libra: You’re Embarking On A Different Kind Of Adventure

This lunar eclipse could spark a light that takes fire. It might be the start of a journey that takes you somewhere you were never expecting to go. It could be time to travel someplace new or commit to a program of higher learning. Whatever it is, this journey is forcing you to look at the world through new eyes. It’s showing you a perspective you might never have considered before. Let go of closed-minded thinking and consider all sides of the story.

Aquarius: You’re Falling In Love With Something New

This lunar eclipse might feel like a creative or artistic awakening. It could also feel like falling in love for the first time. Whatever happens, it’s putting you back in touch with your inner child, the part of you that never truly grew up and lost its connection with magic and wonder. This lunar eclipse is encouraging you to embrace a deeper hue of your joy. What’s preventing you from enjoying life the way you should be?

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Chrissy Teigen’s Instagram About The Toll Of Pregnancy Loss Is A Tough Read

The holiday season often provides us with time for reflection with family, but it’s not always easy, and Chrissy Teigen’s Instagram about the toll of pregnancy loss proves just that. The model posted a heartfelt statement on Nov. 27 to social media, reflecting back on the challenges she’s endured after the loss of her son Jack back in September. Although she’s already been very open online about the toll this loss took on her and husband John Legend, having penned an essay on the topic on Oct. 27, Teigen is still reeling and keeping things transparent for her supporters.

"When I’m old and grey, I will look back on the last two months as being brutal, exhausting, sad, physically challenging, mentally painful b*tches of a couple months," Teigen began the caption of her Instagram post, which included a photo of her wrapped up in a fuzzy black ensemble and covering her face. "But I refuse to not find humor in both the rage-fits and the outfits." The outfit and quip about it are small spots of sunshine in the otherwise serious post, as Teigen perfectly captured the non-linear process of grieving. "I can make it up my stairs only stopping once or twice instead of every other, and can get out of the bathtub all by myself as long as I have the promise [John] will dry me off," she wrote of her progress and health.

Fans of Teigen have been incredibly supportive of her during the past few months. Legend previously told an interviewer on Nov. 10 that the support was cathartic for the couple in a sense, and that "it’s been encouraging to be getting so much love and support from so many people who have experienced similar things."

The loss is still fresh, and in remembrance of Jack, Teigen shared on Nov. 1 that she got a tattoo of his name on her wrist. While the full caption of Teigen’s most recent post is definitely a tough read, there is some hope near the end for fans to latch onto. "I think it’s happening," she concluded the post with a heart emoji, implying that she’s processing her grief and starting to cope at the very least.

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Courteney Cox’s Video Recreating Her ‘Friends’ Thanksgiving Turkey Dance Is Iconic

Name a more iconic Thanksgiving duo than Monica (Courteney Cox) from Friends and the turkey that she put on her head. Other than mashed potatoes and stuffing, it’s hard to find a pair that even comes close. This memorable moment from "The One with All the Thanksgivings" has become a go-to gif to send this time of year, so you can just imagine how Courteney Cox’s video recreating her Friends Thanksgiving turkey dance is everything we needed right now.

It seems as though Cox knows just how iconic this moment has become as well. On Thanksgiving, the actor posted a video to Instagram wishing her followers a "Happy Thanksgiving." In the video, she added that she’s "gonna snap" if she gets one more gif of her "with a turkey on [her] head dancing like a f*cking fool." With how many times you’ve sent the infamous gif, you can just imagine Cox has received it a million times more.

Luckily, she has an amazing sense of humor and knows how to play along. After stating, "Since I’m the symbol of Thanksgiving, here you go, hope it makes you happy," the video cuts to her dancing with a turkey and sunglasses on her head in the kitchen. It’s not just a turkey hat either. She went all out and actually put a real turkey on her head. Monica Geller would be so proud.

Words cannot express how amazing this moment was for Friends fans. There are so many great Friends Thanksgiving episodes that it’s become a tradition for a lot of fans to revisit them with their family as they’re waiting for their dinner to cook. Though, if we’re ranking Friends Thanksgiving moments, this Monica one will always comes out on top.

Cox’s post has already received over a million likes and two million views in less than one day. Fellow Friends star Lisa Kudrow even commented on the video saying, "You DID THAT!" Other celebrities like Tan France, Sean Hayes, and Reese Witherspoon also commented with their love of this LOL-worthy video.

The best part of all is that no detail was missed in this recreation. Cox got everything right from the sunglasses on the turkey to the green shirt she’s wearing. Even the shimmy is on point. The problem is this moment is so iconic that there are sure to be gifs made to be sent out for years to come.

So, while Cox was trying to end her reign as turkey queen, she may have just made her claim to the title even stronger. Either way, she definitely wins for best celebrity Thanksgiving post of 2020. Sorry to everyone else who played. You just can’t be the best, and when it comes to Turkey Day, Monica will always be there for you.

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Here’s How To Change Your TikTok “For You” Page To See Different Kinds Of Videos

Sometimes your TikTok recommendations on your “For You” page aren’t as on point as you’d like them to be. If that’s the case, you can fix your suggested posts to get the results you want. The process isn’t too complicated, so if your TikTok suggestions need a total refresh, here’s how to change your TikTok "For You” page to get more relevant content.

The steps to customize your "For You" page on TikTok are pretty straight forward. YouTube creator Mr. Burgundy outlined some helpful steps for customizing your "For You" page. Although there’s not a button that specifically lets you customize in a couple of clicks, you can achieve a page refresh basically just by using the app’s like and dislike features.

How To Change Your TikTok "For You" Page:

Because TikTok, like other social media platforms, works using an artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm to gauge your likes and dislikes, you can customize your page over time by letting the app know when you like something and when you don’t.

Once you’ve begun letting the app know when you don’t or do like something, you’ll start seeing more of what you’d like to see on your "For You" page. For example, I love the animal videos, so I made sure to like animal posts, search for relevant terms, and hit "Not Interested" on videos without animals. Now my "For You" page is basically full of cute doggos and kittens and nothing else.

It might take a few days for you to notice that everything on your "For You" page is how you want it, but once it is, you’ll be able to find the content you love without having to search far from it.

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8 Gingerbread House Kits That Will Make Your Holidays Extra Sweet

Making a gingerbread house is undoubtedly one of the tastiest activities of the holidays. If you’re looking to enjoy the pastime with your friends and family this season, you’ll want to pick up a gingerbread house kit that’ll come with everything you to build your dream creation. Check out these gingerbread house kits that will make your holidays extra sweet.

There are plenty of gingerbread house kits that come with pre-baked cookies and pre-made icing so that you don’t have to prep this Christmas. Since the festive treats are not only tasty but also an excellent decor for your holiday party, you’ll want to craft a gingerbread house that is both unique and aesthetically stunning. There are many gingerbread house kits with a special twist on the classic treats, depending on your preferences. For example, you could get a Peanuts-themed kit which features Snoopy and his friends, or a chocolate chip cookie-flavored kit from Nestle. To help you shop, here are the top gingerbread kits you can buy online this season.

We only include products that have been independently selected by Elite Daily’s editorial team. However, we may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.

1. Holiday Mini Village Gingerbread Kit

You can go all out this winter with this gingerbread kit, which features multiple houses to create your own very own mini village. `The kit comes with icing and candies to perfect your gingerbread masterpiece.

2. Holiday Tree House Kit

For a twist on the usual gingerbread house, check out this gingerbread tree house kit.

3. Holiday Gnome House Kit

You can build your very own gnome home with this kit, which features sugar cookies and decorations like a gnome, wreath, and more.

4. M&M’s Holiday House Gingerbread Cookie Kit

If you’re an M&M’s fan, you’ll want to try out this gingerbread house kit. You’ll be able to decorate your home with colorful M&M’s

5. Nestle Holiday Cottage Gingerbread House Kit

Nestle’s gingerbread house kit is perfect for chocolate lovers. You’ll get chocolate chip cookie panels to build your dream house, as well as Nestle’s semi-sweet morsels to add for decoration.

6. World Tour Trolls Holiday House Gingerbread Cookie Kit

You can spice up your usual gingerbread with this colorful Trolls holiday kit. You’ll get to build your house with rainbow confetti cookie, and decorate with plenty of candy stars and gummies.

7. Wilton Ready to Decorate Santa’s Farm Gingerbread Barn Decorating Kit

You can impress Santa this Christmas by decorating his gingerbread barn. There are even two reindeers included to set the scene.

8. Peanuts GB House Kit

Join Snoopy and friends this holiday with the Peanuts gingerbread house kit. This kit comes with pre-baked gingerbread, pre-made icing, candy jewels, fruity gummies, mini cookie decorations, scene setters, and more for easy building.

If you decide to order a gingerbread kit this holiday, you’ll want to follow the coronavirus safety guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)for picking up deliveries as of Sept. 11. which include wearing a face mask over your nose and mouth when getting your package. After receiving your order, make sure you throw away the packaging and wash your hands.

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Who Is Cole Emhoff’s Girlfriend, Greenley? Here’s What You Should Know

It should be pretty clear by now that Kamala Harris and Doug Emhoff have an unbreakable bond — and part of what makes their relationship so sweet is how Harris has embraced her stepchildren, Cole and Ella Emhoff. It’s evident from interviews that she adores them just as much as they love their "Momala" (can we talk about that nickname, BTW?) — and if you already thought their fam was peak #goals, there’s one more relationship to know about: Cole’s. So, who is Cole Emhoff’s girlfriend, Greenley? Fear not, I did a deep dive to gather all the deets on this picture-perfect couple.

For the sake of background, Cole is Doug’s son from his previous marriage to Kerstin Emhoff. According to a 2018 profile in Vogue, Cole graduated from Colorado College in 2017, where he majored in psychology, and then worked as an assistant at the talent and media agency William Morris Endeavor. Currently, he appears to be working as an executive assistant at Plan B Entertainment, an Oscar-winning production company that was co-founded by Brad Pitt. It makes sense that Cole wound up in the entertainment, biz: his dad is an entertainment lawyer, and his mom, Kerstin, is a film producer.

Cole’s Instagram feed currently only features about 20 posts, and many of them include a certain lady who’s apparently played a big part in his life in recent years: Greenley, his girlfriend. (Her full name isn’t public.) He’s also been known to share pics of their fur babies, Otis and Amos — and fun fact, the pups even have their own Instagram account.

While Cole might be semi-private about his love life, he did confirm his relationship status in a recent interview with Glamour, when he referred to having a girlfriend. "I remember the first time I brought my girlfriend over, Kamala’s like, ‘Can you make a Caesar dressing?’" he told the magazine. "She was like, ‘Uh…’"

From looking at his Instagram, it’s obvious that Cole and Greenley are super close. In fact, she’s one of the only people you’ll see on his page — aside from his sister, Ella. It’s also apparent that Greenley was super invested in the 2020 election. On Nov. 7, the day Joe Biden and Harris’ victory was declared, she posted a video of herself doing cartwheels with the caption: "Officially the best f*cking day of 2020. This has been a harrowing week — nail biting and waiting for a decision. I love the Emhoff/Harris family so much & honored to be a small part."

Another thing worth noting from their Insta activity is that the couple has some pretty cute nicknames for each other — while Cole refers to her simply as "G," Greenley calls him "Coco." And in a birthday tribute she posted for him on Sept. 15, she made her feels crystal clear when she wrote: "Love you so much & cannot imagine a better partner during Covid or any time."

According to one of Cole’s IG posts, it appears they may have moved in together in February of 2019. Doug commented on the pic, writing: "So proud of you, Cole!! Love, K&D." Can this family get any cuter?

Cole and Greenley have taken a ton of sweet selfies — and prior to when the coronavirus pandemic hit, it seems they enjoyed traveling the world together. They also take the holidays very seriously. Not only did they dress up in coordinating costumes on Halloween (as Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf), but they also did a hilarious photoshoot with Santa together.

Perhaps most importantly, though, Greenley calls Cole "the love of her life." So, yeah, if you’ve been crushing hard on Cole, I hate to break it to you, but these two seem downright inseparable.

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Beauty and Fashion

Not In The Mood To Get Dressed? Here Are 41 Comfy Pieces You’ll Be Obsessed With

While there are people out there who will tell you that getting dressed can help with productivity, truth be told, not spending the time to pick out outfits and put on something restricting like a blazer can do just as much to aid your mood. So when you’re ready to hop off the hamster wheel and take it easy, these you’ll be obsessed with these comfy pieces for lazy Sundays, Mondays, Thursdays, whenever.

Of course, this list has plenty of iterations for everyone’s favorite — yoga pants. But stretchy pants aren’t the be-all and end-all of laid-back style; there’s plenty more where that came from in the form of cloud-like cardigans, T-shirt dresses, and even an adorable jumpsuit or two. What all of these have in common? All of it require minimal effort, but they are versatile enough to not stall your impromptu plans, whether it’s a last-minute run to the grocery store, a quick workout, or a Zoom celebration.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect nap dress, a stylish crop top, or a polished pair of sweatpants (yes, they exist!), keep scrolling for some great picks.

We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was written by our Commerce team.

1. This Leopard-Print Sweater That’s Super Cozy

This leopard-print sweater adds a dash of statement to every outfit while keeping you warm and comfortable. With its oversize styling, it’s loose and laid back. Plus, it’s available in several patterns and colors.

Available sizes: S – XL

2. This Oversize Turtleneck That Can Double As A Dress

This oversize turtleneck is super soft and cozy. This sweater has fun side pockets, and it can even double as a dress. One reviewer shared: “The material is very soft and hasn’t gotten itchy […] By the way, the pockets are great! They are big enough to fit my phone.”

Available sizes: S – XL

3. These $13 Leggings With Hundreds Of 5-Star Reviews

These cotton-blend leggings offer plenty of comfort for everyday wear. The smart temp fabric keeps you comfy, and with a hint of spandex, these leggings are sure to retain their shape throughout the day. Choose from nine colors.

Available sizes: S – 2X

4. A Knee-Length Cardigan That’s As Comfy As A Bathrobe

This knee-length cardigan sweater is equally suitable for lounging around on a lazy Sunday or dinner out. One witty reviewer offered these two cents: “So comfy. It’s just like I’m wearing a bathrobe […] Get the sweater in every color. You’ll thank me.”

Available sizes: S – XL

5. This Scoop-Neck Dress That’s Basically A Blank Canvas

With its classic design and soft modal-cotton blend, this T-shirt dress makes a great go-to. The subtle design essentially turns it into a blank canvas, so you can dress it up or down. This dress is available in seven great colors, and it’s machine washable.

Available sizes: XS – XXL

6. This Lightweight Cardigan That Comes In 20+ Colors

This long cardigan is soft, comfy, and great for throwing on over pretty much any outfit. Made from polyester, this light cardigan also has a bit of spandex for a little stretch, and it’s available in an assortment of more than 20 awesome colors and prints.

Available sizes: 4 – 26

7. This Fuzzy Hoodie Made With Cotton

A chill in the air will no doubt have you reaching for this fuzzy hoodie time and again. This loose pullover features a 1/4 zip-up collar, two cozy pockets, and it’s available in six great colors.

Available sizes: S – XXL

8. This Knit Midi Dress That’s Perfect For Layering

No doubt, the versatile style of this cozy knit midi dress will turn it into your favorite go-to before long. This dress can be styled and layered to your heart’s content, and it’s available in six colors. It’s machine washable to boot.

Available sizes: XS – XXL

9. This T-Shirt That Can Be Dressed Up Or Down

This crewneck T-shirt is made of 100% polyester, and it’s lightweight, breathable, and available in 10 great patterns. “This shirt can easily be dressed up for work with a skirt, pants, and a wedge/heel. It would also be cute with a pair of blue jeans and flats for “casual Friday,” commented one helpful reviewer.

Available sizes: S – XXL

10. This Long-Sleeve Dress That Feels Like Pajamas

This long-sleeve V-neck dress features a flared silhouette that effortlessly goes from day to night. "Loved the fit. This jersey knit feels like comfortable pajamas," one customer raved. The rayon and spandex fabrication drapes beautifully, and the back hem is dropped a tad of style. This dress is machine washable, and you can choose from awesome colors like chocolate brown, deep red, and cypress green.

Available sizes: 1X – 6X

11. This Comfy T-Shirt Dress In Tons Of Fun Prints

This T-shirt dress is an easy answer any day of the week. The swing style can be worn alone or paired with leggings or boots. What’s more, this dress comes in solid colors as well as patterns, from camo to florals.

Available sizes: S – 3XL

12. These Yoga Pants With A Secret Pocket

These yoga pants are a perfect choice for working out or lounging. They feature a high waist (with a hidden pocket), and they’re thick enough to not be see-through. Even better, they’re machine washable, and you can choose from several colors and patterns.

Available sizes: XS – 3X

13. These Snug But Stretchy Biker Shorts

These cotton-spandex blend biker shorts are snug yet stretchy and they’ve garnered thousands of glowing amazing reviews. Plus, with a price tag that’s less than $10, they’re a total steal.

Available sizes: S – XXL

14. This Bra That Feels Like It’s Barely There

For those days when don’t want to wear a bra, but you do want a little support — this stretchy, seamless, wire-free bra is the next best thing to being braless.

Available sizes: S – XXL

15. This Cult-Favorite Maxi Dress With 13,000+ 5-Star Reviews

With over 13,000 five-star reviews, this loose-fitting maxi dress is the epitome of laid-back casual but works for more dressed-up events, too. Plus, it comes in a ton of great colors and patterns. One reviewer noted: “Love this dress. Super comfy casual, received a ton of compliments. It’s large, in a good flowy way.”

Available sizes: XS – XXL

16. This Chunky Turtleneck That’s Not Scratchy At All

Sweaters can be uncomfortable, but not this chunky sweater with a stylish asymmetric hem. "The material is soft, no tank top is needed but that will keep you warmer in the winter," one customer raved. Although lightweight, this sweater is still plenty warm. Choose from 18 dynamite colors.

Available sizes: XS – XL

17. A V-Neck Top That Works For All Seasons

With batwing sleeves and a crossover wrap styling, this V-neck top is plenty chic for any plans you’ve got for the day. This top is made from a soft cotton knit, so it’s not too clingy, still stretchy, and you can choose from 13 vibrant colors.

Available sizes: 16 – 28W

18. These Culotte Pants That Feel Like Sweats

These comfy knit culottes look like pants but wear like sweats. The drawstring closure ensures a good fit, and these culottes are machine washable. Choose from five colors.

Available sizes: XS – XXL

19. A Polished Jumpsuit You Can Wear Out & About

This rayon and spandex jumpsuit is lightweight, stretchy, and polished enough to wear anywhere and everywhere. Dress it up or dress it down, wear it with flats or sandals, the possibilities are endless. What’s more, the elastic waistband allows for a comfy fit, and the hidden pockets are large enough to hold your phone.

Available sizes: S – XL

20. These Leggings With A Stylish Pattern

These leggings are a fun update on classic yoga pants, and are made from a lightweight polyester-elastane blend with an elasticized waistband allows for a comfy fit. They are moisture-wicking to keep you comfy while you’re working out, and you can easily toss them in the washing machine.

Available sizes: XS – XL

21. These Wide-Leg Jeans With Serious Stretch

With classic denim, five-pocket styling, and a wide cropped leg, you’ll undoubtedly be reaching for these jeans every day. The button-fly closure and raw edge round out the list of great style features on these wide-leg jeans, and even better, you can choose from six great washes.

Available sizes: 00 – 14

22. This Chic Jumpsuit For A Great All-In-One Look

This chic jumpsuit features spaghetti straps and wide-leg pants making it a no-sweat pick for any day or any event. The elasticized waistband offers a comfortable fit, and side pockets keep all of your essentials at hand. Even better, this jumpsuit is available in a slew of great colors and patterns.

Available sizes: S – XL

23. This Body-Con Dress With Plenty Of Stretch

Made from soft polyester-cotton blend, this ruched dress has plenty of stretch to keep things comfy. The criss-cross hem offers plenty of interest, and it’s available in a slew of vibrant colors.

Available sizes: S – XL

24. This Romper With A Halter Neck You Can Dress Up Or Down

With a halter neck and keyhole back, this sharp romper is anything but boring. The elastic waist keeps things comfortable, plus the material is soft and breathable. Choose from solid colors or fun tie-dye-inspired prints.

Available sizes: S – XL

25. These Cropped Leggings That Are Extra Soft & Comfy

Made from a polyamide-elastane blend, these cropped leggings for working out or lounging are so soft and comfy, it has reviewers raving that they’re the "best leggings." These also feature a pocket, are machine washable, and available in 13 colors.

Available sizes: XS – 3X

26. This A-Line Dress In 20+ Colors

With soft, comfortable material and a relaxed fit, this A-line dress works equally well on a lazy Sunday or dinner out. This dress falls at the mid-calf and has elegant pleating down the front. It comes in 28 stunning colors.

Available sizes: S – XXL

27. This Loungewear Set You’ll Want To Wear On Repeat

"This is the most comfortable loungewear that I own," one shopper raves on Amazon. Made with soft, stretchy fabric, this loungewear set comes with a top and shorts. The shorts feature a drawstring, elasticized waistband for a comfy fit, and it’s available in several colors and patterns.

Available sizes: S – XL

28. These Yoga Pants With A Bootcut Flare

These bootcut yoga pants offer up all the comfort of yoga pants, but feature a flare at the calves. The four-way stretch makes it comfy enough for downward facing dog, but they can double as streetwear, too. Plus, you get slant pockets and can choose from 11 colors.

Available sizes: XS – XXL

29. This Maxi Dress That’s Lightweight & Versatile

This stylish maxi dress features short sleeves and a surplice neckline, and is as comfy as it is stylish. Made from viscose fabric, this dress is lightweight and endlessly versatile. Choose from four gorgeous colors and patterns.

Available sizes: 1X – 6X

30. This Stylish Update On A Sweatshirt

This rayon crop top is super soft and is a great alternative to a standard sweatshirt. It’s designed with thumb holes, so it’ll make a great go-to for your next workout, and has earned hundreds of five-star reviews on Amazon. One reviewer shared: “The material is super soft – it feels like lulu lemon’s brushed cotton sweats.”

Available sizes: S – XL

31. This Hoodie Dress That’s Like Wearing A Blanket

This maxi hoodie dress is like a cozy blanket you can wear. The cotton and polyester construction make it soft and breathable, and kangaroo pockets and a hood offer some next-level comfort and warmth. Choose from six colors.

Available sizes: S – XXL

32. This Tracksuit Nobody Will Know Is Loungewear

Loungewear never looked so good. Crafted from cozy polyester, this knit tracksuit features a loose pullover top, athletic pants with a drawstring and side pockets, and you can choose from nine vibrant colors.

Available sizes: S – XXL

33. This Cropped Hoodie That’s Available In 18 Fantastic Colors

Nothing says lazy Sunday like a cropped faux fur hoodie, so you may want to grab one of these before your next one rolls around. This fur hoodie features a dropped shoulder and a cozy hood. It’s available in 18 fantastic colors from black to wine red.

Available sizes: S – XL

34. This Maxi Dress In Show-Stopping Prints

Made from 100% polyester, this maxi dress is loose-fitting, high on style, and available in more than a dozen versions from tie-dye to florals to stripes to solids. What’s more, this dress features side pockets that has reviewers raving "Omg you need this. Soft but thicker fabric that feels nicer in quality than another similar one I bought."

Available sizes: 14 – 26

35. These Camis With Built-In Shelf Bras

These cotton camis feature a built-in shelf bra, with an elastic band for light support so you might just skip the separate bra for the day. The adjustable straps ensure a customized and comfortable fit, and you can choose from several color combinations. One user commented: “I love these! Excellent value, well made, comfortable, the length is very good.”

Available sizes: S – XXL

36. These Drawstring Shorts That Can Double As Sleepwear

If you’re looking for shorts that are soft, comfy, and casual, consider these drawstring shorts. These shorts feature an elasticized waist, side pockets, and you can choose from four colors.

Available sizes: S – XXL

37. This Oversize Cardigan That’s Like "Being Wrapped In A Little Cloud"

This oversize cardigan is big on style and big on comfort. "I can wrap up in this so easily and it’s like being wrapped in a little cloud," one customer raved. This hoodie features two big pockets, a cozy hood, and dolman sleeves. Even better, it’s machine washable and available in a ton of colors.

Available sizes: S – XXL

38. These Stretchy Palazzo Pants That Work For Any Situation

These palazzo pants can be dressed up or down while remaining stretchy and super comfy. These pants are thin enough to be light and comfortable, they’re not see-through, and they provide ample coverage to wear around town. These palazzo pants are machine washable and available in several colors and fun patterns.

Available sizes: S – 3XL

39. These $10 Cotton Shorts That Are Breathable & Comfy

These pull-on cotton jersey shorts couldn’t be easier to throw on, and since they’re made of 100% cotton, they’re so breathable you might just never want to take them off. The wide waistband has a drawstring and spacious front pockets. Choose from four colors.

Available sizes: 1X – 5X

40. This Cropped Hoodie For Working Out Or Lounging

Made from a comfy cotton blend, this cropped hoodie comes in three classic colors including black and gray. "It is very lightweight. But I love it! I wear it with my workout clothes," one customer wrote.

Available sizes: S – L

41. This Clever Take On Sweatpants

"These sweat pants are one of the most comfortable pairs I have every worn. I might look into a few more back up pairs," wrote one fan. The soft fabric, straight leg, and cropped hem keep these lounge pants laid-back and cool. Choose between five colors from classic black to fun fig.

Available sizes: XS – XXL

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Beauty and Fashion

Golde’s Trinity Mouzon Wofford Wants To Level The Playing Field For Women Entrepreneurs

Trinity Mouzon Wofford’s interest in health and wellness has always been organic. Growing up in a small town in Upstate New York, Mouzon Wofford was entrenched in what she describes as the “crunchy granola life,” and that the wellness she experienced was simply a casual way of living.

“It was just the norm in my world and there were no labels, no one was vegan or anything like that, but there was always a lot of thoughtfulness around what you were putting into your body and how that related back to your health,” Mouzon Wofford says. “It was just the norm to be drinking cod liver oil every day and eating almond butter instead of peanut butter. That was just what I grew up on.”

As she grew up, Mouzon Wofford could see the concept of wellness growing into big business. Yet even with tons of options — from social media-ready fad workouts to trendy diets — Mouzon Wofford felt there was something missing. While she had initially planned to become a doctor with a focus on holistic health, she instead ended up in marketing which simultaneously led her to launching her own brand in 2017, alongside her fiancé.

“I was seeking out ways to make wellness more accessible and approachable. So while in some ways the actual career path felt like a jump, the mission has always been consistent. I was looking at my experiences as a consumer and in wellness and felt caught in between that crunchy granola stuff that I grew up with and then this next wave of more prestige offerings that didn’t entirely resonate with me, and that I certainly couldn’t afford,” Mouzon Wofford says. “So the idea was really born from that passion and those experiences, and understanding that we could do something better in the wellness space.”

What started as Mouzon Wofford making and selling a single affordable multipurpose turmeric powder evolved into Golde, a brand dedicated to making wellness easy, accessible, and fun for all. The first turmeric powder served as a launchpad for Golde to tap into different creative recipes, from smoothies and lattes to bread and pancakes. It also led to partnerships with New York-based restaurants and cafes that wanted to incorporate turmeric in their menu offerings.

“So much of that creativity comes from our community but I think the beauty of designing products that are high quality and natural is that people want to integrate them into their lives. They want to have the ability to do something simple like throwing the products into a smoothie or morning coffee, but also want the opportunity to get creative with it and build their own fun self-care routine, and I think that’s like the whole joy of it,” says Mouzon Wofford.

Golde’s range of products has expanded to include other superfood tonic blends such as matcha and cacao in addition to face masks and detox kits. In April 2019, after just two years in business, Mouzon Wofford became the youngest Black woman to launch a line of products in Sephora. Other stockists include Madewell, The Wing, Goop, and Urban Outfitters. Mouzon Wofford has even hinted at a major retail launch in 2021 but can’t disclose too much more information on that front just yet. For now, Golde is still a self-funded enterprise, but that doesn’t mean investors haven’t taken notice.

“I’m obsessed with leveling the playing field. That’s my mission when it comes to building this business and making sure that wellness is accessible to more people,” says Mouzon Wofford. “But it’s also my mission – when thinking about my legacy as an entrepreneur – to ensure that more young people who look like me can build businesses and have the resources to do so. I think creating that sense of transparency and accessibility is critical.”

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