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Shark attack in Australia kills 55-year-old man, marks 8th fatality this year

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A 55-year-old man has died after being attacked by a shark in Western Australia, the eighth fatality in the country this year.

Police were called to Cable Beach, a popular tourist spot on Australia's Indian Ocean coast, at about 8.40 a.m. local time on Sunday.

The man was pulled from the water with serious injuries and treated by police before paramedics arrived. He died at the scene, police said.


This aerial photo shows Cable Beach and the town of Broome, Western Australia, on June 24, 2014. A 55-year-old man died Sunday, Nov. 22, 2020 after being attacked by a shark off Cable Beach, a popular tourist spot on Australia’s Indian Ocean coast, the eighth fatality in the country this year. (Kim Christian/AAP Image via AP)

Local media reports said the man was bitten on the upper thigh and hand.

The species of shark involved in the attack is not known.

Park rangers immediately closed the beach and a fishing vessel was assigned to patrol the area.

The toll of eight fatalities in shark attacks this year is Australia's highest since 1929, when nine died, according to The Associated Press.

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Man savaged to death by shark while bodyboarding at popular tourist hotspot in Australia

A BODYBOARDER has been savaged to death today at a tourist hotspot in Australia – in the eighth shark-related death in the country this year.

A couple spotted thrashing in the water and ran to help the man as he was being attacked by a 12ft predator at Cable Beach in Broome, Western Australia.

They bravely entered the water and dragged the bloody victim onto the beach an then called the emergency services.

CPR was carried out by police officers at the scene but the man – who was in his 50s – could not be saved.

Authorities are still hunting for the predator after attempts to shoot it proved unsuccessful.

The deadly attack occurred approximately one mile north of Cable Beach Surf Club at 8.45am local time.

Local media reports said the man was bitten on the upper thigh and hand.

Park rangers immediately closed the beach and a fishing vessel was assigned to patrol the local area.

The man was the eighth to die in a shark attack in Australia this year, the highest toll since 1929 when nine died.

Kimberley District Office Police Inspector Gene Pears praised the heroic actions of the couple who tried to save the man.

"[They] retrieved the injured man from the water and dragged him to the beach and called police and an ambulance," he said.

"I commend them for their actions. Obviously that would have been pretty horrific for those people and [it was] very brave to enter the water and do what they did."

He went on to tell how the attack had shocked the local community.

"It's a tragic incident, very unexpected, a person going out to have a bit of fun in the water," he said.

"It's tragic for the family, friends and people of Broome. We've had a hard year, with some incidents up here.

"At the same time, this is when communities like Broome shine. We'll pull together … and try and recover from what is a very sad day."

He said there had been crocodiles and irukandji (jellyfish) in the water, but a shark attack was most unexpected.

He said the water was very murky and the type of shark responsible for the attack had not been confirmed.

However, Broome is renowned for great fishing and recreational fishers regularly encounter sharks – including tiger and bull sharks.

Local Francesca Rossi said she heard the tragic news from a local ranger after seeing and hearing police cars swarm the area.

"A ranger told me what happened and that the beach was closed," she told the Sydney Morning Herald.

"I heard it was a 55-year-old man, swimming alone and that he'd been bitten on his thigh and lost his hand, but unfortunately died. It's very sad."

It has been just six weeks since the last fatal shark attack off the WA coast when surfer Andrew Sharps disappeared on October 9.

Authorities believe he was taken by a shark after widespread reports of a sighting at Wylie Beach in Esperance.

Despite a three-day search, his body was never found however is surfboard and parts of his wetsuit were later recovered.

WA Premier Mark McGowan expressed his sympathy for the family of the latest shark victim.

"It's a traumatic and unexpected event and so I'd just like to pass all of our thoughts on to the people who love the man who has passed away," he said.

"Can I thank all of those people who attempted to rescue the man in the surf. "[It's a] very, very sad day for Broome."

Experts insist shark attacks remain rare and the figures are roughly in line with previous numbers over the last decade.

Shark warnings have been issued across Australia this year – with at least two mass closures of beaches over fears of circling great whites.






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Hungry shark rips into a sailfish head just feet away from divers

Jaws-ome encounter: Hungry 15ft shark rips into a sailfish head just feet away from scuba divers

This is the shocking moment a hungry 15ft shark devours a sailfish just a few feet away of a stunned group of scuba divers.  

Captain Mohamed Shamoon Ameen was off the coast of the Maldives in a harbour called Fuvahmulah, when he captured the close up encounter.    

The footage shows the female tiger shark munching down on the sailfish head right next to the divers.

In a bid to give his customers a front row experience, Mr Ameen leads the divers to where the sharks go to eat their favourite food. 

After diving for over 22 years he has tried various different fish in order to get the attention of the sharks but found that sail fish heads provide the best result.  

He said, ‘I believe the sailfish are the tiger sharks favourites, or at the very least this one seen in the video.

‘The shark is called Sara and she’s a part of about 20 sharks in the area who also have names.’  

The female tiger shark was captured devouring a sailfish off the coast of the Maldives in a harbour called Fuvahmulah

The hungry 15ft shark was just a few feet away from the stunned divers

The divers watched  as the shark  was munching on a sailfish head

Tiger sharks are named for the dark, vertical stripes that are mainly found on juvenile sharks.  

They are common in tropical and sub-tropical waters throughout the world. 

They can grow to as much as 20 to 25 feet in length and weigh more than 1,900 pounds. 

Although they have a reputation as man-eaters, they are second only to great whites in frequency of attacks on people. 

They are less likely to let go after biting a human as their palates are near completely undiscerning. 

Scavengers by nature, tiger sharks have an almost limitless menu of diet items including fish, seals, birds and dolphins 

They have sharp, teeth and powerful jaws that allow them to crack the shells on sea turtles and clams.   

They are listed as near-threatened.  

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