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Bude Post Office praised for touching Christmas advert ‘better than John Lewis’

A local post office in Cornwall has received high praise for its emotional Christmas advert, with fans of the short film saying that it’s ‘better than John Lewis’.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve witnessed big brands go head to head in a bid to launch festive campaigns that are as moving as they are memorable.

From Coca-Cola’s Christmas advert about a man’s desperate journey back home to his family to Amazon’s story of a young ballerina whose performance is cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, several companies have succeeded in catching us in the feels.

But some believe that one of this year’s best adverts comes from Bude Post Office, the local business’s short film telling the tale of two young girls unable to spend time with their grandmother due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

The film opens with two young girls waving to their grandmother as they make their way to school, the gates located close to her front door.

After school, they rush to their grandmother’s house, where they bake together, blowing flour into the air as they mess around in the kitchen.

On a different day after school, the young girls are taken by their grandmother to the playground, while on another occasion, they play cards together at home.

However, following the closure of schools across England, the sisters have to remain at home, unable to see their grandmother as they usually would.

As the elderly woman is filmed looking forlornly out of the window, the sisters are shown sitting at home, seemingly bored without their grandmother’s company.

So their mother encourages them to write a letter to their grandmother, which helps to lift her spirits before she’s able to see her grandchildren in person again.

The short film ends with the tagline: ‘You’re never alone. From all of us at Bude Post Office.’

Since being shared on Facebook by the post office earlier this month, the video has garnered hundreds of reactions and comments, with numerous people praising the post office for its stirring advert.

‘Amazing! Crying my eyes out now! Well done Bude Post Office!’ one person said.

‘Love this. Best Christmas ad seen this year yet!’ another viewer said.

Someone else wrote that the short film made her cry, stating: ‘I’m a grandma too and miss being able to do those little things during this dreadful pandemic.’

‘Better than John Lewis any day,’ another Facebook user remarked.

Several people also thanked the workers of Bude Post Office for supporting the local community.

‘You really are an amazing post office. Such lovely people. Very helpful and caring,’ one person said.

‘Thank you for all you do for the local community. You are amazing!!’ another wrote.

The post office wrote a comment underneath the advert on Facebook saying that they were ‘overwhelmed’ by the support and views the short film has received.

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Can I just skip my lame office Zoom holiday party?

My boss is holding a virtual holiday party where we are supposed to wear an ugly sweater. He also wants us to do some stupid white elephant game by sending a gift to his assistant, who will then send them out to a random member of the team. I am Zoomed out, and this forced merriment might just push me over the edge. Do I have to participate?

Sounds like someone needs to watch “It’s a Wonderful Life.” Listen, George Bailey, we are all Zoomed out and want to say goodbye to 2020 as fast as possible. In theory, you don’t have to do anything that you don’t want to do, but sometimes, it helps to just be silly with family, friends and, yes, even your colleagues, to help ease the tension and stress of daily life.

Maybe you don’t go out and buy one of those sweaters designed to win an ugly contest — or maybe you already have one in your closet that you didn’t mean to enter into a contest but would be a strong competitor anyway — but play along. And do the stupid white elephant game, too. It’s better than having to figure out the perfect real gift for someone at work. Now, that is stressful.

Can my employer restrict my travel plans this holiday season?

The government can restrict travel, and some government officials are trying to tell us how many family members we can celebrate Thanksgiving with. They are also urging that you don’t sing or shout. (Have they ever been to an Italian family gathering?)

Employers have to tread far more carefully. They can recommend that staff avoid travel and require employees to report any personal travel plans, given the workplace impact with possible infections, exposures and quarantines.

They can also require compliance with any current CDC travel restrictions.

However, restricting any personal travel beyond what the government mandates is unchartered territory, so it’s highly unlikely to be strictly prohibited.

Gregory Giangrande has over 25 years of experience as a chief human resources executive. E-mail your questions to [email protected] Follow Greg on Twitter: @greggiangrande and at, dedicated to helping New Yorkers get back to work.

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Office worker jailed for four years after spiking colleague's coffee

Italian office worker, 53, is jailed for four years after spiking her colleague’s cappuccino with a tranquilliser for NINE MONTHS in the hopes her drowsiness would get her sacked

  • Mariangela Cerrato, 53, slipped Benzodiazepine into her colleague’s coffee 
  • She’d heard rumour of lay-offs at their office in Bra, Piedmont 
  • Her victim realised something was wrong when she drove into tree after work 
  • She later kept a sample of cappuccino which was tested and police were called 

An Italian office worker who spiked a colleague’s cappuccino with a tranquilliser for nine months in the hopes her drowsiness would get her sacked has been jailed for four years.

Mariangela Cerrato, 53, slipped Benzodiazepine powder into the unnamed co-worker’s coffee when doing the daily coffee run at their insurance company in Bra, Piedmont.

Cerrato had heard a rumour that there were going to be staff cuts and so she targeted the unnamed woman because she did a similar job to hers with the drug, marketed variously as Valium or Xanax.

The victim realised something was seriously wrong when she drove into a tree on her way back from work, although doctors could find nothing at first.

Mariangela Cerrato, 53, slipped Benzodiazepine powder into her unnamed co-worker’s coffee for nine months when doing the daily coffee run at their insurance company in Bra, Piedmont (stock image)

‘The drug induces fatigue, headaches, dizziness and muscular pain and my client’s work rate slowed after she drank the cappuccinos,’ Cristiano Burdese, lawyer for the victim told La Stampa newspaper.

The woman suspected her coffee was to blame after a period off work when she suffered no symptoms.

Upon her return to the office, her suspicions grew stronger when Cerrato urged her to have a coffee.

‘Come on, I will bring you a cappuccino, what harm can it do you?’ Cerrato was said to have told the victim.

She finally accepted Cerrato’s offer but kept a sample of the cappuccino which was later tested and found to contain an ‘extremely high’ dose of Benzodiazepine.

The police were alerted who went on to secretly film Cerrato buying coffees for her colleagues and unloading a powder into the victim’s cup.

Cerrato continues to deny that she spiked her colleague’s drink and is appealing the conviction.

‘Our client is extremely worried by this serious sentence,’ her lawyer, Alberto Pantosti, said. ‘She has always denied the accusation and cannot understand how this absurd story is ruining her life.’

At the trial, Cerrato’s former manager told the court that her belief that she might be laid off was misplaced and that at the time in 2017, the company was actually on a recruitment drive. 

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