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Former NYC Ballet dancer claims ex-girlfriend used lawsuit to bolster career

A former New York City Ballet principal dancer claims his ex-girlfriend’s bombshell lawsuit alleging he shared revenge porn was no more than a publicity stunt to bolster her modeling career, according to new court papers.

Chase Finlay — who was sued by student-dancer Alexandra Waterbury in September 2018 — also claims that Waterbury attacked him three times in jealous rages during their sporadic two-year relationship, according to Manhattan Supreme court papers filed Friday.

Since filing suit, Waterbury “has maligned Mr. Finlay and made numerous malicious, false and/or misleading statements about him to the public both in the press and on social media to promote her own career ambitions,” the court papers allege.

Finlay says that the pair’s relationship — which spanned 2016 through 2018 — was “marked by jealously and an excessive use of alcohol by both individuals,” which escalated to her hitting him on three occasions — May 13, 2017, Nov. 22, 2017 and Jan. 30, 2018, the court documents claim.

One of the alleged attacks left Finlay with a black eye, the court papers allege.

Then after Waterbury discovered that Finlay had sent racy pictures of her to other NYCB dancers she began demanding money from him and at least one other person in exchange for keeping quiet about the incident, the filings allege.

“I’m sure city ballet would looooooove this,” Waterbury allegedly texted Finlay on May 25, 2018 as she demanded a $20,000 payment, the court papers claim.

And despite Finlay asking Waterbury to return the keys to his apartment that same day, she used them to enter his place and take some 200-pages worth of screen shots from his computer without his permission, the court documents allege.

Waterbury eventually dropped her demand for the payment from Finlay and others, bragging to another dancer that with a lawsuit she “‘would win a lot’ of money because the NYCB had insurance companies that would pay her and the NYCB was worth a half a billion dollars,” the court papers claim.

While Waterbury did sue the Ballet company and three other men, a judge has since tossed out those claims leaving only one claim against Finlay for sending the pictures.

Finlay also claims that Waterbury and her legal team lied about the pair’s age gap — claiming he was 29 rather than 26 while she was 19 — “in an apparent effort to make the difference in their ages greater than they appear and sensationalize this lawsuit,” the court filings charge.

Finlay is asking a judge to dismiss Waterbury’s case and grant him unspecified damages against her.

Finlay resigned in the wake of the scandal in 2018 and hasn’t danced professionally since, the court papers say.

“It is unfortunate that after all that he has done to Ms. Waterbury, as alleged in the complaint, that Mr. Finlay has engaged in this type of conduct,” Waterbury’s lawyer Jordan Merson told The Post. “The counterclaims are baseless, retaliatory and we are confident that they will be dismissed.”

“Ms. Waterbury will not be intimidated and she will continue to fight to protect herself and others from enduring a similar fate,” Merson said.

Finlay’s lawyer declined to comment.

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Former Tesco worker confesses to friends how he strangled neighbour

‘I shoved a tie round his neck and strangled him’: Chilling moment Tesco worker confesses to friends how he murdered neighbour before dumping body in river as he is jailed for life

  • David Roustoby, of York, strangled neighbour David Clarke, 43, with a tie in 2007
  • He made confession to friends Colin and Kirsty Easthope at their home in 2019
  • Captured on CCTV, the recording revealed details only known to police at time; Roustoby claimed his confession was a ‘fantasy’ to impress friends
  • Roustoby, 45, was sentenced to life in prison at York Crown Court on Monday

An extraordinary ‘confession’ made by a killer who thought he had got away with murder for 13 years – which was recorded on CCTV – has been released. 

Former Tesco worker David Roustoby, 45, from York, told friends Colin and Kirsty Easthope that he had killed neighbour David Clarke – saying he ‘shoved a tie round his neck and strangled him’.

The conversation was recorded on CCTV at the couple’s home in 2019 and was played during the trial.

In the confession, Roustoby can be heard telling the couple he had killed 43-year-old Mr Clarke ‘because he was a nonce’.

An extraordinary ‘confession’ made by a killer who thought he had got away with murder for 13 years – which was recorded on CCTV – has been released. Former Tesco worker David Roustoby (above), from York, told friends Colin and Kirsty Easthope that he had killed neighbour David Clarke

The conversation was recorded on CCTV at the Easthopes’ home in 2019 and was played during the trial. In the confession, Roustoby, 45, can be heard telling the couple he had killed 43-year-old Mr Clarke (pictured) ‘because he was a nonce’ – and that he ‘shoved a tie round his neck and strangled him’

In the footage, which David Roustoby called a ‘fantasty’ to impress friends, he said he ‘shoved him [Mr Clarke] in the car, took him up to Towthorpe, dumped him in the f***ing river. That were it, job done.’ Above, the River Foss, where Mr Clarke’s body was found in April 2007

He added: ‘He came into my flat, I sat him down, plied him with drink, went up to his flat, got his f***ing medication out of his drawer.

‘Got a load of his drugs, crushed them all up, shoved them in his f***ing drink, got him high as a kite, shoved a tie round his neck and strangled him.

‘Shoved him in the car, took him up to Towthorpe, dumped him in the f***ing river. That were it, job done.’

Roustoby admitted to plying Mr Clarke, who lived in the flat above him, with alcohol and prescribed medication and strangling his victim with a tie.

He said he got his then girlfriend Sharon Houlden, 50, to drive Mr Clarke’s lifeless body to Haxby where it was dumped in the River Foss.

Roustoby later claimed in his defence that this was a fantasy confession, concocted to impress his friends.

However, in the recording he revealed details only known at the time to police.

Roustoby’s then-girlfriend Sharron Houlden (pictured), 50, of York, admitted using her red Ford Fiesta to help him move Mr Clarke’s lifeless body to the river before reporting the car as stolen. She was sentenced to two years and eight months’ imprisonment after pleading guilty to assisting an offender on September 2

Roustoby was sentenced to life in prison at York Crown Court, sitting in Leeds, on Monday following a seven-day trial.

On April 18, 2007, a retired doctor reported to police that he had found a fully clothed body floating face down in the River Foss while he was walking his dog.

The man was identified as then 43-year-old David Clarke, who lived four and a half miles away in York.

At the inquest back in 2007, the coroner ruled that Mr Clarke had died by drowning, with alcohol intoxication a contributing factor.

The court heard how Mr Clarke had an alcohol problem and suffered from depression.

The pathologist at the time concluded that the circumstances were consistent with drowning and found that Mr Clarke had been heavily intoxicated.

But the jury at York Crown Court this week was asked to consider the likelihood of a heavily intoxicated man walking four and a half miles from York to Haxby – a journey that would have taken over an hour on foot, before accidentally or deliberately drowning in the river.

David Roustoby admitted to plying Mr Clarke, who lived in the flat above him (pictured), with alcohol and prescribed medication and strangling his victim with a tie. Roustoby was sentenced to life in prison at York Crown Court, sitting in Leeds, on Monday following a seven-day trial

Messages recovered from Mr Clarke’s SIM card confirmed that Roustoby was the last person to see him alive.

The court heard how Sharon Houlden had reported her car stolen to the police two days after the murder, and it was found burned out a short distance away.

They also heard how, some time before the murder, the defendant had reported to the police that Mr Clarke had threatened him with a gun.

On October 15, the jury took three hours to find David Roustoby guilty of the murder of David Clarke.

Claire Harris from the CPS said: ‘For 13 years David Roustoby believed he had literally got away with murder. When confronted with his CCTV confession, he claimed that he was trying to impress his friends; that it was all fantasy.

‘This was a lie. After listening to the evidence at trial, the jury agreed with the case put before them by the CPS. David Clarke’s death was neither accident nor suicide.

‘Roustoby had indeed plied Mr Clarke with alcohol and drugs; strangled him, and dumped his body in the Foss, exactly as he claimed in his confession.

‘Justice has now been served and Roustoby is now serving a life sentence with a minimum term of 19 years.’

Sharron Houlden, 50, of York, admitted using her red Ford Fiesta to help him move Mr Clarke’s lifeless body to the river before reporting the car as stolen.

She was sentenced to two years and eight months’ imprisonment (minus the time she has already spent in custody) after pleading guilty to assisting an offender on September 2. 

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Former TK Maxx employee reveals the secrets of the chain

How to hack your TK Maxx shop: Former employee reveals the best time to bag a discount but warns off cheeky shoppers who try to switch the price tags around

  • Dale O’Keeffe, from Birmingham, lifted the lid on all the retailer chain’s secrets 
  • Father-of-two has amassed 66,700 likes sharing clips about the store on TikTok
  • Advised when exactly to get the best deals on clothes and never to swap tags  
  • Revealed that staff can often find urine and vomit in the store’s changing rooms

A former employee has lifted the lid on what it’s really like to work at TX Maxx, and has shared his hacks for customers to make their money go even further while shopping at the discount store.  

Dale O’Keeffe, from Birmingham, has racked up 66,700 likes by sharing clips about the retailer on TikTok, including when to bag a bargain in the sales, and some of grim challenges faced by staff. 

The father-of-two warned thieves that staff will definitely have their eye on them, and why you may not be as clever as you think by swapping the item’s tag for a cheaper one. 

Dale O’Keeffe, from Birmingham, has racked up 66.7K likes and over 2,000 followers sharing clips about what it’s like to work for TK Maxx on TikTok

The former employee has lifted the lid on certain challenges faced by employees, and shared some hacks for customers to make their money go even further while shopping at the store

He said that if you’ve got your eye on a certain item, it may be best to hold out a for a few weeks, advising: ‘All items have a six week sell by date. 

‘Which means if it hasn’t been sold in six weeks, it goes into clearance. That’s why you can get the same products at full price as you can in clearance.’ 

If you’ve ever wandered why there’s no make up testers at the store, Dale reveals it’s all down to hygiene, and that if you do open a bottle it has to be thrown away the same date. 

‘There’s no testers for make-up’, he told ‘Once it’s been opened at the end of the day it goes in the bin and that’s for hygiene reasons.’

Father-of-two Dale shared when to bag a bargain in the sales, and some of grim challenges faced by staff. Stock image

Dale also shared some of the unpleasant things he’s experienced during his time at the store, including people rather grimly using the store as a toilet facility. 

He said: ‘This happened all the time, people used to come in and go wee in the fitting rooms. 

‘Wee in a saucepan, once someone weed on a saucepan, put it on the top shelf the another customer picked it up and tipped it on themselves’. 

He also revealed that he’s found ‘sick splattered all over the floor and all over the mirror’, as well as ladies underwear with ‘skid marks, we found this on back of a hanger’ and ladies underwear ‘with the sanitary towel still attached.’  

Dale also shared some of the unpleasant things he’s experienced during his time at the store, including urine and vomit, and that staff have their eyes on thieves at all times 

Dale explained that while some shoppers may think they’re being clever by swapping around the tags for a cheaper alternative, staff already know about the trick and aren’t likely to fall for it. 

‘We absolutely know when you’re trying to con us by switching tickets’, he said. 

‘So when we say “Oh that doesn’t appear to be the right price”, it means we know you switched the tickets and it’s definitely not the right price.’ 

As a matter of fact, it seems the staff have a very close eye on thieves, with Dale revealing: ‘And if someone asks do you need any help, they think you’re stealing or doing something dodgy. They’re just keeping an eye on you basically.’  

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Former Strictly star AJ Pritchard 'happy' to not be involved in new series

Former Strictly Come Dancing professional AJ Pritchard has confessed he’s ‘happy to sit down on the sofa’ to watch this year’s series, rather than participate in it.

The beloved BBC show revealed who each celebrity has been partnered with as it returned to television screens over the weekend, but AJ is pleased he’s not involved this time around.

Joining today’s episode of Lorraine with Christine Lampard with his brother Curtis Pritchard, the star said: ‘I had four fantastic years at Strictly and they were honestly the best moments of my life.

‘[I was] sat on the sofa, appreciating the work from the camera, hair, make-up, wardrobe, and obviously, the professional dancers. They are doing their job, they’re trained to dance, they’re trained to choreograph, Jason’s routines were absolutely amazing…’

‘But let’s be honest, you’re not missing it,’ Curtis chipped in.

Holding his hands up (metaphorically), AJ replied: ‘I was quite happy to sit down on the sofa.’

AJ announced his departure from Strictly in March after four years on the show.

His statement read: ‘After four years on Strictly Come Dancing, AJ has decided the time is right to leave the show and follow his dreams to explore opportunities in the presenting world alongside his brother Curtis.

‘AJ would like to thank the team at Strictly and everyone at the BBC for giving him such a brilliant opportunity.

‘AJ would also like to send his love and gratitude to all who have followed and supported his career. He is excited for you all to join him on the next chapter in his journey.’

The BBC commented at the time: ‘We would like to thanks AJ for four fantastic years on Strictly Come Dancing.

‘He is a brilliant dancer who reached three semi-finals during his time on the show.

‘He will be missed by fans and the Strictly family.We wish him all the best for the future.’

Lorraine airs weekdays from 9am on ITV.

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Former Prime Minister Tony Blair appears to break two week quarantine

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair appears to break two week quarantine rules after being photographed at a London club 10 days after returning from US for White House event

  • Tony Blair, 67, was pictured at Harry’s Bar in London’s Mayfair last month
  • The photographs came less than two weeks after he returned from the US
  • A spokesman said Mr Blair had ‘followed all UK and US guidelines as advised’ 
  • He was invited to an ‘international conference’ at the White House in September 

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair has been accused of breaking the two-week quarantine rules after he was photographed at a London club 10 days after a trip to the US.

Mr Blair, 67, was pictured at Harry’s Bar in London’s Mayfair less than two weeks after returning from a two-day trip to the White House. 

A spokesman for the former prime minister said Mr Blair was invited to an ‘international conference’ because of his ties to the Middle East peace agreement between Israel and the UAE.

He has been accused of ignoring the quarantine rules after a special dispensation from the rules was not awarded to him, according to The Sunday Telegraph.

His spokesman denied the claims and said Mr Blair ‘was told to follow the guidance on international conferences which he did’.

Tony Blair, 67, was pictured at Harry’s Bar in London’s Mayfair less than two weeks after returning from a two-day trip to the White House

Mr Blair was pictured mingling with guests on the South Lawn of the White House on September 14. He held his face mask while posing for photographs

The ‘international conferences’ exemption to the rules applies to ­diplomats, staff at international bodies such as the UN and formal representatives at international conferences who have been ‘granted privileges and immunities’.

But Mr Blair is considered a private ­citizen since he left his role as Middle East envoy in 2015.


His spokesman said: ‘We believe he followed all UK and US government guidelines as advised. 

‘Mr Blair was tested for Covid before departing the UK, on arrival at the White House, when he returned to the UK and has been tested several times since. All tests have been negative. No other meetings were attended.’ 

Elsewhere today: 

  • Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson’s elder brother died of coronavirus, just hours after being taken into intensive care. The city is currently under Level 3 restrictions, having one of the highest infection rates in the country
  • London’s hospitality sector warned profits were 85 per cent down during the first daytime trading session of Tier 2 lockdown, though drinkers emerged on to the city streets in the evening
  • Tony Blair denied breaching coronavirus isolation rules after returning from a trip to Washington DC 
  • The House of Commons admitted breaching curfew by allowing MPs to drink in bars after-hours, but wouldn’t say whether Health Secretary Matt Hancock was in attendance
  • Coronavirus cases continued to rise across Europe with countries hitting record one-day totals as lockdown-free Sweden said it is considering putting local measures in place 

David Jones, a Conservative member of Parliament’s public administration committee, told the newspaper ‘it sets an appalling example to travellers if a former prime minister appears to flout the rules’.

Mr Blair was pictured mingling with guests on the South Lawn of the White House on September 14. He held his face mask while posing for photographs.

Returning to the UK on September 16, Mr Blair reportedly travelled by private jet on the £7,000-an-hour Falcon 7X.

He is believed to have had with him a team of Scotland Yard protection officers – paid for by the British taxpayer. 

Ten days after his return, on September 26, he was pictured leaving ‘one of the most elegant and sophisticated private members’ clubs in London’.

Those failing to follow the rules on self-isolation could be liable for a £1,000 fine, or potential prosecution.

Blair praises new Labour leader Keir Starmer for making party ‘competitive’ again after Corbyn

Sir Keir Starmer has returned Labour to being a ‘politically competitive’ party which is in a position to win a general election, Tony Blair says.

The former Labour leader and prime minister praised his successor’s performance in the three months since he won the contest to replace Jeremy Corbyn.

Mr Blair told the PA news agency: ‘Keir is doing a good job – a very good job actually – and I think he has put Labour back on the map. He has made them competitive again.

‘He will know and we all know that there’s a long way to go before a general election and many things to be done.

‘But in these months since he has become the leader, he has I think completely changed the image certainly of the Labour leadership amongst the public and he deserves respect and admiration for that.’

Asked if Sir Keir had made Labour a party that can win again, the former prime minister said: ‘He has put it in a position where it can.

‘There are a whole set of questions around policy and so on that in time I’m sure and know he will come to.

‘But has he made it politically competitive again which it hasn’t really been for quite a long period of time? Yes – and that is a huge step forward for the Labour Party.’

Labour has failed to win a general election since Mr Blair left office in 2007, with Gordon Brown, Ed Miliband and Jeremy Corbyn all failing to secure majorities.

A Foreign Office spokesman said: ‘The FCDO provides travel exemptions to diplomats travelling on business relating to the interests of the UK, ­representatives of international organisations, and their families and dependants. Those issued an exemption will not need to self-isolate.’

As of last month, police forces have only issued 38 fines from over 4,000 referrals from public health authorities.

The story emerged as Britain recorded its highest number of coronavirus deaths in four months after another 150 victims were announced.

Department of Health statistics show the grim milestone hasn’t been reached since June 10 when 164 lab-confirmed coronavirus deaths were announced.

It is also a surge of 85 per cent compared to last Saturday, when 81 deaths were registered, and a rise of 16 from yesterday’s toll of 136 victims.

Health chiefs today posted another 16,171 cases, up only six per cent on the figure recorded last Saturday (15,166), in a sign that the UK’s coronavirus outbreak may be beginning to slow. 

As many as 15,650 more positive tests were added to the tally yesterday.

Although still rising, the number of deaths from the virus remains miles off the levels seen at the height of the pandemic when more than 1,000 were being registered every day at the beginning of April. 

More than half the population are also living under tightened coronavirus restrictions – with London entering tier two curbs and Lancashire joining Liverpool in tier three.

But Boris Johnson is resisting calls to plunge the whole country into a two-week circuit breaker lockdown, amid fears of the harm it could do to the economy.  

In July, Mr Blair said infrastructure to stop the spread of the virus was critical as another national lockdown would not be possible, suggesting that people instead need to learn to live safely with the virus.

Mr Blair described the crisis as ‘the biggest challenge logistically and practically’ a government has ever faced, but criticised ministers for not yet putting in place an ‘infrastructure of containment’.

He said: ‘The reality is that we’re going to be living with Covid-19 – we’re not really going to be able to eliminate it.

‘And when you look at what has been happening in other countries, as lockdown has been eased, then more and more problems have appeared and many countries, having gone into lockdown then easing it, are finding spikes in the disease.

Coronavirus positive tests in London have increased dramatically since the beginning of September but changes in recent weeks suggest the rate of rise is slowing down, with a 37 per cent increase in the seven days to October 7, compared to the almost double 84 per cent in the third week of September

Some 136 deaths were recorded yesterday, but scientists have warned this could rise to 690 by the end of the month

‘You can’t be sure of this but there’s at least a 50/50 chance that you have a resurgence of the disease in the autumn and that’s why it is absolutely essential now to prepare for that.

‘And to put in place every single last bit of containment infrastructure that you possibly can to make sure that if that happens you are able to control the disease, because you’re not going to be able to go back into the lockdown that we endured in March, April and May.’

In August, he claimed ministers had got the Government’s travel quarantine policy ‘wrong’.  

He took aim at the Government’s 14 day quarantine rules for people returning to the UK from countries where coronavirus is on the rise as he said the self-isolation period could be cut ‘substantially’. 

He called for ministers to take a more ‘sensible’ approach to calculating risk amid rising speculation that Croatia and Greece could soon join Spain and France on the UK’s ‘red list’. 

Meanwhile, Mr Blair also suggested ministers had been over reliant on officials during the crisis and that they needed to recognise ‘where the science ends and judgements begin’.    

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Terry Dubrow claims a former patient is extorting him for $5M after alleged botched surgery

Dr. Terry Dubrow claims he’s being extorted for $5 million by a former patient who says she nearly died after going under the knife.

The A-list plastic surgeon has now filed for a court order against Sandy Scoggins — who underwent a buttock lift from Dubrow last year — saying she demanded $5 million in exchange for not going public with her negligence claims, per Orange County Superior Court documents obtained by Page Six on Thursday.

Dubrow, 62, claimed that in July, Scoggins’ lawyer sent him 901-page demand packet — including a $5 million pre-litigation settlement — plus a letter stating that if he didn’t settle, Scoggins would file a federal lawsuit “so she can tell the world what happened to her,” according to court docs.

He claimed in the documents that Scoggins “and her attorneys embarked on an extortion campaign, threatening Dr. Dubrow repeatedly” that they’d report him to the California Medical Board and file a federal lawsuit “with an intent to ‘tell the world,’ ‘the media’ and ‘anyone’ about Ms. Scoggins’ claims,” plus “drag Dr. Dubrow’s television show ‘Botched’ (even though Ms. Scoggins’ surgery had nothing to do with the show) in to the lawsuit, as well as his Rox Medical Center, his staff, and media companies with which he does business, and … accuse him of falsifying Ms. Scoggins’ medical records.”

However, Dubrow denied that he was negligent in her care and rejected the proposed settlement in the filing. Instead, he asked the court to bring the case back into arbitration to make it private, per an agreement she signed ahead of her surgery in 2019.

“Ms. Scoggins’ extortionate tactics demonstrate that she fully intends on ignoring the Arbitration Agreement in order to harass and attempt to harm Dr. Dubrow’s livelihood and reputation with a media smear campaign that uses a public court filing as its vehicle,” he wrote in the filing. “The truth of the matter is that Ms. Scoggins’ surgery was conducted with the utmost professional care and attention.”

Scoggins first sought for Dubrow’s expertise for a revision buttock lift with fat flaps in June 2019, the documents stated. Dubrow claimed that he made her aware of all of the risks and possible complications of the procedure during her consultation and she “was specifically advised of the inherent and substantial risks of complications resulting from plastic surgery and the need for post-operative medical care, which she would have to receive by another doctor upon returning home to Texas,” according to court docs.

He claimed that she understood what could happen and the procedure was performed in July 2019.

The last time the doctor and the patient spoke, per court documents, was October 2019.

Scoggins’ attorney, Stephen Le Brocq, told Page Six exclusively on Thursday: “Ms. Scoggins went to Dubrow to receive a surgery that was supposed to change her life, and it did, but in the worst way imaginable. Scoggins was ‘Botched by Botched.’” Le Brocq claimed:

Dubrow’s operation was so incredibly incompetent that not only did our client’s wounds tear open immediately after her six-figure surgery, but she also developed sepsis and nearly died from Dubrow’s negligence on multiple occasions. On top of that, Dubrow left medical equipment used during the surgery in our client’s body, presumably because he was rushing to complete the procedure to get to filming his TV show. A camera crew for Botched was rushing Dubrow to finish with our client’s surgery since his show was about to start filming a new patient.

It has taken more than a year’s time and multiple surgeries before our client no longer had large, open wounds on her body left by Dubrow.

Instead of doing the right thing and accepting responsibility for his gross incompetence, he makes claims of extortion. Our client’s life was turned upside down and nearly taken by Dubrow, and he is attempting to suppress the truth of his incompetence with a confidential arbitration clause.

Dubrow has released private patient information to the Media and made false claims of extortion in an attempt to distract the Public from the truth. The truth is Dubrow rushed a surgery, nearly killed an innocent woman, and guaranteed this woman’s life will never be the same again. The world deserves to know he is not the renowned plastic surgeon he purports to be in Hollywood.

Dubrow could not be reached for comment.

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Former bodyguard claims T.J. Miller owes him $237K and bullied him

T.J. Miller’s former bodyguard Abraham Haddad says the troubled comic has not paid him $237,726.67 that he allegedly owes, and paints a picture of an out-of-control star.

Letters seen by Page Six were sent to Miller’s accountant last April and May.

“It’s a sad day when somebody refuses to hold up their commitments to those who have (literally) protected them, not only physically, but also with their own mental well-being,” Haddad wrote. “Let’s not forget the myriad times that I kept you from being hauled off to jail and kept your name out of the tabloids.”

Haddad — who now lives in his car — says he worked for Miller for over a decade, but was fired in March 2019 following an incident when Miller was increasingly intoxicated and erratic.

Haddad alleges that while working for Miller, he tried to keep the star out of trouble, but, “I would show up [to his green room] and there would be empty bottles . . . He was constantly under the influence. I felt [like I] was a handler, executive assistant and bodyguard.”

Haddad claims that in 2017, when a woman alleged that Miller sexually assaulted her, the comic told him and another guard that “he was going to give us the address and to threaten her to not come out with the allegations.” But, “we said, ‘We are your bodyguards, not your henchmen.’ ” (Miller has denied the assault allegations.)

Haddad also told us that Miller bullied him.

“There would be belittling and fat shaming . . . He constantly was telling me, ‘You need to get to a gym’ . . . I didn’t even have a house to go to.”

The ex-“Silicon Valley” star was arrested in 2016 for allegedly slapping an Uber driver, and arrested for calling in a fake bomb threat on Amtrak in 2018. He settled with the driver, and was reportedly negotiating a plea in the Amtrak case. A hearing is scheduled for this month.

When reached for comment, Miller said in an e-mail: “I’m not going to read it, I don’t think. Won’t make any difference, unless you think I should. Thanks Stacey!”

The reporter is not named Stacey.

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Love child of former Belgian King Albert II wins right to call herself 'princess'

Fox News Flash top headlines for October 1

The love child of former Belgian King Albert II on Thursday won a seven-year-long battle over her royal rights — and can now officially call herself a princess.

Delphine Boël can now go by “Delphine of Saxen-Coburg-Gotha, princess of Belgium,” after the Brussels Court of Appeal ruled that she was entitled to the same royal titles and privileges as her father’s three other children.

“The legal victory will never replace the love of a father but it provides a feeling of justice,” Boël said in a statement released through her lawyers.

The 52-year-old artist claimed Albert was her real dad for two decades before turning to the courts over his paternity in 2013 — the year he abdicated the throne and lost legal immunity from her claims.


Belgian King Albert II, left, and Delphine Boel, now Delphine of Saxen-Coburg-Gotha, princess of Belgium. (Getty images)

The ex-monarch rejected Boël as his daughter until this January — when he agreed to take a court-ordered DNA test, under threat of a 5,000 euros ($5,500 USD) fine for each day he refused.


His lawyers said that “scientific conclusions indicate that he is the biological father of Mrs. Delphine Boel.”

Boel has maintained her aristocratic mother, Sybille de Selys Longchamps, had an affair with Albert between 1966 and 1984.

Rumors of the paternity scandal had first emerged in an unauthorized 1999 biography about Albert’s wife, Queen Paola.

Albert had acknowledged marital problems with Paola in the 1970s — but never admitted to having an extramarital affair.


The former king, whose son Philippe is the reigning monarch, can still make an ultimate legal appeal.

With Post wires

This report originally appeared in the New York Post. 

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Selena Gomez Praises Former Friend Demi Lovato Following Max Ehrich Split: 'It Makes Me So Happy'

Demi Lovato is moving on with her life… and getting a ton of support from other A-listers!

In fact, the Sonny With A Chance alum is specifically feeling a lot of love from one very special, high-profile person, her former BFF Selena Gomez!

The 28-year-old Rare singer name-dropped Lovato as one of her favorite songwriters out right now in a new video for Google that hit the internet on Wednesday. In the clip, Gomez is asked about the pop music landscape around her, and she notes how many powerful, soulful female singers are on the top of their game — Demi included!

Gomez offered:

“I think we have some of the best lyricists in the game right now. Dua and Ariana , Taylor , Demi — these artists are just lifting up the game with their lyrics. It makes me so happy.”

Awww! Ch-ch-check out the moment (below)!

The name drop makes sense, after all, considering how the New Mexico-born Lovato just released a new song, Still Have Me, on Tuesday. Noting how “music is always there for me” in a tweet teasing the song earlier this week, the freshly single star let it all hang out on the mic with her post-breakup riff, perfectly proving Selena’s point (above) about how much girl power there is in the music industry.

Business talk aside, too, it warms our hearts to see powerful women lift each other up in the world! We need more of that, ASAP!!!

Of course, the 28-year-old Lovato is coming off a bad (and increasingly bizarre…) split from Ehrich, 29.

Though the now-former pair hit it off quickly and completely while under quarantine during the coronavirus pandemic, things quickly devolved in recent weeks, and before he knew it, the Young and the Restless star’s time in the pop music media spotlight was all but over. Yes, you can be sure it’s super ironic that we’re here talking about Selena and Demi considering the Rare Beauty founder was reportedly the one Ehrich previously thirsted over so memorably! Womp, womp!

The breakup got particularly strange there for a while, too, with Ehrich continuously over-sharing on social media as the fallout from the split took hold in the tabloids and across fandoms on social media. But now, it appears everyone is ready to move on with their lives… or so we hope.

Anyways, we’ll just stay over here loving Selena’s sweet comments about Demi (and Taylor, Ariana, and Dua Lipa…).

We need more of this in our lives! Just saying!!!

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