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‘Die in a fire’: Twitter employees reveal deep hatred for Trump

The tweets are running the asylum.

Twitter’s senior executives have a long history of anti-Trump hatred, a Post review of dozens of accounts of top employees found.

The venom, vitriol and, in some cases, vows to help Joe Biden across the finish line in next month’s presidential election continue to live online as the company earlier this week decided to censor The New York Post’s revelations about Hunter Biden’s emails to a consultant for the Ukrainian energy company Burisma.

“GET HIM OUT,” posted a senior site reliability engineer on Aug. 18. “What a f–king baboon.”

One manager with almost nine years on the job said he was quite keen to watch Biden “crush [Trump] in the election” and that he hoped the president would “be utterly humiliated while also suffering greatly from #COVID19.” In another post he fantasized about the president being put on a ventilator.

He calls Trump “a f–king idiot” and the voters who elected him — “hysterically f–king stupid people.”

At the same time the employee has been a consistent cheerleader of his company’s efforts to rein in the president on the platform and curb the spread of “misinformation.”

“I’m really proud of how quickly we’ve worked to make this possible for the US elections,” he wrote.

Others publicly wish the president harm.

One Twitter engineering manager said Trump should “die in a fire” in a January 2017 tweet. A year later, he rang in the new year by saying “Happy 2018! Donald Trump is dead!”

None of these comments have ever been flagged by Twitter or been subject to any other form of official sanction, even as the social-media giant dishes out discipline to others for sharing legitimate news stories that might hurt Biden. The company finally ordered the vicious tweet to be deleted on May 29 — years after being posted.

A consistent theme among employees is a desire to see Trump defeated.

A talent brand program manager cried after Trump was elected president and publicly vowed to oppose him.

A global project manager with more than a decade on the job posted proudly that he was phone banking for Biden.

A vice president in sales finance said supporting Biden alone was not enough, and urged colleagues to spread cash to Dems in competitive Senate races.

After a fly landed on Vice President Mike Pence’s head during his debate with Sen. Kamala Harris on Oct. 7, the Twitter veep noted crudely that flies are “drawn to sh-t.”

One woman has worked at Twitter since 2012, with her only career interruption being a four-month stint as a data analyst for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. She boasted how her husband twice sued the Trump administration.

“Trump must be defeated,” opined another exec, a group product manager.

One employee took to Twitter last month to inform the world that her pup was part of the resistance as well.

“Every night my dog takes a crap on the lawn of the one house on our street with a Trump sign,” she said proudly.

Ad hominem jabs toward Trump and his administration were commonplace among Twitter’s longtime ranks.

The company’s global creative partnership head has called Trump “swine.” An associate brand strategist labeled the president an “egomaniacal blowhard.” A sales manager in New York called Trump “the Enron of presidents.”

Spreading lies about the Trump family is also not beneath Twitter’s sentinels. A senior staff engineer inquired why the media wasn’t looking into Melania Trump’s “possible stint as a sex worker.” (The first lady denied this allegation and successfully sued over it.)

Twitter’s “head of integrity” Yoel Roth was infamously busted over a series of old tweets revealing him to be a die-hard Trump hater.

In his posts, Roth — who helped author the policy update used by the company to flag and label posts from President Trump — compared White House officials to Nazis and Trump to a “racist tangerine.”

Conservative critics — who have long complained of Twitter’s systemic bias against Republicans — were not surprised.

“It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why they only selectively enforce these rules. It’s because the people who work there all believe the same things,” GOP strategist Chris Barron told The Post. “A liberal [verified account] never has to pay a price for advocating violence.”

“We do not hire based on political beliefs and completely support our employees’ right to express themselves and support the causes they care about,” Twitter’s Chief Human Resources Officer Jennifer Christie said in a statement to The Post.

“Our employees are professionals, and we require them to bring objectivity to their work regardless of their personal views. We will not be dissuaded from continuing to work to fairly and impartially enforce our rules.”

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Young mum feared she would die from McDonald's nuggets after she was hospitalised with severe food poisoning

A YOUNG mum 'feared she would die' when she was hospitalised with severe food poisoning after eating McDonald's chicken nuggets.

Lily Denton, 23, bought the fast food from the Kirkstall branch in Leeds, West Yorkshire, on September 13.

She discovered a brown and red shape inside the chicken and suspected 'something was wrong with the food'.

She claims she suffered severe stomach cramps and vomiting, while her daughter Autumn Metcalf, three, complained of a sore tummy.

Lily developed diarrhoea and a sore back but and when her condition she worsened was 'carried into hospital' by a friend.

She says she was hooked up on saline drips, given antibiotics and morphine to treat her pain, as medics desperately tried to find the cause of her illness.


Furious Lily has vowed never to eat McDonald's again – after admitting she feared for her life during the ordeal.

Lily, from Leeds, said: "It was horrible. I felt I was going to die.

"I'm still on the medication daily because it's affected me long term now.

"I am usually strong in myself, physically, and now I feel like I can't walk, I can't breathe. I can't walk up the stairs.

I'm not eating McDonald's anymore. No way am I going near that stuff

"But it's now a month on, I've got breathing problems and I can't be a full day without medication to take the pain away."

She added: "I'm not eating McDonald's anymore. No way am I going near that stuff."

Lily and her family shared a 20 Chicken McNuggets Sharebox on September 13, when she discovered something inside one of the nuggets.

After eating her food, she soon began to feel nauseous and had stomach cramps.

Lily said: "It was affecting all sorts – it was horrible. My daughter was telling me her tummy was hurting but I didn't think it was anything more than a stomach bug.

"Autumn and my partner managed to get through it but I just kept on getting worse."

Lily struggled on for more than a fortnight as she worried about who would look after her little girl.

Her kidneys were "infected" and "shut down on me" she said.

But when the pain became unbearable 'like contractions', she called a friend to take her to Leeds General Infirmary on October 5.

Shortly after, she was sent in an ambulance to St James' University Hospital, where she was given morphine and put on a saline drip. She was also given antibiotics.


Lily said: "That day, I only ate one meal and it was McDonald's. [The illness] started from that day.

"The pain started half an hour after and my daughter was saying her tummy hurt."

She remained in hospital for two days and was discharged on Friday, with a stool sample confirming she had food poisoning.

Lily said: "I was crying my eyes out and I didn't understand what was going on. I've never had something so serious.

"They tested my bloods and it came back with an infection straight away. They took urine samples and that came back as a kidney infection.

"I told them of the food poisoning that I had but they weren't too sure [at first], because they couldn't figure out what was causing it. Now we know what was causing it."

She has lost a stone since being unwell and admits she 'feels like she's barely living'.

A McDonald’s spokesman said: "We are sorry to hear about this customer’s experience on this occasion.

"As soon as we were made aware of it this week we opened an investigation at restaurant-level and have also engaged our Customer Services Team, who have confirmed that we have not had any reports of other customers having had similar experiences."

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