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Shoppers can save 35% off classic Converse in Black Friday sale – here's what we're buying

CONVERSE has slashed up to 30 per cent off classic pairs this Black Friday.

However shoppers will need to be speedy as the deals are only available for a short time.

Converse has slashed 35 per cent off some of their most loved trainers with an exclusive code.

  • Save 35 per cent on Converse – buy here

All you have to do use the code BLACKFRIDAY, and you'll be able to save a chunky 35 per cent off classic Converse styles.

Whether you're looking for a pair of the iconic high tops, or the low top All Star Classic, they're all on offer.

You can see all the trainers included in the Black Friday offer here, with a number of colourways on offer.

Whether you're looking for a classic black or white pair, or something brighter, now's the time to snap them up.

Shoppers can also save 35 per cent on hoodies, long sleeve tees, and t-shirts; so it's a great time to refresh your winter wardrobe too.

You can see all the deals here, but these items are top of our wish lists.

  • Chuck Taylor All Star Classic High Top, £37.05 (Save £19.95) – buy here
  • Chuck Taylor All Star Classic Low Top, £33.80 (Save £18.20) – buy here
  • Seasonal Colour Chuck Taylor All Star High Top, £37.05 (Save £19.95) – buy here
  • Seasonal Colour Chuck Taylor All Star Low Top, £33.80 (Save £18.20) – buy here
  • Embroidered Star Chevron Full Zip Hoodie, £30.55 (Save £16.45) – buy here
  • Foundational Long-Sleeve Tee, £13 (Save £7) – buy here
  • Chuck Taylor All Star Mono Canvas High Tops, £37.05 (Save £19.95) – buy here
  • Chuck Taylor All Star Platform Canvas Low Top, £42.25 (Save £22.75) – buy here
  • Embroidered Star Chevron Full-Zip Hoodie, £30.55 (Save £16.45) – buy here
  • Embroidered Star Chevron Pant, £24.05 (Save £12.95) – buy here

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World News

Housework 'can undo damage of being stuck at your desk', study finds

Doing a spot of housework or taking a half-hour stroll ‘can undo damage of being stuck at your desk’ for up to ten hours, study finds

  • Study showed inactivity of more than ten hours increases chances of death
  • Only 30 to 40 daily minutes of moderate activity substantially lowers risk
  • Some 44,000 people from four countries were studied for up to 14 years
  • Those inactive for ten hours but who did exercise did not have increased risk 

Doing a spot of housework or going for a brisk walk daily can help undo the damage caused by sitting for hours at a desk, new World Health Organisation guidelines say.

The advice on ‘sedentary behaviour’ is increasingly relevant for the millions stuck at home due to Covid restrictions.

It is based on a study showing that inactivity of ten or more hours a day is linked to a significantly heightened risk of death.

But only 30 to 40 daily minutes of moderate to vigorous intensity physical activity substantially lowers this risk, the research found.

Some 44,000 people from four countries, who each wore activity trackers, were studied by scientists for between four and 14 years.

Doing just half an hour of housework could significantly lower the risk of death caused by sitting still for ten hours a day (file image)

The advice on ‘sedentary behaviour’ is increasingly relevant for the millions stuck at home due to Covid restrictions. Pictured, shoppers in Reading, Berkshire on November 22

Those who spent about ten hours or more a day without moving –and did not get much exercise – were found to have a 263 per cent increased risk of death, compared to those who exercised and were inactive no more than eight hours a day.

But those inactive for ten hours a day – but also did decent daily exercise – did not have a ‘statistically significant’ increased risk of death.

Researchers, led by the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, stressed all physical activity counts. It could be anything from climbing the stairs to a walk around the block – anything that makes someone’s heart rate and breathing speed increase for a sustained period.

Professor Emmanuel Stamatakis, from the University of Sydney, who co-edited a special issue of the British Journal of Sports Medicine focused on the subject, said: ‘Although the new guidelines reflect the best available science, there are still some gaps in our knowledge. We are still not clear… where exactly the bar for “too much sitting” is.’

Researchers, led by the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, stressed all physical activity counts. Pedestrians in Covent Garden, London, on November 22

The guidelines say everyone should aim to do 150 to 300 minutes of moderate exercise a week – or 75 to 150 minutes of vigorous-intensity physical activity. They are also advised to undertake some muscle strengthening activity at least twice a week, and reduce sedentary behaviour.

Professor Stamatakis said: ‘These guidelines are timely, given that we are in the middle of a global pandemic which has confined people indoors for long periods.’

Professor Fiona Bull, from the WHO, said: ‘The most recent global estimates show one in four adults and more than three quarters of teenagers don’t meet the recommendations for aerobic exercise.

‘So there’s an urgent need for governments to prioritise and invest in national initiatives and health and community services that promote physical activity.’ 

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How You Can Expect To Feel After Getting A COVID-19 Vaccine

We often look to early reviews or word-of-mouth to decide if something new is worth trying out. And by all accounts, acquiring immunity through the COVID-19 vaccines doesn’t look like it will bring a pleasant experience with it. CNN reports that volunteers for vaccine trials came away feeling flu-like symptoms, which could affect their decision to come back to get their booster shots. 

Volunteers for trials involving both Pfizer and Moderna, whose vaccines are waiting for emergency use clearance, say they experienced a range of symptoms including high fever, body aches, bad headaches, and daylong exhaustion. The symptoms were similar to those associated with mild COVID-19, but that they also disappeared after a day. And participants have since admitted that it was better than actually getting the coronavirus. One volunteer even said: “If this proves to work, people are going to have to toughen up,” she said. “The first dose is no big deal. And then the second dose will definitely put you down for the day for sure … You will need to take a day off after the second dose” (via CNBC).

Expect discomfort arising from the COVID-19 vaccines

Patricia Stinchfield, who represents the National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners, says : “These are immune responses, so if you feel something after vaccination, you should expect to feel that. And when you do, it’s normal that you have some arm soreness or some fatigue or some body aches or even some fever.” She even warns that some people might feel bad enough to stay home and skip work or school the next day (via CNN).

In spite of the discomfort the vaccines are expected to trigger, Emory University School of Medicine’s Sandra Fryhofer, who represented the American Medical Association in meetings with the CDC, says, “As a practicing physician, I have got to be sure my patients will come back for the second dose. We really have got to make patients aware that this is not going to be a walk in the park.”

These reports may have a negative impact on the number of people who want to get the vaccine. CNN reports that only 34 percent of nurses surveyed would voluntarily get vaccinated — and that vaccine acceptance was highest among Asian-Americans, and lowest among African-Americans. Most of the concerns had to do with side effects, the vaccine’s efficacy, and how quickly the vaccine had been approved.

Plans are already in place for a vaccine roll-out

Still, there are those that are ready. The state of Texas has already rolled out its vaccination plan, with priority going to hospital workers and nursing home staff, first responders, home health-care workers, and those who are most vulnerable to the disease. The state has confirmed more cases than any other region in the country and has the second-highest number of deaths. It, along with New Mexico, Tennessee, and Rhode Island, are on track to receive the vaccine first, under a pilot delivery program announced by Pfizer in mid-November (via CNBC). 

Those on the ground are clear that no vaccines will be shipped until it gets approval from the FDA for emergency use. The University of Texas’ chief clinical officer, Amy Young, has told students and staff that “We anticipate that the vaccine that we will be administering will be from Pfizer and that we could receive vaccine as early as the end of next week, but more likely after Thanksgiving.” Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar estimates that the vaccine will be distributed soon after December 10.

"We're monitoring the vaccine distribution effort," Biden

If the rollout works, don’t expect too many changes from the incoming Biden administration, who is monitoring the distribution efforts. President-elect Joe Biden has told NBC that: “The [current] administration has set up a roll out of how they think it should occur, what will be available, when, and how. We’ll look at that, we may alter that, we may keep the exact same outline, but we haven’t gotten that briefing yet.”

Biden, who has held meetings with state governors is supportive of the plan to get those who are most vulnerable they help they need. “I’ve had Zoom [meetings] with governors around the country — five Republicans, five Democrats — we’ve talked extensively about the need to cooperate and to get the vaccine to places where you can actually get vaccinated, and their ideas on who they think should go first — and I think obviously we should be focused on the doctors, the nurses, the first responders.”

He also said while everything is in transition, there was the hope that the vaccine could be distributed before his incoming administration takes office.

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Here’s How an Artist Can Qualify for the Grammys’ “Best New Artist” Category, Since You’re Confused

Ah, smell that? That’s the sweet smell of the Grammy Awards coming up! JK…kinda. Awards season is just around the corner, meaning that the biggest night in music is creeping up on us yet again—and it’s lookin’ like it’ll be a good one.

But before we cast our bets on who will win and get a head start on the list for the Grammy Sunday snackage next year, we need to address the elephant in the room: the fact that basically no one really, truly knows how the nominees for the Best New Artist category are chosen. There, I said it so you don’t have to.

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World News

Christmas lockdown rules – Can I fly abroad for Christmas?

LOCKDOWN rules will be eased over Christmas to let people see their families over the festive season.

People will also be allowed to go on overseas holidays over the Christmas period – but they will be advised against it.

⚠️ Read our coronavirus live blog for the latest news & updates

From December 23 to December 27 people will be able to join a "Christmas bubble" with three other households.

But these bubbles are only allowed to meet at home, in places of worship and outdoors.

They will not be allowed to go on holiday together.

It is currently illegal to leave the UK to go on holiday and people can only travel for work, school or other "essential" reasons.

This restriction will be lifted on December 2 when lockdown ends, but people will still be advised against international travel.

Local travel rules which mean people in areas with higher rates of coronavirus cannot travel to lower-risk areas will be lifted over the Christmas break across the UK.

And people heading to Northern Ireland will get an extra day either side of the Christmas period, meaning restrictions will be loosened from December 22 to December 28 to allow for people to get there and back.

And people will not be allowed to travel domestically with their bubbles either to stay in a hotel – as meeting up in hospitality venues with multiple households is banned.

It comes after Transport Secretary Grant Shapps announced that from December 15, the quarantine time on returning travellers will be cut to 5 days – down from two weeks.

But people can only leave after five days if they pay for a private coronavirus test and receive a negative result.

Speaking on the change to the quarantine policy, Mr Shapps said: "We’re cutting the self-isolation period by two thirds from 15 DECEMBER for passengers arriving into England.

"Taking a privately provided Covid test on day five & receiving a negative result will end self-isolation.

"Our new testing strategy will allow us to travel more freely to see loved ones again and to drive international business.

"The introduction of this programme has only been made possible with the evolution of the science and understanding of this virus.

"We’ve taken the time to put the right system in place, ensuring we keep the British public safe."


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World News

Can I travel for Thanksgiving? State rules and restrictions explained

ABOUT one million Americans a day packed airports and planes over the weekend before Thanksgiving – and that number is expected to soar.

The first Sunday after Turkey Day is expected to be the busiest travel day of the holiday period despite major concerns about the coronavirus pandemic.

Can I travel for Thanksgiving this year?

There are few if any restrictions for travel in most states around the country.

The three million people who went through US airport checkpoints from Friday through Sunday marked the biggest crowds since mid-March, when the Covid-19 crisis took hold in the country.

“I don’t want to unknowingly make anyone sick. But I also don’t want to miss this special event for my only daughter,” said Laurie Pearcy of Minneapolis, who is traveling to New Orleans for her daughter’s bridal shower and a small Thanksgiving dinner with her son.

How can I be careful while traveling?

There are many steps you can take if you must travel by air, according to the CDC:

  • Always wear a mask in public places
  • Get a flu shot before you leave on your trip
  • Stay at least six feet apart from people you do not live with
  • Wash your hands often and use hand sanitizer
  • Avoid touching your mask, eyes, nose, and mouth
  • Bring extra supplies, such as masks and hand sanitizer
  • Rethink your travel plans

The coronavirus is blamed for more than a quarter-million deaths in the US and over 12 million confirmed infections.

New cases have soared to an all-time high as well, with an average of more than 170,000 per day.

Dr Anthony Fauci, the country's top infectious diseases expert, told CBS’ Face the Nation that people at airports “are going to get us into even more trouble than we’re in right now.”

“There is so much community transmission all over the United States that the chances of you encountering somebody that has Covid-19 is actually very, very high, whether it’s on an airplane, at the airport or at a rest area,” said Dr. Syra Madad, an infectious-disease epidemiologist in New York City.

Which states have travel restrictions?

A handful of US states have light restrictions, but most do not have any.

California is urging those who come to the Golden State to self-quarantine for two weeks.

People in Connecticut must also self-quarantine for two weeks after arriving and are required to fill out a travel health form.

Failure to submit the travel health form or to self-quarantine in Connecticut may result in a civil penalty of $500 for each such violation.

People arriving in Hawaii can avoid a mandatory 14-day quarantine by providing proof of a negative test, according to The New York Times.

In Maryland, visitors and returning residents are asked to get tested within three days of arriving.

Some other states have similar guidelines, according to The Times.

What are the Thanksgiving Covid rules?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention believes the safest way to celebrate Thanksgiving "is to celebrate at home with the people you live with."

The CDC says: "Travel may increase your chance of getting and spreading Covid-19. Postponing travel and staying home is the best way to protect yourself and others this year."

Mostly, the CDC asks for people to use common sense.

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O'Sullivan can compete at the top of snooker for another decade, believes Henry

There’s no reason why Ronnie O’Sullivan cannot compete at the very top of snooker for another decade, believes Chris Henry.

The Rocket won his sixth World Championship title this year at the age of 44, climbing back up to number two in the world rankings.

He turns 45 in December, which would traditionally be long past the age of a player challenging for the biggest prizes in the sport.

However, the world champion shows few signs of slowing down and is among the favourites to win the UK Championship over the next two weeks in Milton Keynes.

Henry, who coaches Mark Selby and Shaun Murphy among others, believes that if O’Sullivan continues to look after himself physically, as he has been doing, then he still has many years in the game.

The renowned coach has also worked with top golfers, including Lee Westwood and Rafa Cabrera-Bello, and it is an example from the world of golf that has convinced him the Rocket can continue to soar for a long time to come.

‘If these guys look after themselves…I was talking to Mark Selby about this the other day. I was in Holland a few years ago and I had about an hour with Tom Watson, talking about all kind of things,’ Henry told

‘Look at what he did, he almost won the Open at 59! 59 years of age and he missed out by one shot [at the 2009 Open].

‘Snooker isn’t anywhere near as physical, you’ve got to be strong physically because it helps mentally, but if Tom Watson can do that at 59, there’s no reason why Ronnie O’Sullivan can’t be very competitive in his mid-50s.

‘Bernhard Langer, he was going round with [Rory] McIlroy at the Masters, he’s 63! Fantastic! If you look after yourself, and you’re still motivated to put the practice and work in, snooker and things like golf, there’s no reason you can’t go into your 50s and be competing.’

Not only does Henry feel O’Sullivan can keep going for another 10 or more years, but parts of his game will continue to improve with time and he may be even harder to beat than he is now.

Mentally the Rocket appears in as good a place with his game as ever and the safety and tactical side of his game is not far behind his incredible break-building.

‘I think as he gets older his temperament will get even better,’ Henry explained. ‘I think he’ll calm down a little more, I think he’ll stop taking it as serious and just go out and enjoy it a little bit more.

‘That’s when he’ll play his best, when he’s feeling relaxed.

‘He’s a brilliant safety player. He’s not just playing safe, he’s putting side spin on, he’s coming off two or three cushions, he’s always trying to get you in serious trouble, not just playing safe.

‘He plays a lot of safety shots completely like anyone else, he’s very clever.’

O’Sullivan has predicted similar longevity for himself in the past, saying at last year’s Scottish Open that he can see himself still competing at 55 years old.

‘I can probably do it till I’m about 55, to be honest with you,’ said O’Sullivan after a whitewash win over James Cahill.

‘I feel better now than when I did in my 20s and 30s so, for another 10 years I can’t see a reason why I can’t play like that.

‘Which is nice, I’m not going to be sat at home getting bored, at least I can go out and hit a few balls and enjoy myself. If I feel like I can continue to play like that, I don’t find the game difficult sometimes.’

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Can I just skip my lame office Zoom holiday party?

My boss is holding a virtual holiday party where we are supposed to wear an ugly sweater. He also wants us to do some stupid white elephant game by sending a gift to his assistant, who will then send them out to a random member of the team. I am Zoomed out, and this forced merriment might just push me over the edge. Do I have to participate?

Sounds like someone needs to watch “It’s a Wonderful Life.” Listen, George Bailey, we are all Zoomed out and want to say goodbye to 2020 as fast as possible. In theory, you don’t have to do anything that you don’t want to do, but sometimes, it helps to just be silly with family, friends and, yes, even your colleagues, to help ease the tension and stress of daily life.

Maybe you don’t go out and buy one of those sweaters designed to win an ugly contest — or maybe you already have one in your closet that you didn’t mean to enter into a contest but would be a strong competitor anyway — but play along. And do the stupid white elephant game, too. It’s better than having to figure out the perfect real gift for someone at work. Now, that is stressful.

Can my employer restrict my travel plans this holiday season?

The government can restrict travel, and some government officials are trying to tell us how many family members we can celebrate Thanksgiving with. They are also urging that you don’t sing or shout. (Have they ever been to an Italian family gathering?)

Employers have to tread far more carefully. They can recommend that staff avoid travel and require employees to report any personal travel plans, given the workplace impact with possible infections, exposures and quarantines.

They can also require compliance with any current CDC travel restrictions.

However, restricting any personal travel beyond what the government mandates is unchartered territory, so it’s highly unlikely to be strictly prohibited.

Gregory Giangrande has over 25 years of experience as a chief human resources executive. E-mail your questions to [email protected] Follow Greg on Twitter: @greggiangrande and at, dedicated to helping New Yorkers get back to work.

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Where can I go on holiday after lockdown?

HOLIDAYS are off the cards until next month at the earliest, due to the UK lockdown.

Here is everything you need to know about going on holiday, and where you can go.

When can I go on holiday?

Currently, the UK lockdown is due to end on December 2, meaning holidays can go ahead after this date.

However, the lockdown could be extended unless the R rate continues to drop, meaning overseas trips may not be able to go ahead until later in the year.

Where can I currently go on holiday without having to quarantine back in the UK?

There are a number of destinations on the UK air bridge list, which are letting Brits in.

However, many of them will require a negative coronavirus test – this can cost between £100 and £200 privately, or can be done for £60 at Gatwick Airport following the launch of a new scheme.

The following destinations are allowing Brits in without quarantining but require a coronavirus test before arriving:

  • Greek islands of Corfu, Crete, Kos, Rhodes, and Zante
  • Canary Islands
  • UAE (including Dubai)
  • Maldives
  • Barbados
  • Seychelles
  • Turks and Caicos Islands

Is there anywhere I can visit without a test or a quarantine?

There is just one destination open to Brits without quarantining on arrival or back in the UK, or a having a negative coronavirus test.

Only Gibraltar is currently open to Brits with no travel restrictions.

Anyone trying to go on holiday before the lockdown ends will be fined £200.

A dad who was meant to be self-isolating after a holiday to Spain was caught breaking the rules three times.

He then landed a whopping £7,000 fine for the repeated offence.

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Can you get the morning after pill for free in England?

Emergency contraception can be prescribed free from GUM clinics, GPs, and certain pharmacies.

However, if you go to a pharmacy without a prescription, you may have to pay up to £35 to get your hands on the morning after pill.

With coronavirus restrictions meaning many GPs are offering limited appointments and sexual health clinics running on reduced hours, those requiring emergency contraception could end up having to front the cost or risk an unplanned pregnancy.

A recent tweet that was liked over 6,000 times (before the user turned her profile to private) stated: ‘If you think the war on women was over, you can no longer get the morning after pill for free from pharmacies as I have found today. It costs around £30, viagra is free. Women need this pill for a variety of reasons and each one is valid.’

The woman added that she’d tried three different pharmacies over the course of the day, but was told that it wasn’t available free at all.

This isn’t strictly true, but does highlight the discrepancy in availability of free emergency contraception across different regions – particularly compared to non-emergency sexual health services.

Sildenafil (the non-branded version of viagra) can be purchased with a private prescription, or you can get a prescription on the NHS, and pay the normal cost, which is around £9 in England.

Some trusts across the country will offer the morning after pill free for women, but this is dependent on where you live, and isn’t guaranteed.

With the morning after pill needing to be taken within around 72 hours after unprotected sex, it can be difficult to get to an appointment at a surgery or clinic.

If people don’t have the money to pay for the contraception at the pharmacist, this could be problematic. There have also been instances where people are blocked from accessing this altogether (although this is rare).

For those trying to get their hands on emergency contraception who are worried about the cost, first check online to see where it’s offered free in your area. You should be able to get an appointment for a clinic if your pharmacist don’t offer consultations.

Speaking about contraception during lockdown, pharmacist Deborah Evans told ‘My advice to anyone who is anxious after unprotected sex or contraceptive failure, is to give your pharmacy a call.

‘We can have a consultation over the phone to help you consider whether emergency hormonal contraception is suitable for you and will manage the conversation discretely and confidentially. If suitable, then you can pop into the pharmacy to collect your pack.’

It’s unfortunate that it’s something of a postcode lottery when it comes to how much you pay for these services.

A Superdrug spokesperson told ‘There may be a number of reasons why it may not be possible to access the morning after pill for free and it is largely dependent on NHS commissioning services.  At Superdrug we offer it for free wherever it’s available for us to do so.’

A Boots UK spokesperson added: ‘We remain committed to increasing accessibility of Emergency Hormonal Contraception (EHC) for women, and we firmly believe in the right of all women to access these services with ease and convenience.

‘It is currently available as a free NHS service in the majority of our pharmacies where there is a locally commissioned service available , however we continue to encourage the government to provide one nationally commissioned NHS service available from all pharmacies for all women in England, as there is in Wales and Scotland.

‘In all of our pharmacies across the UK, we offer an over-the-counter Emergency Hormonal Contraception (EHC) service starting from £15.99.’

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