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Bake Off hit by Ofcom complaints AGAIN over Matt Lucas’s ‘inappropriate sexual innuendos’

GREAT British Bake Off viewers have complained to Ofcom again over Matt Lucas's "sexual innuendos".

Fans of the beloved baking series were upset after Matt made jokes that they considered "smutty" and "disgusting".

There was 15 GBBO viewers who felt so strongly that they complained to broadcast regulator Ofcom after watching the show on 13 Oct.

The Little Britain comedian made a cheeky quip to one of the contestants Linda Rayfield.

The baker was struggling to prove her dough saying it was "not as big as she would like it."

The funnyman was on hand to lend a little advice, joking: "Maybe if you stroke it it will get a bit bigger."

Linda cheekily replied: "It might do, generally works."

The innuendos didn't stop there as the star later joked that Prue Leith had a "pruegasm" after trying one of the contestant's showstopper challenge cakes.

Prue enjoyed a mouthful of contestant Hermine's chocolate cake – she gave it her seal of approval with a little shudder and said it was "delicious".

Matt couldn't help but make a cheeky one-liner, saying: "So we call it a Pruegasm."

But not all viewers thought Matt's humour was appropriate for the family baking show.

One furious fan wrote: "Not really enjoying Matt Lucas on GBBO, his humour is too smutty."

Another posted: "Matt Lucas gets to make fun of women's bodies and subject us to his balls jokes #notfunny #misogyny."

A third tweeted: "Matt Lucas is disgusting. I am so tired of him making sexual jokes out of everything."

Another said: "Matt Lucas is ruining the Great British Bake Off for me. It's not even funny anymore."

However, some viewers were delighted with Matt's light-hearted banter and said it was all in humour.

One wrote: "I knew I was going to miss Sandi Toksvig but I am so in love with Matt Lucas. His chemistry with Noel Fielding is so good."

Some fans couldn't help chuckle at Matt's "Pruegasm" gag, another posted: "Did I just hear #pruegasm by Matt Lucas 🤣."

A third posted: "Matt Lucas was made for GBBO."

Another fan said that Matt's jokes were halirious, they wrote: "Matt on GBBO is everything! I can't stop laughing 🤣🤣."

This isn't the first time that the comedian has be at the centre of complaints – his controversial show opener that saw him mock PM Boris Johnson has sparked 339 Ofcom complaints.

He performed a pitch-perfect parody of Boris at the start ofthe series – moments after the PM addressed the nation for real.

Matt roped in co-host Noel Fielding and judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith as he mocked government U-turns.

Wearing a blonde wig, Matt told viewers: "If you must bake in a tent, bake in a tent. But please don't bake in a tent.

"And we are asking people to use common sense with regards to the distribution of hundreds and thousands."

While some have complained, lots of other viewers were delighted with the skit, with one calling it the "perfect opening" to the long-awaited series.

Viewers were also horrified over "insensitive" jokes about small hands and Paul Hollywood saying rainbow bagels 'represent the NHS' – which also received 70 Ofcom complaints.

Fans were upset at Paul, who failed to recognise the importance of the rainbow flag to the LGBTQ+ community during the technical bake.

Last week's opening saw hosts Noel Fielding and Matt Lucas cheekily mock the importance of the "Hollywood Handshake", which contestants can only dream of receiving if their bake hits the mark.

After Noel hilariously shook Matt's hand with Paul's 'stolen' handshake, the baking star appeared on screen with two small prosthetic hands.

He said to a worried Noel and Matt: "You haven't been playing with my handshake have you?

"Because if you have you'll get this and this alright?" he warned as he revealed his doll-like hands.

However at the time, the sketch fell flat with some and saw 16 viewers complaining to Ofcom that it was insensitive to people with Poland Syndrome.

Poland Syndrome is a rare developmental disorder in which those affected are born with missing or underdeveloped muscles on one side of the body.

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Bake Off judge Prue Leith gives hospitals food advice

Bake Off judge Prue Leith urges hospital bosses to let patients eat when they want

  • Hospital bosses have been urged to abandon set meal times to help patientws
  • Three patients die in the NHS every day as a result of malnutrition, it is claimed
  • A report suggested patients should have an iPad to order their own food 

Hospital bosses have been urged by Bake Off judge Prue Leith to abandon set meal times in an effort to encourage patients to eat.

A team of experts headed by the celebrity chef was asked to undertake a root-and-branch review into hospital food by Health Secretary Matt Hancock.

It follows mounting complaints and NHS figures showing three patients die every day as a result of malnutrition.

Bake Off judge Prue Leith to abandon set meal times in an effort to encourage patients to eat

There has been criticism over the quality of food served in hospitals in the country 

The team’s 93-page report seen by The Mail on Sunday, also calls for ‘dinnertime companions’, communal dining areas and ‘cutting sandwiches into quarters and adding a garnish’. It says patients should be given iPads to order meals online.

But last night, health professionals poured scorn on the idea.

Dr Jim Stewart, a consultant gastroenterologist, said the report was ‘missing the fundamental complexity involved with feeding sick people’. And Wendy-Ling Relph, matron for nutrition at East Kent University Hospital Trust, said that many of the recommendations were unrealistic.

She said: ‘Wards are busier than ever, with patients sicker than they have ever been.

‘Most patients don’t want to move far from their bed – and are too sick to do so.’

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Great British Bake Off viewers 'GUTTED' as fan favourite Sura leaves

Great British Bake Off: Viewers are left ‘GUTTED’ as fan favourite Sura is eliminated after she fails to impress with her ‘raw’ Showstopper in the ‘harshest’ week of judging yet

The Great British Bake Off fans were left ‘gutted’ on Tuesday night after fan favourite Sura was eliminated in the ‘harshest’ week of judging yet.

The 31-year-old pharmacy worker failed to impress judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith with her ‘raw’ white chocolate celebration cake for the Showstopper round.

Talking after her elimination, a tearful Sura said: ‘I am gutted but what’s gone is gone, I’m not going to be bitter about it, I’ve had a great time.’ 

‘Gutted’: The Great British Bake Off fans were left ‘gutted’ on Tuesday night after fan favourite Sura was eliminated in the ‘harshest’ week of judging yet

Fans were left devastated over the news after the judges deliberated whether to send Sura or 31-year-old pantomime producer, Lottie, home.

Taking to Twitter after the show aired, several viewers shared their disappointment and shock at fan favourite Sura being eliminated. 

One person said: ‘Gutted. Sura was a brilliant competitor & great fun. A huge loss to the series. #GBBO #GreatBritishBakeOff.’ 

A different fan put: ‘Noooooo Sura 🙁 Week ruined, thanks a bunch @BritishBakeOff #GBBO.’ 

Sad: The 31-year-old pharmacy worker failed to impress judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith with her ‘raw’ white chocolate celebration cake for the Showstopper round

Emotional: Talking after her elimination, a tearful Sura said: ‘I am gutted but what’s gone is gone, I’m not going to be bitter about it, I’ve had a great time.’

Decisions: Fans were left devastated over the news after the judges deliberated whether to send Sura or 31-year-old pantomime producer, Lottie, home (L-R) 

Another viewer commented: ‘Oh Sura! Noooooooo! Sura was absolutely lovely. I thought she’d be there for weeks. Darn it #gbbo has broken my heart again.’ 

A different account added: ‘Sura was great in past weeks. I thought she’d win early on. What a shame #GBBO.’ 

Another person said: ‘Heartbroken for Sura 🙁 she did so well the previous weeks, I was hoping they’d consider that 🙁 #GBBO.’ 

While a different fan added: ‘Ugh, just when you think 2020 can’t get any worse, Sura gets kicked off #GBBO.’   

Shock: Taking to Twitter after the show aired, several viewers shared their disappointment and shock at fan favourite Sura being eliminated

On this week’s the Great British Bake Off the theme was chocolate where the contestants had to start off by creating 12 brownies.  

Despite appearing to be a simple task for the bakers, the talented hopefuls left Paul and Prue disappointed as not one person nailed the task. 

With raspberry cheesecake, meringues and even figs being used to decorate the traybakes, not one contestant secured a Hollywood handshake.

In fact Paul and Prue were so disappointed by the creations, they didn’t mince their feedback, with viewers at home calling it the ‘harshest’ week of judging yet.

One person said: ‘Oh that was a bit harsh eh?! One batch of brownies are fine… Two batches, in a tent with less time than actually possible PLUS fancy toppings?! Eeeek! Face screaming in fear #GBBO.’ 

A different fan put: ‘The judges are being way too harsh! #GBBO.’ 

Another viewer commented: ‘I don’t know if I’ve had a bad day or if Prue and Paul’s judging was very harsh today. Brownies are for gooey fun, no one cares how they’re presented! #GBBO.’ 

While a different show watcher added: ‘Jeez, some harsh criticisms tonight!!, they’re only brownies…. #GBBO.’ 

Next up was the Technical challenge, which required the bakers to create a Chocolate Babka. 

The final task was the Showstopper round where the contestants had to bake a white chocolate celebration cake. 

Despite fans being left gutted over Sura’s elimination, they were left happy that Mark was crowned Star Baker. 

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Who is Bake Off 2020 contestant Hermine?

BAKE Off 2020 has got off to a flying start, with viewers thrilled at the show's return.

The show has brought with it the bubbly and likeable Hermine

Who is Bake Off 2020's Hermine?

Hermine is a 39-year-account from London.

Born and raised in Benin, West Africa, Hermine moved to London in 2001 to pursue further education.

Her first experiences of baking were as a child, when she he used to love helping her mum bake for big family gatherings.

Her baking has so far gone down well with the judges.

What has Hermine said about Bake Off?

Taking about being on Bake Off, Hermine said that finally getting to enter the tent was “surreal”.

She told Channel 4: “I could not believe I made it in” and added, “I was looking forward to meeting all the other bakers and see if they enjoyed the same bakes that I did, and to share knowledge and experience.”

Asked to pick a former Bake Off contestant she would choose to be in a lockdown bubble, Hermine singled out 2016 baker Selasi.

“He would be calm in a crisis,” she said.  “He comes across very chilled and has a positive vibe.”

When can I watch Bake Off 2020?

Bake Off continues every Tuesday night.

You can catch it from 8pm on Channel 4

You can also watch any episodes you miss on All 4.

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Bake Off's Marc accidentally sprays himself in buttermilk

Great British Bake Off got seriously messy tonight after Marc accidentally shook a bottle of buttermilk all over himself and the tent.

The 51-year-old contestant got over-excited with the ingredient as he prepared to make one sweet and one savoury soda bread for the Signature Challenge, .

Marc was seen aggressively shaking the vessel before taking the lid off and continuing to wave it in the air – and soon enough, he was absolutely soaked in the stuff.

Presenter Noel Fielding cracked up over the incident and ran over to take a closer look.

‘I’m covered in buttermilk!’ Marc exclaimed as he realised his mistake.

Noel was in fits of laughter as he inspected the mess, prompting Marc to shout: ‘It’s not funny!’

He later added: ‘No, I’m alright, I’m carrying on. Yuck.’

Viewers were in stitches over the scenes at play and raced to Twitter to comment.

‘Five minutes in and I’m crying with laughter at the buttermilk incident,’ giggled one.

Echoing a similar sentiment, another penned: ‘This has made my day, shot straight into his ear. Noel trying to hold it in is perfect.’

Just the entertainment we needed tonight.

Elsewhere on the programme, Paul Hollywood awarded his second handshake of the series to Hermine for ‘inventing’ a new bread.

‘You know what I love?’ Paul asked as he sampled her bakes. ‘The fact I’ve never had them before and that’s what Bake Off is all about.

‘This is really, really complex in its flavours. I love it, it’s special.’

Great British Bake Off airs Tuesdays at 8pm on Channel 4.

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