Eddie Van Halen’s emotional last interview as he talked about son before death

Eddie Van Halen spoke about his about son, Wolfgang, in an emotional recent interview before his death.

The legendary guitarist and co-founder of rock legends Van Halen died aged 65 after a long battle with throat cancer.

In early 2000, the guitarist was diagnosed with tongue cancer, and was declared cancer-free two years later.

Last year however, it was revealed he had been battling throat cancer for five years.

The music legend spoke about his bass-playing son, Wolfgang, in a candid chat with The Hard Times amid his cancer battle.

When asked about how his son became a bassist instead of a guitarist like his father, Van Halen gave an amusing and heartfelt answer.

He said: "Ya know, there were some signs early on. When he was about nine months old I put a little guitar in front of him. Instead of using his thumb like a pick, he used his index and middle fingers to strum the strings one at a time. I almost cried seeing my boy touch his first guitar. He looked so lame."

The Amsterdam-born musician kept his focus on his beloved family while undergoing years of cancer treatment.

Despite his illness Eddie continued to attend concerts and rehearse music with his son, who has been his bassist since 2006.

He continued about his son: "I was afraid being a bassist would add difficulties at every step and he would flee from music and become a jock or worse."

Eddie added jokingly: "We need more bassists, not less. But for real, stop trying to play goddamned bass chords under a guitar solo."

Eddie passed away at St. Johns Hospital in Santa Monica, US Tuesday, TMZ reported.

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According to sources his wife, Janie was by his side, as well as his son Wolfgang and Alex, his brother and drummer.

It is believed that Eddie's health went into decline over the last 72 hours.

Van Halen – made up of Eddie, his brother Alex, Wolfgang and singer David Lee Roth – last performed at the October 2015 Hollywood Bowl.

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World News

Colorado police lieutenant slams city council in resignation letter for turning their backs on cops

Fox News Flash top headlines for October 6

An outgoing Aurora Police Department lieutenant slammed the city council in a blistering resignation letter that blamed the 10-member board for turning their backs on cops, siding with protesters and stoking racism.

"It is with great sadness that I inform you of my retirement after 25 years in law enforcement," Retired Lt.. Dave Cerinich said in a letter obtained by FOX31. "I spent the past 20 years in Aurora and it was a pleasure to do so, until this year. I can honestly say that my retirement is a result of you. I am disheartened by your lack of respect for the occupation that I've revered for so long."

Cerinich, who was shot in the line of duty in 1999, said he had always wanted to be a police officer but that the past six months have changed his mind.

"I'm leaving premature as a result of what's going on in the community," he said. "What's going on in the community is fostered by city council and the city manager."

Cerinich said 99% of his department wants to leave.

"They don't feel appreciated by the community anymore. They don't feel appreciated by city council anymore, there's protests every single weekend, there's people spitting on us, calling us all kinds of bad names."

Cerinich said he decided to call it quits after protesters took over District 1 on July 3.

"The city thinks their First Amendment right is more important than my life," he said. "I can't protect my cops anymore. City council is dictating what the cops do. I can't protect my troops anymore; as a lieutenant, if I can't protect my troops, I don't need to be here."

Cerinich warned that more cops were willing to walk and that the city was "going to lose a lot of good people who aren't going to be there when you need help."

Cerinich singled out Councilmember Angela Lawson in his letter, saying he was "disappointed" in her.

"She actually came out and rode with me numerous times," he said. "During those rides we discussed race and even discussed racial profiling. As we rode around I would ask her to identify the drivers/occupants of the vehicle that passed us and she said she couldn't identify them. I proved to her that traffic stops are made based on violations of the traffic code or criminal statutes and not race."

That didn't sit well with Lawson, who told FOX31 that data showed racial disparities exist in how policing is administered.

"The personal attacks on me, the only black woman on Council demonstrates the problem and Lt. Cerinich  comments are a shining example of the problem. By pretending that racial disparities are not happening undermines the community trust in the department. Maybe instead of attacking me Lt. Cerinich should focus on some inward introspection on how he could have been a better officer."

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Eddie Van Halen, legendary rock guitarist, dead at 65

Fox News Flash top entertainment headlines for October 6

Fox News Flash top entertainment and celebrity headlines are here. Check out what’s clicking today in entertainment.

One of rock and roll's singular and most gifted guitarists, Eddie Van Halen, has died. He was 65.

Van Halen's son, Wolf, confirmed the news on Tuesday.

"I can't believe I'm having to write this, but my father, Edward Lodewijk Van Halen, has lost his long and arduous battle with cancer this morning," he wrote on Twitter.

"He was the best father I could ever ask for. Every moment I've shared with him on stage and off stage was a gift," Wolf continued. "My heart is broken and I don't think I'll ever fully recover from this loss."

"I love you so much, Pop," he concluded.

(From left to right) The band Van Halen: Eddie Van Halen, Michael Anthony, Alex Van Halen and David Lee Roth. 
(Lynn Goldsmith/Corbis/VCG via Getty Images)

Eddie Van Halen's ex-wife, the actress Valerie Bertinelli, shared their son's message on her own account along with breaking heart emojis. The pair was married for 20 years.

According to TMZ, citing sources, Van Halen died at a Santa Monica hospital on Tuesday. Wolf, his brother Alex, and his wife Janie were by his side.

Van Halen told Billboard magazine in 2015 that he had one-third of his tongue removed due to cancer that had also spread to his esophagus.

“I used metal picks – they’re brass and copper – which I always held in my mouth, in the exact place where I got the tongue cancer,” he said at the time. “Plus, I basically live in a recording studio that’s filled with electromagnetic energy. So that’s one theory. I mean, I was smoking and doing a lot of drugs and a lot of everything. But at the same time, my lungs are totally clear. This is just my own theory, but the doctors say it’s possible.”

FILE – In this Aug. 5, 2004 file photo, Van Halen guitarist Eddie Van Halen performs in Phoenix. (AP Photo/Tom Hood, File)

Van Halen was a guitar virtuoso, whose blinding speed, control and innovation propelled his band Van Halen into one of hard rock’s biggest groups, fueled the unmistakable fiery solo in Michael Jackson’s hit “Beat It” and became elevated to the status of rock god.

With his distinct solos, Eddie Van Halen was the engine behind the ultimate California party band and helped knock disco off the charts starting in the late 1970s with his band’s self-titled debut album and then with the blockbuster record “1984,” which contains the classics “Jump,” “Panama” and “Hot for Teacher.”


Van Halen is among the top 20 best-selling artists of all time and the band was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2007. Rolling Stone magazine put Eddie Van Halen at No. 8 in its list of the 100 greatest guitarists.

Van Halen started his eponymous group in 1974 with his brother Alex on drums, bass player Michael Anthony, and the flamboyant lead singer David Lee Roth.

Guitarist Eddie Van Halen of Van Halen, pictured here in September 2015, has died after a battle with cancer, his son Wolf confirmed on Tuesday.
(Photo by Daniel Knighton/Getty Images)

They were members of rival high school bands and then attended Pasadena City College together. They combined to form the band Mammoth, but then changed to Van Halen after discovering there was another band called Mammoth.

Their 1978 release “Van Halen” opened with a blistering “Runnin’ With the Devil” and then Eddie Van Halen showed off his astonishing skills in the next song, “Eruption,” a furious 1:42 minute guitar solo that swoops and soars like a deranged bird. The album also contained a cover of the Kinks’ “You Really Got Me” and “Ain’t Talkin’ ’Bout Love.”


Van Halen released albums on a yearly timetable — “Van Halen II” (1979), “Women and Children First” (1980), “Fair Warning” (1981) and “Diver Down” (1982) — until the monumental “1984,” which hit No. 2 on the Billboard 200 album charts. (Photo by Lynn Goldsmith/Corbis/VCG via Getty Images)

Mike McCready of Pearl Jam told Rolling Stone magazine that listening to Van Halen’s “Eruption” was like hearing Mozart for the first time. “He gets sounds that aren’t necessarily guitar sounds — a lot of harmonics, textures that happen just because of how he picks.”

Van Halen released albums on a yearly timetable — “Van Halen II” (1979), “Women and Children First” (1980), “Fair Warning” (1981) and “Diver Down” (1982) — until the monumental “1984,” which hit No. 2 on the Billboard 200 album charts (only behind Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”). Rolling Stone ranked “1984” No. 81 on its list of the 100 Greatest Albums of the 1980s.

Soon after the "1984" tour ended, strains between Roth and the band erupted and Roth quit. The group then recruited Sammy Hagar as lead singer —some critics called the new formulation “Van Hagar” — and the band went on to score its first No. 1 album with “5150,” More studio albums followed, including “OU812,” “For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge” and “Balance.” Hit singles included “Why Can’t This Be Love” and “When It’s Love.”

Hagar was ousted in 1996 and former Extreme singer Gary Cherone stepped in for the album “Van Halen III,” a stumble that didn’t lead to another album and the quick departure of Cherone. Roth would eventually return in 2007 and team up with the Van Halen brothers and Wolfgang Van Halen, Eddie’s son, on bass for a tour, the album “A Different Kind of Truth” and the 2015 album “Tokyo Dome Live in Concert.”

In a February 2020 interview with the Minneapolis Star Tribune, lead singer Roth was noncommittal about Eddie Van Halen’s condition. “You know what I know,” he told the paper. “Ed, God bless him, may have a fair amount of time ahead of him, but going out on the road is an unforgiving task. It kills people.”

Reminiscing on the band’s start, Roth said, “I remember the days when we would stand around and say, ‘Let’s go have a cigarette.’ And that’s what we did: Four guys having one cigarette. I remember those days. They go by fast, so enjoy them while you’re in them.”

Eddie Van Halen performs in Minneapolis, Minnesota on April 2, 1992. (Photo by Jim Steinfeldt/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)

Eddie Van Halen was born in Amsterdam and his family immigrated to California in 1962 when he was 7. His father was a big band clarinetist who rarely found work after coming to the U.S., and their mother was a maid who had dreams of her sons being classical pianists.

“We showed up here with the equivalent of $50 and a piano,” Van Halen told The Associated Press in 2015. “We came halfway around the world without money, without a set job, no place to live and couldn’t even speak the language.”

At one point, Eddie got a drum set, which his older brother coveted. “I never wanted to play guitar,” he confessed at a talk at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History in 2015. But his brother was good at the drums, so Eddie gave into his brother’s wishes: “I said, ‘Go ahead, take my drums. I’ll play your damn guitar.’”

The Associated Press contributed to this report

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Celebs react to Eddie Van Halen's death: 'My heart is broken'

Fox News Flash top entertainment headlines for October 6

Fox News Flash top entertainment and celebrity headlines are here. Check out what’s clicking today in entertainment.

Guitar legend and musician Eddie Van Halen died following a battle with throat cancer, his son Wolf confirmed on Tuesday.

As the news broke, tributes from other famed musicians and actors started pouring in on social media.

Van Halen's ex-wife, Valerie Bertinelli, simply retweeted her son's post, adding breaking heart emojis.

"My heart is broken. Eddie was not only a Guitar God, but a genuinely beautiful soul. Rest in peace, Eddie! …Eddie Van Halen Dead at 65 from Cancer," wrote KISS co-founder Gene Simmons.

"Omg…RIP, Edward…Our Thoughts Are Prayers Are With Your Family, Friends & Fans…What An Incredible Loss…Truly An Astonishing Musician…" said musician David Coverdale.

The members of Van Halen — the two Van Halen brothers, Eddie and Alex; vocalist David Lee Roth; and bassist Michael Anthony — formed in 1974 in Pasadena, Calif.

Ex Van Halen singer Sammy Hagar simply said, "Heartbroken and speechless. My love to the family," along with a photo of the two former bandmates.

"Eddie Van Halen gone too soon. Total rock legend. Never met him but admired completely. Jump is a jam!" said musician Boy George.

"I lost my mom to cancer at 66.. too damn young. Eddie Van Halen was 65.. too damn young. Another lifetime of memories ahead of them should have been made. This hurts my heart. My mom and I would drive around in her car and blast Panama.. we both loved Van Halen music," said comedian Dane Cook.

Country star Kenny Chesney said he was "devastated" by the news.

"RIP A genius, musical change maker, one of the greatest to ever do it!" wrote actor David Alan Grier.

Mötley Crüe’s Nikki Sixx said, "Crushed. So f*cking crushed. RIP Eddie Van Halen. You changed our world. You were the Mozart of rock guitar. Travel safe rockstar."


Black Sabbath co-founder Tony Iommi tweeted, “Eddie was one of a very special kind of person, a really great friend…”

KISS bandmember Paul Stanley penned, "Oh NO! Speechless. A trailblazer and someone who always gave everything to his music. A good soul. I remember first seeing him playing at the Starwood in 1976 and he WAS Eddie Van Halen. So shocked and sad. My condolences to Wolfie and the family."

"Legendary guitar and musical innovator Edward Van Halen. 1955-2020. Heaven will be electric tonight," said musician and guitar icon Lenny Kravitz.

Aerosmith's official account wrote how Van Halen will "be missed."

The band Nickelback penned how, "The world lost an icon, innovator, showman, virtuoso, master songwriter and perhaps one of the biggest inspirations ever to learn how to play guitar. Heartbroken to hear of Eddie Van Halen’s passing. Our love, condolences and best wishes to his his family, friends and fans."

With his distinct solos, Eddie Van Halen fueled the ultimate California party band and helped knock disco off the charts starting in the late 1970s with his band’s self-titled debut album and then with the blockbuster record “1984,” which contains the classics “Jump,” “Panama” and “Hot for Teacher.”


Van Halen is among the top 20 best-selling artists of all time and the band was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2007. Rolling Stone magazine put Eddie Van Halen at No. 8 in its list of the 100 greatest guitarists.

The Associated Press contributed to this report

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TV and Movies

'Bill & Ted' Writer Really Wanted Eddie Van Halen in Sequel

“We tried to get him to do something — anything — in ‘Face the Music,’” Ed Solomon says

Getty Images/MGM

Eddie Van Halen, the guitar legend who died Tuesday at 65, has received tributes from countless rockers and celebrities — including the fictional Wyld Stallyns from “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure.”

“Bill & Ted” writer Ed Solomon said that he and co-writer Chris Matheson desperately wanted Van Halen to make a cameo of some kind in this year’s sequel “Bill & Ted Face the Music” and that his music greatly shaped the narrative direction of the film.

“Super sad to hear about the passing of Eddie Van Halen. He was a big influence on Chris and me as we were writing ‘Bill & Ted.’ In fact, when director Stephen Herek was reading the script he got three pages in, stopped, put on ‘1984’ and resumed. We wanted the movie to be a cinematic ‘Jump,’” Solomon wrote on Twitter. “We tried to get him to do something — anything — in ‘Face the Music,’ but they said he was unavailable and wouldn’t tell us why. Sadly, I think I know now.”

Van Halen died Tuesday at 65 after a years-long battle with throat cancer, his son Wolfgang confirmed on Twitter.

Of course. an Eddie Van Halen cameo in “Face the Music” would’ve been truly excellent, as both Bill S. Preston (Alex Winter) and Theodore “Ted” Logan (Keanu Reeves) have a great scene early on in the original 1989 film about why they need Van Halen on lead guitar in their band.

Both Solomon and the film’s star, Alex Winter, shared that clip from the film Tuesday, and Winter captioned the clip with his own disappointed “ugh.”

“Bill & Ted Face the Music,” directed by Dean Parisot, opened this August in theaters and online and reunited Winter and Reeves as the lovable Californian slackers. And the film did feature some rock cameos, including one scene featuring Dave Grohl.

See Solomon’s tweets below:

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Daisy! River! Sage! How Celeb-Loved 'Econames' Are Leading Baby Name Trends This Fall

The great outdoors are back in style in a big way.

Celebrity parents are leading the charge in nature-inspired names for their newborns, as pointed out in Nameberry's new blog, "Fall's Biggest Name Trend: Econames."

The well-loved baby-naming giant describes an econame as "a type of nature name that has a strong and obvious connection to the natural world."

"They're favorites of environmentally conscious parents who hope to raise down-to-earth and eco-minded children," the site continues. "Additionally, many econames are unisex or even gender-neutral, a quality parents are prioritizing more and more."

Some examples of econames celeb moms and dads have given their children as of late? Sage, which Meghan McCain bestowed upon 1-week-old daughter Liberty as a middle name, and newborn River, who was named for dad Joaquin Phoenix's late brother.

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"Made-Up" Baby Names Are Popular Among New Parents, Survey Finds — See the Most Unique Monikers

Another example is Daisy Dove — the double-whammy moniker of Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom's daughter, 5 weeks, that exhibits both floral and fauna qualities (even in her last name, Bloom!).

Nameberry breaks econames down into five categories: Quirky Botanicals, Tree-co Names, Animal Econames, Aquatic Econames and Earth Econames.

In the Quirky Botanicals group are celebs who have chosen names like Clover Ash (Scott Porter's daughter), while Zooey Deschanel's daughter Elsie Otter and Mackelmore's daughter Colette Koala fit the Animal Econames bill.

Below is a list of a few more celebrity babies with names inspired by the natural world:

  • Poppy Louise, Jenna Bush Hager's daughter
  • Meadow Walker, the late Paul Walker's daughter
  • Hazel and Violet, John Krasinski and Emily Blunt's daughters
  • Bear Blu, Alicia Silverstone's son
  • Birdie, Busy Philipps' daughter
  • Sparrow, Joel Madden and Nicole Richie's son
  • Charlie Wolf, Lauren Conrad's son
  • Ocean, Alexa and Carlos PenaVega's son
  • Vivian Lake, Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen's daughter
  • Forrest Bradley, Eric and Jessie James Decker's son

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World News

Across the great divider: Pence and Harris at odds over plexiglass at Utah debate

Vice President Mike Pence and Kamala Harris are at loggerheads over what precautions should be taken at Wednesday’s vice presidential debate in Utah, with Pence’s team now arguing plexiglass barriers are not necessary.

The Biden-Harris campaign has been pushing for last-minute changes to the Salt Lake City event after President Trump and a dozen of his associates tested positive for COVID-19, requesting the barriers and 12 feet of distance between the two candidates on stage.

Pence has repeatedly tested negative for the disease but critics of the administration say the debate should be postponed because the 61-year-old veep could be unwittingly carrying the deadly respiratory bug.

On Monday evening, the Commission on Presidential Debates announced that they would assemble plexiglass between Pence, Harris and the debate’s moderator to mitigate the risk of potential infection.

But Pence’s spokesman Mark Short told the Washington Post on Tuesday that the vice president didn’t want a barrier or think it necessary with the 13 feet of social distancing, up from seven feet.

“If she wants it, she’s more than welcome to surround herself with plexiglass if that makes her feel more comfortable,” Short said of Harris. “It’s not needed.”

Pence spokeswoman Katie Miller also shot-down the measure on Monday, telling Politico: “If Sen. Harris wants to use a fortress around herself, have at it.”

It’s not the first time plexiglass has been used during a debate: Jaime Harrison, who is challenging GOP Sen. Lindsay Graham for his South Carolina seat, also erected a barrier around himself during their show-down on Saturday night.

The final design of Wednesday evening’s VP debate stage is yet to be announced.

Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden were also spaced six feet apart during their chaotic face-to-face match-up in Cleveland, Ohio last week before the commander-in-chief tested positive for COVID-19.

The president’s diagnosis has plunged the remaining month of the presidential election into doubt but on Tuesday morning, Trump said he was looking forward to his second debate with Biden in Miami on Oct. 15.

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Jordan Fisher on the Adorable Last Thing He Did With His Fiancée, Ellie Woods

In our Q&A series Last Call, we get down to the bottom of every last thing with some of our favorite celebs – from the last thing they texted to the last thing they binge-watched. This week, actor and singer Jordan Fisher takes our call.

Ever since Jordan Fisher stepped onto the scene with Disney Channel shows and movies like Liv and Maddie and Teen Beach Movie, we’ve been obsessed. Since then, the 26-year-old has captivated audiences with his smooth moves on Dancing With the Stars, his beautiful voice on Fox’s Grease: Live and Rent: Live, and his swoon-worthy acting in Netflix films like To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You and Work It. Yep, Jordan really is a triple threat.

Seeing that Jordan is always busy with a new project, his latest collaboration with Verizon — for which he’s helping explain what 5G really is in a four-part video series — is the perfect fit. “Where 5G is concerned, where Verizon is concerned, I’ve always admired how they continuously lift and reset the bar in terms of speeds and accessibility and access and ease of access,” he told POPSUGAR. “It’s something that I’m amped about coming from the perspective of a producer and somebody that is constantly needing to get information and send off information, as well as coming from the standpoint of a gamer. [I need a] good connection and fast speeds and whatnot in my day to day; it’s very important.”

In celebration of his new partnership, we chatted with Jordan about everything from his sweet romance with fiancée Ellie Woods to the last Dancing With the Stars performance that blew him away. Read his quotes ahead.

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World News

Boris Johnson mulls decision to plunge millions in the North into tougher lockdown as Covid cases soar

BORIS Johnson was tonight grappling with a torturous decision over whether to plunge millions in the North back into tougher lockdown.

The Prime Minister tried to give a vision of hope today but admitted Britain is still facing one of history’s “darkest hours” with virus cases soaring again and Northern cities are the worst hit.

⚠️ Read our coronavirus live blog for the latest news & updates

He warned we must still fight “night and day to repel this virus” but there is “simply no reasonable alternative” to restrictions.

Pubs and restaurants face closure in Liverpool, Manchester and Newcastle, with Rishi Sunak scrambling to put together a local bailout package for businesses facing ruin.

Some shops could be fored to shut, but workplaces and schools would remain open.

Mr Johnson’s sombre message came after Downing Street was hit with a “white faced briefing” from senior medics about soaring virus numbers in the North West and North East.

The dire stats prompted the PM to delay his plan to replace complex local lockdown rules this week with a simpler traffic light system, as ministers and medics instead focus on the rocketing cases.

A Downing Street source said tonight “the numbers are going the wrong way, and there will come a point very soon where we simply have to do more.”



Latest numbers from the virus hotspots make for grim reading, as 14,542 cases were confirmed last night across the country with 76 perishing.

In Manchester 2,927 new cases were recorded in the seven days to October 2 – the equivalent of 529.4 cases per 100,000 people. That means one in every 190 people in the area has the disease.

On Merseyside, Knowsley and Liverpool have the second and third highest rates, at 498.5 and 487.1 respectively.

In the North East Newcastle upon Tyne is suffering from 405 cases per 100,000 – meaning one in 250 in the area have the disease.

Whereas the UK wide seven-day average rate currently stands at 125.7 cases per 100,000 people, up from 63.8 per 100,000 a week ago.

Alarm bells are also ringing across the North West about rising hospitalisation figures.

The region saw 208 people admitted in one day, the highest single total since the end of April.

478 people admitted to hospital in England with Covid-19 on Sunday, the highest daily total in four months, and up from 241 a week earlier.

Today there were 2,783 patients in hospital with Covid-19, an increase from 1,881 a week earlier, and 349 on ventilators, compared with 259 seven days ago.


In his conference speech today, Mr Johnson admitted: “I don’t know about you, but I have had more than enough of this disease that attacks not only human beings but so many of the greatest things about our country – our pubs, our clubs, our football, our theatre and all the gossipy gregariousness and love of human contact that drives the creativity of our economy.”

But he insisted the country would succeed in fighting off the virus “just as this country has seen off every alien invader for the last thousand years” if everyone obeys the rule.

Addressing his party’s annual conference which was being held virtually due to the pandemic, Mr Johnson appeared to suggest restrictions will be over by this time next year.

He told party members “next time we meet it will be face to face and cheek by jowl, and we are working for the day when life will be back to normal.”

Back in Westminster Mr Johnson is facing a growing rebellion from Tory MPs over his lockdown ahead of showdown when the Commons votes to approve the 10pm pub curfew.

Tonight 17 of the party’s MPs voted against a Government motion approving the Rule of Six – with former ministers breaking cover to slam the measure.

The Tory rebels included former Cabinet minister Esther McVey, Tory grandee Sir Graham Brady and powerful committee bosses Huw Merriman and William Wragg.

Labour also hinted they could vote against the curfew in a vote that could come next week, unless ministers publish more evidence about the scientific case for the measure.

In bid to quell the rebellion, Mr Johnson said he “deeply regretted” having to take tough measures but insisted he has no choice.

The PM said: “This Government has been forced by the pandemic into erosions of liberty that we deeply regret and to an expansion in the role of the state from lockdown enforcement to the many bailouts and subsidies that go against our instincts.

“But we accept them because there is simply no reasonable alternative.”

But former Chancellor Norman Lamont said he feared Britian was turning into a “nation of informers like the old East Germany” over breaches of coronavirus rules.

He told the House of Lords: “It’s one thing to report you neighbour if you see that he is building a bomb factory. If he is holding a barbecue for seven people are you really going to report him?

“I deplore any suggestion that we should become a nation of informers like the old East Germany.”

Lord Lamont added: “I am not arguing let the virus rip. We need rules. But I think we have not had satisfactory explanations.”

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What Jill Biden and Kamala Harris’ relationship is really like

Dr. Jill Biden has already spent eight years as the second lady of the United States, and there’s a possibility that she could soon spend another term as the first lady. Should former Vice President Joe Biden win the 2020 election, Dr. Jill Biden would be back in the White House, as would California Sen. Kamala Harris. Speaking of the potential VP, Harris, who also served as attorney general of California and ran unsuccessfully for the Democratic nomination in 2020, would become the first female vice president of the United States if voters give the stamp of approval.

As for the relationship between Dr. Biden and Sen. Harris, it has not always been the best. However, it’s important to note the consistent signs of mutual respect between them, which might be because they share far more similarities than differences. Some of these links include navigating the male-dominated world of politics as women and their relationship with the late Beau Biden, to name a few examples.

With all of this background info in mind, let’s take a closer look at the unique friendship between Dr. Biden and Harris.

Kamala Harris' debate comment surprised Jill Biden

Before California Sen. Kamala Harris ran for president, she was good friends with Joe Biden’s first son, Beau Biden. The bond formed because, at the time, Beau Biden was the Attorney General of Delaware, while Harris held the same position in California. The two also shared similar stances during the Great Recession, communicating frequently. “Our son, Beau, spoke so highly of her and how great she was,” Dr. Jill Biden said about Beau and Harris during a fundraiser, according to The Daily Beast. Sadly, Beau died in 2015 at 46 due to brain cancer, per The New York Times.

Considering the shared history between the Harris and Biden families, it was notable when, in June 2019, Sen. Harris questioned former Vice President Joe Biden’s record regarding bussing and his past work with segregationist senators. Dr. Biden described the moment as “a punch to the gut. It was a little unexpected,” The New York Times noted.

However, Dr. Biden later came to see Harris’ debate performance as an asset, telling MSNBC that Harris was her choice for Joe’s VP. “I admire strong women, and Kamala’s fierce and she’s strong and she’s tough,” Dr. Biden said, adding, “She’ll be a good debater, and more than that she’ll be a good partner for Joe.” If anyone could give the final word on that, it would be Dr. Jill Biden.

Kamala Harris and Jill Biden both value family

The friendship between California Sen. Kamala Harris and former Vice President Joe Biden does not just extend to Dr. Jill Biden, but to their entire families as well. In the wake of Beau Biden’s death in 2015, for example, Harris took to Instagram to pay tribute, writing, “I feel fortunate to have known Beau as a friend and to have had the opportunity to work closely with him.” Joe Biden also said in August 2020, “I know how much Beau respected Kamala and her work, and that mattered a lot to me.”

For her part, Dr. Biden has also forged a friendship with Harris’ husband, Douglas Emhoff. The two bonded on Twitter, tagging each other back and forth on posts, which culminated in a message from Dr. Biden. “Let’s win this, together,” she penned. Then in August 2020, Dr. Biden shared a selfie of her and Emhoff masked up and “ready to go.” Joe Biden joined in on the lovefest, calling Harris and Emhoff “honorary Bidens” via Twitter. 

It seems that whatever clashes the Bidens have had with Kamala Harris in the past are just that — in the past. Dr. Biden and Harris seem to not just have a good professional relationship, but a friendship as well, choosing to focus on what unites them.

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