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Kate Spade Surprise Sale: Take Up to 75% Off Everything

Kate Spade New York sales are the gifts that keep giving during all of quarantine. Take up to 75% off everything in the Kate Spade Surprise Sale shop, which is bursting with hundreds of stylish items. Also, every single day Kate Spade is having a deal of the day that you can find here and certainly do not want to miss. 

During the Kate Spade Surprise Sale, every item is automatically marked down by up to 75%. You’ll find deals on iconic Kate Spade bags like the best-selling convertible crossbody bag, as well as satchel, wallet, tote bag, shoulder bag and purse options. There are also discounts on the brand’s signature elegant dresses and sophisticated stud earrings. Get free shipping on all orders to the United States and Canada. All sales are final.

The beloved fashion brand is known for the fun, feminine aesthetic it applies to classic, versatile handbags as well as the iconic Spade logo. Kate Spade’s loyal following includes many celebs, too. Kate Middleton, Taylor Swift and Emma Roberts have all worn Kate Spade New York purses and other items on multiple occasions.

Shop the Kate Spade Surprise Sale and check out ET Style’s top picks from the Kate Spade sale below. 

The Kate Spade Lawton Way Rose tote can hold all your daily essentials. This purse comes in black, chocolate cherry, tutu pink and mint frosting.

This Kate Spade Sylvia Extra Large Dome Crossbody comes in three colors: black, spring meadow and stop light. This crossbody bag is a steal at under $80.

The Kate Spade Hayes Small Satchel is both feminine and chic! 

The Kate Spade Wilson Road Talya is a quilted handbag which comes in both black and nightcap blue.

Kate Spade’s Staci Laptop Tote comes in four colors: multi warm beige, black, pink multi and dusk cityscape. This laptop tote is $350 off the retail price, while supplies last.

The perfect bag for your next day of errands, afternoon hike or weekend out of town. This Kate Spade backpack comes in black, midnight blue and magenta and is under $100, while supplies last.

The Maise Medium Dome Satchel is the perfect sized handbag. Not too big and not too small. This is a zip top purse in midnight blue with a floral pattern. 

The Kate Spade Jackson Top Zip Crossbody is made in pebbled leather with a top zip closure. You can get this purse for less than $80 and is $200 off the retail price.

This Kate Spade Adel Large Tote comes in three colors: warm beige, cherrywood and black.

This Kate Spade Hayden Top Zip Tote is nylon and comes in black, deep evergreen and deep cornflower.

The Kate Spade Emilia Large Tote is made with smooth leather and comes with a zip top. 

The Kate Spade Staci Colorblock Large Slim Bifold Wallet has a snap closure, 12 credit card spots and a zip compartment on the back of the wallet. Choose from five fun colors.

See all sale items at the Kate Spade Surprise Sale event.

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Cardi B Claps Back at Claim That Black Female Rappers Devalue Birkin Bags

Shutting it down. Cardi B clapped back at haters claiming she and other Black female rappers have devalued Hermés’ wildly expensive Birkin bags.

Cardi B’s Boldest Hair Colors, From Bombshell Blonde to Fiery Red

These coveted designer handbags cost anywhere from $12,000 to more than $200,000 for exotic skins such as alligator — and the 28-year-old cannot get enough! She recently posted a pic showing off her extensive collection, though apparently, not everyone was impressed. The “I Like It” singer is shutting down the negativity with a powerful message.

On Sunday, October 25, the Grammy winner a video to Instagram calling out a social media post that claimed “Birkins have literally lost their value” and are less exclusive because “city girls and Cardi” have people “convinced that these Birkin bags are easy to get.”

The 7 Hottest Fashion Moments From the Star-Studded ‘WAP’ Music Video: Pics

“I’ve been seeing this tweet right. It had me and it had other female rappers on it and they were talking about if we could get Birkins from the Hermés store and they [were] also saying how we depreciate the value of a Hermés Birkin bag,” she said at the start of the nearly 4-minute clip. “I find that really interesting because, first thing first, I definitely could get a bag.”

In fact, she noted that she picked up four that very day. “I don’t want to brag but, it’s like, don’t even try it.”

The Best Celebrity Beach Bodies of 2020: Stars Lookin’ Fabulous in Trendy Bikinis and Swimsuits

She then went on to point out the race discrepancy behind the remark. “Second of all… why is it that y’all asking female rappers if they could get a bag from the Hermès store? Y’all don’t do this to these white celebrities.”

At this point in the video, she goes on to note how important hip-hop culture is to trends.



So I had this convo with my team about this topic after seeing this viral tweet …what do you guys think ? Watch till the end

A post shared byCardi B (@iamcardib) on

“Another thing is that they’re saying we’re depreciating the value,” she said. “Actually, we add value because when we mention brands in hip-hop, s–t go up.”

For example, she explained that after the Louboutin reference in “Bodak Yellow,” their sales went up “1000 plus percent.”

Though it may not be quite that much, according to a report from Business of Fashion and Lyst in November 2017, searches for those “red bottom shoes” increased by 217 percent after the hit single was released. BoF also reported at the time that Cardi “created an estimated $4.5 million media value in 2017.” So she definitely has the figures to back her up.

The 9 Most Googled Red Carpet Looks of 2019 Including Billy Porter, Lady Gaga and More

“Like hip-hop, we start trends,” the “WAP” singer continued in her video on Sunday night. “When y’all say that we devalue s–t, no we actually add value.”

Along with making her point, Cardi B also encouraged young girls to see past the value of a Birkin. “If you’re a regular girl, you don’t have to break your neck to have a Birkin. A Birkin don’t make you,” she said. “Don’t ever feel like you gotta compare yourself. Don’t compare yourself to nobody [on] the internet. This internet s— is fake… You still a bad f—ing bitch. Period.”

Now excuse Us while we have that printed on a bumper sticker.

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Cardi B Shuts Down Trolls of Her Birkin Collection

Cardi B is far from the only celebrity to regularly indulge in Hermès Birkin bag, which by some measure, may now be a safer investment than gold. Kim Kardashian and Mohamed Hadid each have at least one novelty custom version, which respectively feature naked women and Bella Hadid’s eye. Drake has a “fairly vast” collection, which also happens to be an investment in his future wife. Understandably, many bristle at the price tags; they typically go for somewhere between $9,000 and $200,000, though one once went for $380,000 at auction. Though, official wait lists for the bag are a thing of the past, they can still be tricky to get your hands on. But somehow, it’s only Cardi B’s indulgence that seems to constitute a cardinal offense amongst trolls online. 

Tellingly, the most vocal condemnation of Cardi’s collection yet begins with a disclaimer that it comes across as distinctly anti-Black. “Birkins have literally lost their value. The City Girls and Cardi have got y’all convinced that these Birkin bags are easy to get,” a screenshot that circulated over the weekend began. “These bags are supposed to be exclusive and you’re supposed to be big in the fashion world and have relationships with these people to get one,” the post continued. Never mind that Cardi B, in addition to regularly scoring major fashion magazine covers, is a face of Balenciaga; her campaign currently hangs from the Louvre’s façade. 

To Cardi, the post was “really interesting,” as she espoused in an Instagram video. For starters, she “definitely could get a bag. Actually, I got four bags today from the Hermès store. I don’t want to brag but it’s like, don’t even try it,” she said in a video Instagrammed on Sunday night. “Why is it that y’all asking female rappers if they can get a bag from the Hermès store? Y’all don’t do that to these white celebrities. So, why is it that y’all gotta be asking us? What the fuck?”

So I had this convo with my team about this topic after seeing this viral tweet …what do you guys think ? Watch till the end

A post shared by Cardi B (@iamcardib) on

As for depreciating the value of Birkins, Cardi asserted the opposite is true. “Actually, we add value, because when we mention brands in hip-hop, shit go up,” she said, citing the effect her “these is expensive, these is red bottoms” lyric in “Bodak Yellow” had on sales of Christian Louboutins. In fact, it was thanks to another lyric—“I like those Balenciagas / the ones that look like socks” in “I Like It Like That”—that she was asked to be a Balenciaga face.

Pick a color

A post shared by Cardi B (@iamcardib) on

Cardi knows her Birkin collection is a true feat. And the notion that she or others wouldn’t only adds to the offense. “Why when a Black girl, why when a Hispanic girl have a bag you have to question it? ‘Oh is it fake?’ Or ‘she’s a scammer,’” Cardi said. “There’s a lot of boss-ass bitches out here. There’s a lot of boss-ass bitches that own they company. There’s realtors. There’s PRs, A&Rs. There’s doctors, dentists.” And that list, which “goes fucking on,” isn’t limited to just one class: “A lot of Instagram models are getting like $20,000 a fucking post.” 

Cardi’s husband, Offset, later echoed her sentiments. “Black people having access to luxury shouldn’t be a debate,” he wrote on Instagram. “By the way hip hop starts the trends!”

Stop letting people on the internet tell ya’ll who can get a Birkin at the store, and how many Birkin’s you can get.Black people having access to luxury shouldn’t be a debate…by the way hip hop starts the trends !

A post shared by OFFSET (@offsetyrn) on

You, unlike Cardi, may not own at least 23 Birkins. And Cardi wants you to know that’s perfectly okay. “Let me tell you something: If you’re a regular girl, you don’t gotta break your neck to have a Birkin,” she continued. “A Birkin don’t make you. A n***** don’t give a fuck if you have a Birkin or Aldo purse,” she said, shouting out those who make Fashion Nova, H&M, and Zara look “swaggy as fuck.”

In conclusion: “Don’t ever feel like you got to compare yourself. Don’t ever feel like you got to go to Canal Street and get a fake one to keep up.” And above all, remember that “this internet shit” is fake. “Everybody got this, everybody got that on the internet. I went to the club, I don’t see nobody with it,” Cardi said. “And that’s okay. Because you still a bad fucking bitch.” 

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Yes, It's Possible For Raincoats to Be Both Practical and Cute


Don't quote us when we're shivering mid-winter, but around this time of year, right when things are getting chilly, we have to admit it’s kind of fun to invest in new outerwear. Fall is for dressing, and while our cutest outfits might not be so visible on cold, rainy days, terrible weather is the perfect excuse to let our jacket be the statement.

To prep for dreary, soggy times, you might want to update your raincoat (or purchase one to begin with) with some of the top options available. From the traditional trench coat, to innovative options, to unexpected textures and more, we've research and found 12 of the best raincoats for women that are worth investing in, all at different price points.

ASOS Design Vinyl Trench Coat

best raincoats

We've seemingly time traveled back to the '90s when it comes to fashion, and this vinyl coat is one way to stay on top of the trend while keeping warm and dry. It’s also a great choice for when you want to move out of the classic raincoat style and maintain a somewhat low-key look.

Shop It: $111;

ModCloth Drops of Sunshine Raincoat

best raincoats

When in doubt, go timeless and reach for this twist on the iconic yellow raincoat. This bright hue is a surprisingly versatile color, and works well with most other colors and patterns.

Shop It: $89;

Canada Goose Seaboard Rain Jacket

best raincoats

Canada Goose’s lightweight coat is made out of three-layer, Tri-Durance fabric, which is ideal for downpours and harsh winds. It's a smart choice for those days when it's just as chilly as it is wet, and you're worried your umbrella will turn inside out.

Shop It: $750;

Stutterheim Mosebacke Raincoat

best raincoats

Stutterheim is a Swedish rainwear brand that prides itself on creating durable, fishermen-inspired coats. It’s safe to say that this handmade option will be able to withstand rainy conditions without sacrificing style. Bonus: because it's a simple design without any frills, you won’t have to worry about it going out of fashion.

Shop It: $295;

Levi’s Translucent Rain Jacket

best raincoats

A big bummer on rainy days? Being unable to properly show off your cute outfit. Enter this semi-translucent style, which combines both practicality and style.

Shop It: $78 (Orginally $98);

Save the Duck Fury Faux Fur Water Resistant Puffer Jacket

best raincoats

Some of the best raincoats aren't raincoats at all — they're coats that are simply water-resistant, like this black puffer. Throw it on in the morning, and should you get caught in a storm mid-afternoon, you're already prepared (without even checking the weather).


Athleta Edgewater RainOut Parka

best raincoats

We love a khaki green option for its simplicity and classic silhouette. On the days you want to dress casual in jeans, a sweater, and a pair of sneakers, this is the jacket you won't have to think twice about throwing on to complete your look.

Shop It: $179;

Rains Waterproof Hooded Long Rain Jacket

best raincoats

If you're looking for something that feels similar to your favorite leather coat but won't be ruined by water, this rubberized hooded rain slicker might be your best bet. The shininess gives it a high-fashion feel, but at the same time it's durable, lightweight, and easy enough to throw in your bag as a precaution.

Shop It: $125;

Topo Designs® 3L W Tech Trench Raincoat

best raincoats

Leave it to Madewell to combine a vintage aesthetic with an innovative detail — this coat has a three-layer, waterproof nylon fabric with breathable mesh for durability and comfort. The red drawstrings for the hood, as well as other red details along the zippers and sleeves, make this coat eye-catching and fun, even when the goal is practicality.

Shop It: $249;

Zara Hooded Raincoat

best raincoats

This hooded raincoat from Zara feels modern and sleek yet sporty at the same time. The drawstring means the hood will stay on tight when you need it too, while the neutral grey color and minimalist design means you won't have to fret about it blending in with the rest of your closet.

Shop It: $70;

Everlane The ReNew Anorak

best raincoats

An anorak is another style to embrace when you’re tired of a traditional trench or fisherman coat. The style is slightly preppy but nevertheless casual, and we're fans of this one from Everlane, which is made from recycled fabric and is oversized enough shrug on over a chunky sweater.

Shop It; $88;

London Fog Double Breasted Trench Coat With Removable Hood

best raincoats

We embrace experimenting with styles and textures, but it’s always a good idea to have the essentials in your closet. As seen in Breakfast At Tiffany’s, a classic trench in beige will go with anything and everything — and you will undeniably look elevated and on-trend, no matter the season.

Shop It: $125 (Originally $168);

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Meghan Markle's Favorite Makeup, Beauty, Skincare and Hair Products

We can’t all live the fairy-tale-life of Meghan Markle, but we can get closer to channeling her signature beauty look. 

Way before she became a royal, the former Suits actress made glowy complexion and textured, loose waves her go-to glam for years and has been vocal about the products she used to achieve it in interviews, on her now defunct blog and social media.

Since becoming the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan is now hush-hush on her vanity table lineup, but we’ve dug up the times she shared her favorite makeup, skincare and hair products, along with intel from the professionals who have worked with her for years.

Ahead, shop Meghan Markle’s favorite skincare, makeup and hair products. 

Meghan counted this iconic NARS product (with a blush-inducing name, pun intended) as one of her must-have makeup products in a 2014 interview with Allure, saying: “I use it on and off camera because it gives you a nice glow from within.” Although she’s now quiet on what she uses since becoming a royal, we can still see that the duchess wears the shimmery peachy pink shade on her cheeks.

Makeup artist Lydia Sellers, who worked with Meghan Markle on the set of Suits, told ET that the royal wore RMS’ Living Luminizer cream highlighter for that lit-from-within glow. “We love the RMS products. They are organic and all natural,” Sellers said.

An important (and often overlooked step) in any skincare routine is to exfoliate. It’s crucial to slough off dead skin cells a couple of times a week for a smooth, glowy complexion and optimal product absorption. Meghan told the beauty mag in the same interview she loves the Tatcha Rice Enzyme Powder, which “sort of foams on your face and gives you a really subtle exfoliation.”

It’s no secret Meghan has always had great hair, way before even dating Prince Harry. Turns out her voluminous ‘do was created thanks to a hair flip with the help of this cult favorite texturizing spray from Oribe. She told the beauty subscription company: “There is nothing like a hair flip! When my hair is feeling a little weighted, Suanne, my hair artist on set, has me bend forward and she sprays a little Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray or nothing at all, and then has me ‘flip back hard’ to give my hair a little extra bounce.” BRB, trying this out now.

Meghan Markle, the former actress also loves a good, cheap drugstore buy! Meghan shared with Beauty Banter during her Suits era she adores this affordable Nivea body lotion: “I use this religiously. It’s honestly my favorite lotion on the market, it’s so affordable, and makes my skin look and feel amazing. I would buy a case of this at a time if I could find it.”

As far as hair products, Meghan Markle revealed to Beauty Banter she is “obsessed” with the Wella Hair Oil. “It smells like vacation and makes your hair slippery and touchable. I love this stuff! It also doubles as a pretty amazing body oil post bath,” she shared.

Hairstylist Michael Sparks, who has worked with Meghan Markle since 2006, dished to ET that she uses this small bristle brush to tame frizz and smooth out the hairs around her face for a polished look. “She would actually bring that and be like, ‘Use this!'” he said. “She uses it every day.” Watch Sparks recreate the brunette’s signature wavy blowout on ET’s Lauren Zima in the video here.

Although Meghan Markle has yet to confirm, People reported she is a big fan of Charlotte Tilbury’s matte lipstick in Very Victoria. (She most likely wore the shade for her engagement photos, according to Hello.) The lipstick, which is coincidentally named after the duchess’ friend, Victoria Beckham, boasts a beautiful taupe nude hue — a color often seen on Meghan’s pout. We’re not surprised since the celebrity makeup artist’s products are a hit among the royal’s inner circle including Beckham and Amal Clooney.

Meghan credited the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment with SPF 15 as her holy grail lip balm. “I have searched high and low and tried every kind of lip balm but this is the very best,” she said in the same interview. “Soft, kissable, buttery lips. I swear by it.”

Meghan Markle, the California native revealed to SHAPE in 2016 that she jumped on the coconut oil trend to use for beauty purposes and in the kitchen: “I have been using a lot of coconut oil though of late, on my skin, on my hair, like it’s a deep conditioner. And then even to cook with.”

Meghan Markle also raved in a SHAPE interview about one of her “favorite things in the world” — YSL Touche Éclat Concealer. The widely acclaimed makeup product, which she’s mentioned in multiple interviews, has been praised for instantly brightening under the eyes. “It’ll save you on the days you didn’t get quite enough sleep,” Meghan added.

Meghan Markle is a natural beauty who loves to show off her beautiful freckles, so she’s never seen wearing a full-coverage foundation. Meghan seems to have been following this rule for a long time as she revealed in a 2014 interview with Birchbox that she only applies base makeup on areas where needed and “spread it with a beautyblender.” “I never want to cover my freckles, so we just do a ‘wash’ of foundation in certain sections instead of over the entire face,” she commented.

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A Love Letter to Every Outfit in Harry Styles's "Golden" Video (Especially the Button-Down)

A Love Letter to Every Outfit in Harry Styles’s “Golden” Video (Especially the Button-Down)

Well folks, Harry Styles has done it again — and by “it” I mean he dropped a music video replete with outfits I’ll be swooning over for weeks to come. Y’know, the usual routine. On Oct. 26, Harry brightened everyone’s Monday by releasing the dreamy video for his Fine Line opener, “Golden,” and good god, stylist Harry Lambert nailed every. single. look. from start to finish.

The opening scene captures Harry running through Italy while clad in an oversize white button-down shirt and vintage-looking rugby shorts. I couldn’t tell you exactly what he’s so passionately sprinting toward (besides my heart, obviously), but I can tell you it’s damn-near impossible to resist gawking at that pirate-esque shirt of his, with its billowing sleeves, pleated detailing, and purposely roomy silhouette. The fact that he barely even buttons it up, thus revealing his chest tattoos, is the cherry on top.

But that’s not the only cool ‘fit Harry rocks in the “Golden” music video. We also catch flashes of him wearing lace driving gloves (because why not?), high-waisted floral trousers, a baby-blue jacket, eye-catching necklaces, and, of course, a whole lotta Gucci. To properly give each look its deserved time in the spotlight, I’m breaking ’em down one by one ahead, complete with screenshots and designer details. You can thank me later.

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Kim Kardashian Shows Us What 40 Looks Like in an Itty-Bitty Nude Bikini

Hot mama! Kim Kardashian turned 40 and she’s sharing proof that she looks sexier than ever in a barely-there bikini.

On Monday, October 26, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star shared a series of snaps of herself slaying in a nude two-piece just five days after her birthday. She captioned the post, “this is 40.”

A Round Up of the Best Kardashian-Jenner Bikini Pictures: From Kris’ Throwback to Kourtney’s Tiny String 2-Piece

As incredible as her curves look in the string number, we also can’t help but take note of the trendy accessories. With her long, highlighted strands pulled back into a red bandana, she tops off the whole look with yellow mirrored, futuristic shades.

“Sure is,” Kendall Jenner commented, while the Skims founder’s close friend Jonathan Cheban wrote, “Looks better than 39!!”

The reality star turned 40 on Wednesday, October 21, and though she assumed that her friends and family wouldn’t be able to celebrate with her due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they proved her wrong.

Kim Kardashian: Her Evolving Look

The Kardashian-Jenner clan ended up surprising the KKW Beauty founder with a big bash, recreating some of her most memorable birthday parties throughout her life, from her sweet 16 to her 30th.

Kim shared lots of pictures from the event in multiple social media posts. “All I can say is WOW! My mom and my sisters threw me the most epic surprise party that was so special in my heart,” she wrote in an Instagram caption on Friday, October 23, noting that the occasion was aired on E as a special. “You know I’m a sentimental person and this party was the most special. They re-created all of my special birthdays throughout my life from looking at all of our old home videos. They re-created the party, The same balloons, the same cake, everything!”

But now that this is over, she seems to be soaking up some sun on a beach vacation with her family.

Keep scrolling to see Kim show off her infamous curves from every angle in an itty-bitty bikini.

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In order to view the gallery, please allow Manage Cookies

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Dua Lipa's Fishnet Minidress Is Cool, but Her Boots Take It to Another Level

Dua Lipa showed off her *spooky* side in an orange minidress while announcing two nominations for the AMAs on Good Morning America. I love that she went for an orange-and-black color scheme since Halloween is right around the corner. At first glance, I felt that her outfit looked like summer on the top and winter on the bottom, but the more I looked at it, I didn’t mind — especially since I’m having a hard time letting go of summer even though it’s already 40 degrees outside.

Dua’s sexy orange dress featured a net material over an orange silk slip dress underneath. I love that the singer threw on chunky gold chain necklaces and bracelets to tie her look together. As for her boots, she opted for a pair of black leather over-the-knee ones that came with an interesting detail. Her tall boots had circle cutouts on the sides, which is a great feature for trying to pull them up. Keep reading to get a closer look at Dua’s entire outfit. Then, shop similar versions of her boots if you’re feeling inspired.

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Who Needs a Red Carpet When You've Got Anne Hathaway's Raspberry Tulle Dress on a Rooftop?

Anne Hathaway’s Rooftop Photo Shoot Was Captured by Greg Williams

Anne Hathaway is promoting her new film The Witches, but social distancing during the pandemic means all red carpet premieres are canceled. Knowing this, she enlisted her stylist, Rebecca Corbin-Murray, a glam team, and a photographer, Greg Williams, to help her stage a beautiful moment on the Harrods rooftop in London in celebration of the HBO Max movie’s release. “No premiere, no problem,” she wrote on Instagram underneath a photo of herself in a fall 2019 Ralph & Russo gown that can truly only be described as dramatic. Dramatic and intricate! The Ralph & Russo team followed up with behind-the-scenes looks from the atelier where team members created the gown from raspberry tulle, showcasing its elaborate design details.

We’re not at all surprised that Anne and Rebecca set their sights on this number once they decided to go bold, and we can’t help but note the obvious: if Anne had been at a typical movie premiere pre-COVID, her look may not have been quite so sensational. Think of all the simpler LBDs on red carpets past. But that just speaks to our current moment and the idea that we’re all using fashion as a method of escapism during these trying times. Perhaps now more than ever, it’s important for celebrities to work with their stylists to dream up captivating looks for their fans. After all, we instantly added The Witches to our must-watch list after appreciating Anne’s dress and wondering just how much it might capture the spirit of the character she plays. Color us intrigued.

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Heron Preston Adapts Kenny Scharf's Colorful and Menacing Graphics

Heron Preston has teamed up with American artist Kenny Scharf for a seven-piece capsule collection. The collaboration brings transposes Scharf’s “Meanie,” a 1998 work on paper by the artist, to a selection of T-shirts, hoodies, denim pieces and a balaclava.

As Scharf explains in a statement, the meaning behind the colorful, yet slightly menacing design is up to the viewer. “Meanie is part of my vocabulary and can represent many things,” says Scharf. “Sometimes it is what you think: it is just Meanie. But these angry, scary faces are used to ward away evil and scare away the bad. Like in ancient civilizations, tiki heads and totem poles were for protection.”

1 of 7

Heron Preston2 of 7

Heron Preston3 of 7

Heron Preston4 of 7

Heron Preston5 of 7

Heron Preston6 of 7

Heron Preston7 of 7

Heron Preston

Preston also tapped Scharf for a reinterpretation of the iconic Heron bird: a mainstay of the streetwear imprint since its first season. This is the first time the founder has commissioned an artist to put their own spin on the graphic — seen on a T-shirt and hoodie — but Preston explains it was a perfect match for the brand. “Kenny Scharf is a global legend who made his name in the East Village of New York City running around with Basquiat, Keith Haring and Andy Warhol,” Preston said in a statement. “I’ve been living in New York since 2004 and he is part of the city: the first time I experienced his work was on the street not a museum. There’s an anti-elitist vision that speaks to me and what we do.”

The Heron Preston x Kenny Kenny Scharf collaboration is now available to shop via the Heron Preston web store.

Scharf also recently collaborated with The Hundreds on a selection of denim, accessories and a variety of T-shirts and hoodies.
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