• Turns out – we had a TON of options (albeit they were difficult to find), and are very happy with our picks for both of our daughters. Either way, I wanted to share the list of baby girl names with cute nicknames so that hopefully your search is a little easier.

  • When I was pregnant with my first, I was on the hunt for baby girl names with cute nicknames. I didn’t want her to be stuck with a name that she hated someday, and the best way to do this was to give her options.

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When it comes to funny fox names, consider going with “Fox Mulder” – especially if you think your fox might totally believe in extraterrestrial life! If you’re going for punny fox names, think about celeb names like Megan Fox or even Michael J. Fox – surely a beloved pet fox deserves the name of such a beloved actor.

Legal decisions about children must weigh parents’ right to raise their children however they see fit, an implicit freedom the Supreme Court has grounded in the Constitution, against the government’s “parens patriae” authority — Latin meaning father of the country — which allows officials to intervene on behalf of vulnerable kids. Though many states have laws governing what a parent can name their child and there are times when a child’s name might warrant action, family law professors say “Messiah” didn’t put the infant in harm’s way.

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